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WW2 U.S. M4 Series Sherman Pioneer Tools

w/clamps & brackets moulded on

Formations | No. F018 | 1:35

Boxart Sherman Pioneer Tools F018 Formations


WW2 U.S. M4 Series Sherman Pioneer Tools w/clamps & brackets moulded on
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M4 Sherman » Tanks (Vehicles)

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Resin (cast)

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1:35 M4 Sherman "Composite Hull" (Dragon 6441)1:35 M4A3 Sherman (Tamiya 35250)1:35 Sherman Firefly Vc (Dragon 6182)1:35 M4A3 Sherman (Academy 13207)1:35 M4A3 (76)W VVSS Sherman (Dragon 6255)1:35 M4A3 Sherman (Tamiya 35251)1:35 Sherman Mk.III (Dragon 6231)1:35 M4A2 (Dragon 6462)1:35 M4A2 Sherman (Academy 13203)1:35 M4A3E8 (Academy 13221)1:35 M4A2 Sherman (Academy 13010)1:35 M4A1(76mm)W (Dragon 6083)1:35 M4A2 (76) Red Army (Dragon 6188)1:35 M4A2 Tarawa (Dragon 6062)1:35 Sherman (Dragon 6447)1:35 M4A3 (76)W (Dragon 6325)1:35 M4 DV (Dragon 6579)1:35 Sherman M4A3 (Dragon 6354)1:35 Sherman Mk.III DV Initial Production (Cyber Hobby 6527)1:35 Sherman Mk.III (Dragon 6313)1:35 M4A1 DV (Dragon 6404)1:35 M4A3E8 Sherman (Dragon 6283)1:35 Sherman Mk.Ic Firefly Hybrid (Dragon 6228)1:35 M4A3E2 Sherman (Tasca 35-021)1:35 M4A3E8 Sherman (Tasca 35-020)1:35 M4A3 (76)W Sherman (Tasca 35-019)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Tasca 35-012)1:35 Sherman Mk.III (Tasca 35-018)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Tasca 35-010)1:35 Sherman V (M4A4) (ASUKA Model 35-016)1:35 Sherman III (Tasca 35-017)1:35 Sherman Vc Firefly (Tasca 35-009)1:35 Sherman Vc Firefly (Tasca 35-011)1:35 Sherman II (Tasca 35-014)1:35 M4(105) Howitzer Tank (Dragon 6548)1:35 M4 Sherman (Dragon 6511)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Tasca 35-L27)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Tasca 35-L31)1:35 M4 Sherman (Tamiya 35190)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Tasca 35-022)1:35 M4A3 75(W) ETO (Dragon 6698)1:35 M4A3 Sherman (Tamiya MM122)1:35 M4A3 HVSS POA-CWS-H5 (Dragon 6807)1:35 M32B1 (Tasca 35-026)1:35 M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" (Tasca 35-023)1:35 Sherman M4A4 75mm (Cyber Hobby 9102)1:35 Firefly Ic (Dragon 6568)1:35 Sherman III (Tasca OL-2)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Tasca 35-025)1:35 Beutepanzer M4A2 75 (Cyber Hobby 6529)1:35 Sherman IC Firefly (Tasca 35-027)1:35 FIREFLY Vc (Dragon 6323)1:35 Firefly Vc (Cyber Hobby 9110)1:35 Sherman III DV (Dragon 6573)1:35 M4A3 HVSS POA-CWS-H5 (Cyber Hobby 9124)1:35 Sherman Firefly Ic Hybrid Hull (Cyber Hobby 9104)1:35 M4A3E2 "Jumbo" (Dragon 6665)1:35 M4A3 Sherman (Academy/Minicraft 1306)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Tasca 35-L32)1:35 Sherman Ic Firefly Composite Hull (ASUKA Model 35-028)1:35 Sherman M4A4 75mm (Cyber Hobby 9102)1:35 Sherman VC Firefly (Tamiya 25174)1:35 Sherman "Easy Eight" (Tamiya 25175)1:35 Sherman III (Tasca 35-L28)1:35 M4A3E8 Sherman (Tasca 35-024)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (Eduard 3716)1:35 Tank Recovery Vehicle M32 JGSDF (ASUKA Model 35-029)1:35 M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" (ASUKA Model 35-030)1:35 M4A1 Sherman (ASUKA Model 35-031)


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