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Russian Soldier with a cat

Arkona Miniatures | No. AR35-004 | 1:35

Boxart Soldier with a cat AR35-004 Arkona Miniatures


Arkona Miniatures
Russian Soldier with a cat
2022 New tool
Russian soldiers (Modern) » Humans (Contemporary) (Humans)


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Ingo F
I know that it is not a good time for many people at the moment. But we are a modeling community and not a political platform. If you hate the war, please show it somewhere else and stop changing the name of the kit. The same goes for the same figure in 1:16 scale.
All comments (8) » 5 10 January 2023, 18:02
Ingo F
Maybe not, you can still use the doctor figure for some kind of Zombie diorama. 😄
10 January 2023, 22:12
Ilya Lebedev
This will also be a static figure. I think it will fit 1/43 scale collectible ambulances well, but I have big doubts about 1/35 and 1/16 scales. I scanned myself in this protective suit in February and unfortunately almost a year later I still could not release the figure, but I think that my idea is interesting and maybe someone will find it interesting. For a wider range of buyers, I am planning a bronze statuette, it will be a good "souvenir", including doctors and nurses who do not know how to work with resin figures. But this is a rather expensive project and is still in question. I'm not sure that I have enough money and desire for this.
10 January 2023, 22:59

Russian soldiers (Modern)

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