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Data suggestions

Holiday period, thank you for your patience
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
For pure consistency purposes could we please rename this topic

SCM Topic: Gunboat Fernando el Catolico-class

Gunboat Fernando el Catolico-class
19. September, 05:22
20. September, 18:17
21. September, 08:08
Pavel Šenk@SCM Data suggestions
Hello, I am unable to link "rebox" to the original item in figures. Original release (new tool 2011) is WWII British Infantry (Airfix A01763, 1:72 WWII British Infantry (Airfix A01763, 1:72)), first rebox 2018 with changed item number is WWII British Infantry (Airfix A00763, 1:72 WWII British Infantry (Airfix A00763, 1:72)) and second rebox with another item number, new box illustration and claimed different scale 1/76 on the box (but is still the same kit) is WWII British Infantry (Airfix A00763V, 1:72 WWII British Infantry (Airfix A00763V, 1:72)). How do I make it? Or could You help, please?

1:72 WWII British Infantry (Airfix A01763)1:72 WWII British Infantry (Airfix A00763)1:72 WWII British Infantry (Airfix A00763V)
14. September, 05:42
figures do not have timelines, and not not be linked as rebox, i believe.
15. September, 13:55
Pavel Šenk
Oh, thanks, didn't know that 👍
15. September, 19:09
Alec K
Hmm, weird. Wonder why that is?
20. September, 13:24
Roman Modelar@SCM Data suggestions
It seems these two brand entries refer to the same company - Mark I Models. Is it possible to merge them ?

SCM Brand: Mark I Models CZ
SCM Brand: Mark I CZ

20. September, 09:19
Glenn (.)@SCM Data suggestions
'60 Custom Fleetside (AMT/ERTL 6310, 1:25)
another personal photo not the boxart

1:25 '60 Custom Fleetside (AMT/ERTL 6310)
15. September, 17:12
you can change the images yourself if you can find the box art
16. September, 08:59
FYU, user identified and sent a message. Restoring them in between other things. feel free to fix when you spot
16. September, 13:00
Richmond, I told him to log them last night as there is the option to revert the images. But I dont know who has the permissions to it..
16. September, 13:47
I will open up that functionality for all!
16. September, 13:55
Thanks Tim 🙂 That'll help
16. September, 14:48
Yes sorry forgot about the revert image.
16. September, 20:02
Glenn (.)
Thanks guys i fix the ones i see and if i can find good quality boxart i will replace them when i can! Cheers Glenn
18. September, 19:51
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
Duplicate brand:
SCM Brand: No longer exists (Empty)
16. September, 17:35
thx! both merged + fixed
17. September, 08:15
Eddie Mann
Thank you.
17. September, 20:22
Łukasz Gliński@SCM Data suggestions
Please merge both 8A Decs decal suppliers.
17. September, 18:58
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
There are now 845 items in: SCM Search: title . I've noticed that when adding a new item if the manufacturer and nothing else is entered and you use the back button, the item is saved.
29. August, 11:07
Eddie Mann
Now 900+, also noticed that when adding a new item, if you "Edit box content" and save in the new tab a new item is created as "title".
31. August, 14:16
I am guilty of (naively) doing this and it's unfortunate the action (incorrectly) creates a database entry. Occasionally I start adding a new magazine issue or kit product and press Back to research something before starting/continuing with a new entry. Other times I'll open a new browser tab to do the research. I would think a valid database entry must require a minimum set of populated fields in order to get added - Brand, Title, Topic, Type, Released. If any of these are blank (including space characters) and Save is clicked then an error should be reported for the incomplete required field(s), same as on other website form entries where an address or phone number might be required for completing a registration and gets highlighted on the page if a problem exists. An item shouldn't get added to the database unless all the minimum requirements are met. And, clicking a browser's Back button should not be synonymous with clicking a page's Save button!

Tim, if you agree then a Feature Request should get submitted.
15. September, 12:58
I agree at a very basic level and I would even add image to your list but I think some of the items on your list would prove problematic and deter new kits being added or even make things messier as someone could just make things up to get the product added. My view on images is if you have taken the time to add a new kit how difficult is it to add an image as well and the image makes the new entry look good.
16. September, 08:58
Although having an image helps an entry look pretty, a missing image does not cause a "corrupt" database entry. If somebody wants to be stupid and make up false information just to meet minimum requirements criteria, I would view that as malicious database manipulation and grounds for banning the individual. The five items I listed are kind've core essentials for a valid entry that any responsible person would endeavor to have accurate values for. Irresponsible people shouldn't be editing the database.
16. September, 16:00
Eddie Mann
I agree that the at least the first four items listed should be a minimum not to generate an error, the "Latest additions without a topic" section has been full all day today despite efforts to clear them.
16. September, 17:18
Every entry ought to have a Released status, if even just set to "Future" for products announced but not yet released. However, I could argue that such items shouldn't even be in the database because they don't actually "exist" yet, and then necessitates updating such entries later when products are actually released (to change the Released status and add proper box art). Some items may never get released, so they sit forever in the database with a "Future" status. It's not a real product. If for whatever reason a planned product doesn't come to fruition (licensing, resources, lackluster demand, etc) then honestly what's the advantage of it being in the Scalemates database?
16. September, 17:59
This "Future" state is very helpful for accessories, for example by Eduard, to see what is coming soon to be included in a project. The new Camel is out now, additional engines are coming in October and November. Due due that information I was bale to pre-order them to get this together with other stuff in one package. PLEASE do not drop the "Future" feature!
It is also a great way for small companies to advertise their products.
16. September, 18:07
My point is, what happens if Eduard decides to cancel the release of those coming products? A product isn't really a product until it's available for sale. If you've got items pre-ordered well then they're real products, right? I'm referring to the stuff that isn't even available for pre-order, like the Dragon 1:48 AT-AT (which probably will never actually get released).
16. September, 18:19
Eddie Mann
Good point about the "Future" releases especially for full kits from manufacturers like Trumpeter (3 versions of Sd.Kfz. 9 Famo since 2018 for example).
16. September, 19:21
Glenn (.)@SCM Data suggestions
Pro Stock Thunderbird (Monogram 2210, 1:24)
another personal photo not the boxart

1:24 Pro Stock Thunderbird (Monogram 2210)
15. September, 14:57
16. September, 13:00
Starbase101@SCM Data suggestions
Where should a set of 1:426 Vought Kingfisher planes for the USS Arizona be added, in SCM Topic: Vought OS2U Kingfisher as the only 1:426 entry and unlinkable to the Arizona kit, or in SCM Topic: Battleship Pennsylvania-class so it can be linked as a detail item for the model kit it's intended for?
8. September, 00:34
Eddie Mann
I would think to add as detail set and link to USS Arizona.
8. September, 01:10
That's what I want to do, but got tripped up into assigning Kingfisher planes to the Pennsylvania-class topic.
8. September, 02:03
this is indeed a though one. As the scale is so special I would indeed go for Battleship Pennsylvania-class
12. September, 18:59
That's what I already did a week ago, so it could be linked to the same scale battleship kit.
12. September, 19:24
12. September, 19:24
Looking at a prior existing example, Constitution Class 1/650 TOS..ration Models RMC-73, 1:650), maybe these Kingfisher planes should be made multi-topic? Then they could still be linked to the Arizona kit as they are now, and also show up in Kingfisher search results....

1:650 Constitution Class 1/650 TOS Galileo Shuttlecraft (Federation Models RMC-73)
15. September, 12:43
Arkadios Rapos@SCM Data suggestions
Hi, i noticed that company Procal Decal is duplicated.
ProCal and Procal Decals.
it is possible to merge these two?
14. September, 09:55
done 👍
14. September, 15:52
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Can we please amend the names of these ships of the line so we have Ship of the line before the name so it aligns them with the rest of the Ship of the line topics

SCM Topic: Ship of the line Soleil Royal
SCM Topic: Ship of the line WASA

and these 4 topics need "Line" amended to "line"

SCM Topic: Ship of the line Goto Predestinatsia
SCM Topic: Ship of the line San Juan Nepomuceno-class
SCM Topic: Ship of the line Tonnant
SCM Topic: Ship of the line Tonnant-class

11. September, 06:07
👍 done
12. September, 18:54
13. September, 02:23
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
this model seem to be in the wrong time line
Focke-Wulf Fw 189 B (MPM Production 48035, 1:48) (FW189 and FW198)

1:48 Focke-Wulf Fw 189 B (MPM Production 48035)
6. September, 14:26
so is this a FW198 while the box states FW189?
12. September, 18:57
Or i am losing my marbles, or it was saying 198 somewhere. Now I see 189 everywhere
12. September, 22:02
Rick Taylor@SCM Data suggestions
I linked to the wrong product review. Can you please delete the product review link for Ford 3-ton 2 man Tank 1918 (Vargas Scale Models R3D-230, 1:35)
I'll then relink to the correct review.

1:35 Ford 3-ton 2 man Tank 1918 (Vargas Scale Models R3D-230)

Thank you!
6. September, 03:51
thx, fixed!
12. September, 18:56
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
For some reason when I select ships and then ships of the line in the filters no products for ships of then line show up rather it just returns null products
20. August, 10:00
This was fixed be reselecting every ship of the line topic in topic edit
12. September, 00:27
Starbase101@SCM Data suggestions
(There is no damned delete option.)
9. September, 02:21
Thomas Steinke@SCM Data suggestions
Hi Mods, can somebody add the Finisher's paints to the paint list. Thanks in advance.
3. September, 08:09
3. September, 15:14
Thomas Steinke
Perfect, thanks Eddie!
3. September, 18:24
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
2. September, 11:24
👍 fixed
2. September, 19:40
Eddie Mann
Thank You.
2. September, 19:45
bughunter@SCM Data suggestions
There are a bigger amount "WRONG BRAND" entries for Fly products in Updates? How to fix that?
1. September, 15:06
Eddie Mann
I've fixed them once but they were re-uploaded, waiting for Tim to fix.
1. September, 15:45
1. September, 18:29
Eddie Mann
Thank You.
1. September, 18:31
matsal _@SCM Data suggestions
Could you link this new reboxed kit to old kits?

Titanic Chinese Landscape (Suyata SL-003, No)
(3rd and new kit)

No Titanic Chinese Landscape (Suyata SL-003)

Titanic Port Scene & vehicles (Suyata SL002, No)
(2nd kit)

No Titanic Port Scene & vehicles (Suyata SL002)

I can't find link button after I registered the new kit as new tool.
29. August, 18:43
Eddie Mann
Linked now, the scale must be the same: "No" not "1:"
29. August, 19:13
matsal _
I got it!
30. August, 03:36
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Can we please merge these topics:

SCM Topic: No longer exists
SCM Topic: Heavy cruiser York-class

Into this 1 single topic

SCM Topic: Heavy cruiser County-class

These are just sub-classes and we currently have these ships spread between County-class and Kent /York sub-classes. Interesting there is no separate London-class been set up - maybe this was merged sometime ago.


29. August, 01:22
Eddie Mann
According to your link, county-class were Kent/London/Norfolk. York-class was smaller.
29. August, 11:15
Apologies - not sure why I put York - it should be Kent Norfolk and London

So we just need Kent merged
29. August, 19:44
29. August, 19:49
Erik Leijdens@SCM Data suggestions
Getting very little info when clicking on a item in my stash, I only see kit info and timeline. So I do not see who does have the particular kit in stash/wishlist/etc. No reviews, no related products. Item which are not in my stash are working fine and I see everything you normally see.
26. August, 06:32
Michael Stonehouse
I'm experiencing the same issue.
26. August, 14:04
Martin Bishop
Was for me as well but it seems to have just been fixed.
26. August, 14:10
this is fixed (ps: this is better in feature requests)
26. August, 14:25
Erik Leijdens
Thanks Tim. And your are right, sorry 😎
26. August, 15:24
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Edit mode in the content section appears to be broken

SMS Viribus Unitis (Eduard BIG5358, 1:350)

1:350 SMS Viribus Unitis (Eduard BIG5358)

i.e Press Whats In The Box - then press View a part of the contents (there are 3 individual contents) and then press edit and not much happens
24. August, 09:07
Looks ok for me (you need to select the "Edit content" button below Edit in that view).
24. August, 09:15
FYI...these are "feature requests"

24. August, 09:54
I press whats in the box which brings me a list of the frets I have uploaded I then use to press the little bold view next to each item this would take me to the large view of an individual fret and to the right of that large image is an edit button, I press this and used to able to edit the individual product now it doesn't work.

I think you are referring to the edit which takes you back into the whole contents. I don't like editing the Eduard frets in this view as I like to see the wording on the fret. Using this method I would have to write them down. Using my method I can actually see the fret in full view when I am entering the caption (well use to be able to anyway).
24. August, 10:36
thx! this is fixed
24. August, 10:46
24. August, 10:55
Magnus Svedberg@SCM Data suggestions
I just changed the origin for this kit to new tool Hawk (Airfix A02005A, 1:72)
Obviously people assume this is a rebox of the 2008 kit but it is not. I have made this change before but someone keep changing it back to a rebox.

1:72 Hawk (Airfix A02005A)

After this change the timeline looks very strange. I guess there is some hidden connection between this kit and the older tooling BAe Red Arrows Hawk (Airfix A02005, 1:72).

1:72 BAe Red Arrows Hawk (Airfix A02005)

Can someone please check this?
22. August, 14:20
JL L@SCM Data suggestions
Dans la création ou l'édition d'un kit, il pourrait être intéressant pour la zone number (lors de la recherche d'un éventuel doublon) d'effectuer cette recherche en tenant compte que des caractères alpha-numériques. Je pense que la recherche d'un item déjà existant serait grandement améliorée.
22. August, 14:17
Désolé je me suis trompé de section, je mets cette demande dans Feature Requests.
22. August, 14:18
Markus S.@SCM Data suggestions
Can we rename this topic
SCM Topic: No longer exists
Phelon & Moore 3.5 hp RFC/RAF Model
and merge this topic
SCM Topic: No longer exists
with the other one
22. August, 06:36
22. August, 09:59
Markus S.
Thanks! 👍
22. August, 10:18
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Gallery articles are no longer disappearing when you select no gallery
21. August, 04:31
on which page?
21. August, 08:21
I am referring to external galleries on the updates page the particular gallery was uploaded on 18th August 2021 and is called 70047 F4F-4 Wildcat® Expert Set! it is not a gallery and usually you can eliminate them off by selecting no gallery but this one will not budge. There was also another one a few days ago but this one has at last gone.
21. August, 08:49
Ah got it! Will check
21. August, 09:24
fixed! marked it as "OK" and back to "no gallery".... that picked up the change
21. August, 10:31
Ok thanks
21. August, 10:35
Also have new topics stopped generating from Galleries?
21. August, 23:59
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
When selecting an item and "Merge" the buttons are widening/ shifting right,
21. August, 21:35
Diego DH@SCM Data suggestions
HELP NEEDED => I'm trying to save the book cover image for a book entry I just created ( Book: Heller (by Jean-Christophe Carbonel) ) however nothing happens. What can be wrong? Thanks.

Heller (Histoire & Collections 9)
1 | 21. August, 09:07
Eddie Mann
Image uploaded.
21. August, 12:36
Diego DH
Thanks, something may be going wrong with my connection... I can save new books' details but not upload the cover images.
21. August, 12:40
Mario Thomas@SCM Data suggestions
How can i link a Model to another in Timeline ? Revell 05435 to Revell 05499 is just Rebox/new Parts .
1 | 20. August, 22:14
Both kits need to have the same: Scale + Topic
20. August, 22:16
Tim Jacobs@SCM Data suggestions
There are 4 galleries under Saurer (SCM Topic: Saurer) that should be under Saurer 4K (SCM Topic: Saurer 4K). All are APCs by Stefan Nadler
19. August, 20:57
I changed but I assume you had access to make the changes yourself?
20. August, 02:34
I changed, but assumed you would have access to change yourself?
20. August, 02:36
Tim Jacobs
If I do have the permissions, I don't know how to use them. Nothing I saw in the options open to me indicated I could move galleries.
20. August, 06:21
If you press the + button and then edit you go into the product for editing I assume it was available for everyone not just higher level contributors (but I assume you are higher level anyway)
20. August, 10:02
Tim Jacobs
Thank you for the explanation. I just checked and yes, I do have permissions to do it.
20. August, 18:22
Steven Van Dyck@SCM Data suggestions
I just added a book of the series "Legends of Naval Warfare", but this is a subseries of the "Legends of Warfare" brand. Several Scalemates additions of this series do not specify to which subseries the entry belongs, probably because the specific category ("aviation", "naval", "ground", "units") appears as a somewhat unconspicuous subscript of the series title. Therefore I propose that the series main title "Legends of Warfare", that in se probably is not used on any of the books, be renamed to one of these subseries (one that was not added already, some people did add a correct series title). I found 12 more entries for the "Naval" subseries, these should then be moved to my newly created series. Some entries are double, like the Soryu and C130 books.
15. August, 19:52

doubles fixed

Here is the current setup
SCM Search: Legends of Warfare
15. August, 22:01
Steven Van Dyck
Ok, the book about the Avenger has also a double.
16. August, 05:13
Eddie Mann
20. August, 13:52
20. August, 13:53
Andrea Morris@SCM Data suggestions
He280 Eduard #8068 has a double entry!
19. August, 20:26
I could only see 1 entry
20. August, 02:36
Adrian Forest@SCM Data suggestions
The shop BNA Model World (bnamodelworld.com) has updated their website, meaning all Marketplace links to their website have now broken.
16. August, 05:03
thank you, I reached out to BNA
19. August, 09:22
Melgg Lütschg@SCM Data suggestions
I think the brands 109ace and Wilde Sau Resin can be merged. 109ace deals on Ebay with the name Wilde Sau Resin. On scalemates, you'll find the same products even with the same picture at both brands. I got the confirmation via facebook.
22. June, 14:45
Melgg Lütschg
And news on that one?
9. August, 19:43
which of the 2 is the brand name?
11. August, 12:57
Melgg Lütschg
I suggest to have the brand name wilde sau resin, as one can find the kits for sale under this name in the www. However, the 109ace name refers to the facebook-page with product pictures. Maybe 109ace can be put in () after wilde sau resin (to prevent a double entry again)?
16. August, 11:25
Wasn't there some sort of brand synonyms that was introduced awhile back? Can't both these "brands" co-exist as the same "company" under two different names. (It does take a special kind of "mindset" to sell your products under two different "brand names". Gotta wonder what the heck is wrong with people's brains sometimes.....)
17. August, 03:57
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
book appears 3 times (same ISBN for all of them) SCM Search: Modeling skills 0-89024-551-7*
13. August, 08:23
Eddie Mann
13. August, 13:55
13. August, 18:12
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
in book Book: Capturing Clervaux (by Claude Joachim) we have publisher "unknown" in my copy of the book it says that the publisher is the author himself. but i can change from Unknown Claude Joachim
the book also appears under topic "Modelling Skils" but when you click on it, it gives error
"Sorry, unknown topic". in fact we seem to have a problem with that topic.
SCM Search: Unknown modeling skills* (and more)
it seems a topic has been deleted SCM Category:

Capturing Clervaux (Claude Joachim 1)
13. August, 09:05
Eddie Mann
You have to add the publisher by clicking "Not in list?"
13. August, 14:00
done, thanks!
13. August, 18:12
Christian W@SCM Data suggestions
Good morning!
I wanted to add a new kit with the button "Add based on" and it leads to an error
"Content not found
Sorry this page does not exist"
13. August, 05:05
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
18. July, 22:11
👍 fixed
12. August, 08:39
12. August, 08:40
Selman Yarar@SCM Data suggestions
I don't know how the listing in the marketplace section works and what the rules are, but I miss the 2 websites that I mainly buy from: one is Hannants from the UK (https://www.hannants.co.uk) and the other is is Hobbyeasy from HK (www.hobbyeasy.com). Both are sites with a huge range of models.
8. August, 06:54
in order to appear in market place, they have to affiliate themselves to scalemates. see scalemates.com/advertise.php (option 2: marketplace)
11. August, 20:35
Selman Yarar
ah ok i see, it's up to them then, thanks for the info
12. August, 07:59
yes correct, I did reach out to them in the past. If you know the owners, you can always ask them why they are not on scalemates 🙂
12. August, 08:00
Roman Modelar@SCM Data suggestions
This company actually doesn't exist:
Most of the products were just proposals but later some of them have been released under real company name and they are already correctly inserted here:

So my suggestion is to completely delete the LACO company, including all the products
12. August, 00:01
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
These companies should be merged - they both direct to the same website

SCM Brand: Midwest Products US
SCM Brand: No longer exists

We have their ship kits listed against both of these companies

I think the full name is Midwest Products Co., Inc - however I have always referred to them as Midwest products but box art seems to have Midwest Products Co and Midwest Products Co Inc names
8. August, 09:37
👍 fixed
11. August, 12:58
11. August, 20:10
Łukasz Gliński@SCM Data suggestions
Topics for merging:
10. August, 08:17
it seems to be done 🙂
11. August, 13:02
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks 👍
11. August, 14:37
Spanjaard@SCM Data suggestions
not sure if part of a set, but certainly not a pain in my opinion....
GC-308 Polishing Compound, Gravity Colors , Enamel, 30ml
7. August, 19:49
8. August, 21:44
John Brophy@SCM Data suggestions
'British tank crew north-west Europe Glowel Miniatures | No. 35024 | 1:35' does not come up via the search using any of the possible search terms, including number. However, if you try to add it, it comes up as a duplicate. I was able to click into the duplicate and add the cover art, as well as add it to my stash, but it doesn't appear in my stash and still doesn't appear in the search.
4. August, 12:22
Eddie Mann
Added again and original removed, showing in search.
7. August, 14:43
John Brophy
Great. Thanks.
7. August, 17:50
Eddie Mann@SCM Data suggestions
Duplicate brand:
SCM Brand: No longer exists (Empty)
2. August, 21:34
6. August, 09:36
Eddie Mann
thank you.
6. August, 10:44
David Jung@SCM Data suggestions
If you do a search on kits for "Title", there are a huge number of entries with "Title" as the description and most do not have product numbers. These probably should be mass deleted since there is no way to know what they are.
1 | 29. July, 20:55
this was fixed
2. August, 10:25
Sorry some of these were probably me as I have been having issues with scalemates crashing on me when uploading new kits - I am working away from home at the moment and the hotel internet is not the best.
2. August, 11:22
Richmond@SCM Data suggestions
Is anyone experiencing issues with adding new kits - the wheel just spins and Scalemates crashes. I am working away from home and using hotel wi-fi which isn't the best but I am not 100% sure is it the wi-fi is causing the issue.
1. August, 09:37








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