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German Navy Admiral Hipper, 1944

HP-Models - Nr. WWII-WL-G-024

Boxart Admiral Hipper, 1944 WWII-WL-G-024 HP-Models


Product name:German Navy Admiral Hipper, 1944
Product number:WWII-WL-G-024
Type:Full kit
Released: | Initial release - new tool

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Admiral Hipper, 1944 (HP-Models WWII-WL-G-024)
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Schwerer Kreuzer Blücher, 1940 (HP-Models WWII-WL-G-025)
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Prinz Eugen (HP-Models WWII-WL-G-026)
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Here are 5 books and publications which can be used as a reference.

Die Schweren Kreuzer der Admiral Hipper-Klasse ( )
Die Schweren Kreuzer der Admiral Hipper-Klasse Admiral Hipper - Blücher - Prinz Eugen - Seydlitz - Lützow
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