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No Reppu Rider (Gunze Sangyo MG-854)
Ottoto Fan
Reppu Rider
Gunze Sangyo
MG-854 (4) 198x | New tool
No Fukurou (Gunze Sangyo MG-853)
Ottoto Fan
Gunze Sangyo
MG-853 (3) 198x | New tool
No Ninton (Gunze Sangyo MG-852)
Ottoto Fan
Gunze Sangyo
MG-852 (2) 198x | New tool
No Ato Ikkyu (Gunze Sangyo MG-851)
Ottoto Fan
Ato Ikkyu
Gunze Sangyo
MG-851 (1) 198x | New tool
No Tonderu Buta (Gunze Sangyo MG-882)
Ottoto Sweepoer
Tonderu Buta Sweeper P-man
Gunze Sangyo
MG-882 (2) 198x | New tool
No Torsche 53 (Gunze Sangyo MG-881)
Ottoto Sweepoer
Torsche 53
Gunze Sangyo
MG-881 (1) 198x | New tool
1:16 The Marshal (Gunze Sangyo LG-162)
Big Ottoto
The Marshal
Gunze Sangyo 1:16
LG-162 198x | Changed ???
1:16 The Admiral (Gunze Sangyo LG-161)
Big Ottoto
The Admiral
Gunze Sangyo 1:16
LG-161 198x | Changed ???

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The 15 most wanted products from Gunze Sangyo at this moment are:

1:24 Fiat 600 (Gunze Sangyo 15)
Fiat 600
Gunze Sangyo 1:24
15 (G-197) 1996
1:24 Porsche 959 Rally (Gunze Sangyo G-135:800)
Porsche 959 Rally Paris-Dakar High Rider
Gunze Sangyo 1:24
G-135:800 (G-135) 1985 | Changed parts



Fiat 600 1:24
Fiat 600
Gunze Sangyo 1:24

by Reine Pulkkinen on Pienoismallit

VW Käfer 1:24
VW Käfer
Gunze Sangyo 1:24

by Mika J. Heikkinen on Pienoismallit

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Paint ranges

Gunze Sangyo has following paint ranges in their program:

Gunze Aqueous
231 colors

Release history

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Gunze Sangyo started their plastic scale modeling journey in the Seventies. Based on our records the first release by Gunze Sangyo was roughly 44 years ago in the year 1977.

126 products from Gunze Sangyo have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.