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Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider


Monogram | No. 6026 | 1:64

Boxart Cylon Raider 6026 Monogram


Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider From TV's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA
Full kit
1978 | Initial release - new tool
Cylon Raider » Battlestar Galactica (Science Fiction)


Cylon Raider

Cylon Empire Military

Box contents

Plastic sprue, Decalsheet (waterslide)

Product timeline

Revell Monogram


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FineScale Modeler Forum
FineScale Modeler Forum
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1:64 Cylon Raider (Monogram 6026)


Cylon Raider 1:64
Cylon Raider
Monogram 1:64

by Allen B. Ury on Fantastic Plastic

Cylon Raider 1:64
Cylon Raider
Monogram 1:64

by Gary Wallace on modelermagic.com

News Feed

Troy W
IPMS USA review is not for this kit release. FineScale Modeler Forum review is not a review at all.
1 | 3. February 2016, 06:13
Choppa Nutta
I'd rather have some kind of insight than none though, even if it aint a proper review 🙂
3. February 2016, 06:36
Troy W
True, however while the review (ipmsusa) is for a cylon raider, it is not this one - it is for the newer release from Revell -

Which (based on pictures) at the very least has a new display stand (changed from even the 90's releases), and new decals (different from the 90's Revell-Monogram releases, although closer in design to those releases than the original release's decals). The later releases likely all share the removal of the 'shooting' laser feature too 🙁
3. February 2016, 06:43
Troy W
A feature to move reviews to the correct kit would be useful, especially in cases where the review may have been added when the correct kit wasn't in the database. Not delete the review, just move it.
3. February 2016, 06:47
Choppa Nutta
Sure, I'd be happy with any sensible changes, would be nice to be able to see related reviews for kits that share the same moldings but don't have a specific review of their own 🙂
3. February 2016, 08:09
Choppa Nutta
You could scratchbuild your own firing mechanism with a spring and a catch ?
I take it all the plastic bits are there on the sprues , just add springs 🙂
3. February 2016, 08:12
Troy W
I understand your comment on having related reviews for kits that share the same moldings, and in fact I often look up and down the timeline of kits to see if in reboxes contain a review to look at. Here I am only suggesting the review is moved to the correct kit, which is on the same timeline anyway, however the kits have changed slightly in the 29 years between releases.

I didn't see any actual parts to construct lasers in the monogram-revell release, it especially does not seem to have the actual 'laser' bolts😉
3. February 2016, 08:17
Choppa Nutta
Yeah I got what you meant and am in agreement 🙂
I do likewise with the timeline, though I do find it a bit tedious sometimes......

As for missiles, carve some sprue😉
3. February 2016, 09:01
Troy W
I looked again, the 'shooting' lasers are gone from the later kit (all parts).. All fun and games till someone loses an eye and all that 😄
3. February 2016, 09:26
Choppa Nutta
Trick is not to point it at peoples faces😉
3. February 2016, 09:35

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