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AH-1 Tzefa

in IAF service

Ra'anan Weiss- Nr. 7

Cover AH-1 Tzefa 7 IsraDecal


Title:AH-1 Tzefa in IAF service
Author:Ra'anan Weiss
Series:Aircraft in Detail »
Volume:Nr. 7
Pages:100 pages
Topic:Bell AH-1 Cobra » Helicopters (Aircraft)


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Jon Bryon marked this item as sellable
AH-1 Tzefa (IsraDecal 7)
AH-1 Tzefa in IAF service
Aircraft in Detail Nr. 7
No longer tradeableNo longer tradeable
Ra'anan Weiss
16. April 2018, 15:05
Jon Bryon
Sorry - already sold.
14. June 2020, 13:04
Dietmar Kollmann marked this item as tradeable/sellable
24. April 2017, 12:31
29. April 2017, 18:05
Dietmar Kollmann
15 Euro +postage(approximately 8 Euro)
2. May 2017, 07:00
Tigers! Tigers!
thanks dietmar
I will have to pass on that one I'm afraid as that's the same price as a new one here
cheers anyway
2. May 2017, 17:55
Károly Bakonyi
how mzch?
13. June 2020, 21:52
Dietmar Kollmann
Sorry to say, but it's sold.
14. June 2020, 05:57

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