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U.S. Army Attack Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra

Hobby World - Nr. FS004

Boxart AH-1G Huey Cobra FS004 Hobby World


Brand:Hobby World
Product name:U.S. Army Attack Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra
Product number:FS004
Type:Full kit
Includes: Plastic sprues, Waterslide decals, Clear parts

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AH-1G Huey Cobra (Hobby World FS004)
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Gertjan Zwart
I built this kit (or probably a predecessor of it) in the 1980's. The big rockets looked kinda funny and oversized compared to the more common rocket pods. I remember the front part with the cockpit of the kit was too short.
Although afaik the only G- model Cobra available in 1:48, by no means a realistic model of the Cobra.
02. January 2013 at 14:58:15 Share
Gertjan Zwart added the Hobby World AH-1G Huey Cobra (1:48) to his completed kits.
02. January 2013 at 14:53:21 Share

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