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Thread started by f0rer

xin nian Chen
What a joke! If ICM real respect Ukraine Airforce and dead crew, They should made the real plane kit and the crew! Not some "The Ghost of Kyiv". Don't use this meme to respect Ukraine Airforce!
The Ghost of Kyiv MiG-29 of Ukrainian Air Forces
UA ICM 1:72
72140 2022 New decals
Did you get the idea of the 50% to establish a fund raise for the Ukraine Armed Force? or is just negative talking?
5 May, 16:20
xin nian Chen
@aeroflanker I mean theme chose, not the "fund".Can you get it or not
6 May, 04:44
joseph vanuxem
Ukraine, Flavor of the year.
8 May, 11:47
xin nian Chen
@joseph vanuxem Yes, Maybe not just flavor in this year
9 May, 01:04
书文 王
15 May, 03:32
Robert Podkoński
Apparently, you do not grasp the Western culture, guys... When you put the issue this way, the Christian church could be accused of benefit of blood of the Saviour and martyrs (no offense...). At least in Western Europe we honour also the ones who gave their lives for the sake of higher Good (since the Thermopylae...).
15 May, 09:30
xin nian Chen
@Robert Podkoński I mean... at least honour some real heroes not that meme
15 May, 11:47
Robert Podkoński
Ok, I get it - but Western people just like such symbols... We could talk about it a lot, but this is not a place...
15 May, 11:57
Its just a fund riser...
I bet there will be ton of models in the furure but its hard to make something when they bomb you...
Geeeeeeee i wonder where the ICM is based... oh right... Ukraine
18 June, 19:52

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