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Horse-drawn vehicle

All you need to know about Horse-drawn vehicle from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Utility
Vehicles - Utility
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Used from:No range
Used by:CivilRacingLaw enforcementFire and emergency servicesMilitary
Model:Horse-drawn vehicle

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News Feed

Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
14 | 11. May 2020, 04:13
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Robert W Martel
The coach itself is pretty much finished. I think it looks pretty good. Unfortunately the driver & shotgun rider don't fit too well on the seat together! The rider wont be able to hold the rifle as he should. Gonna have to make some kind of modifications there.
The woman passengers dress is too thick to fit in the seat, but that should be easy enough to remedy as her dress is quite thick in the back, and should fit if trimmed. It won't be seen anyway.
Otherwise I still have some work to do dressing up the horses, painting the figures, then connecting all the harness gear together. Still a lot of work ahead, but I'm pleased how nice the coach looks.
27. March, 03:03
Robert W Martel
Finally got the horses dressed up! Now just all the harness [looks like a big job] and put it all together. Then the passengers & drivers too. Hmmmm, lots more to do!
Getting closer.
I had to put the Lincoln aside for a while, the resin body is a nightmare! But I'm making progress slowly.
5. June, 20:13
Chaz Gordon
The Horses are beautiful. Nice colour / markings choices.
23. June, 09:16
Robert W Martel
Thanks Chaz,
I just kind of experimented w/my new AB. It went pretty easy really. The harnesses are going to be a pain I can tell they are not going to fit well without modifications . I'm going to start on them soon. I have the pieces all cleaned up & ready.
The resin Lincoln is turning out to be a nightmare. I work on it for a week or so, then get discouraged, so I put it away for a while, and go back to the coach. the figures will be last.
23. June, 19:58
Robert W Martel
OK !!
The harnesses are pretty much done. The first one took weeks, but the rest went fairly easy in comparison. Now, I need too find a piece of wood I like, take it over to my son in laws and have him cut it to size & plane it for the base. The coach needs to be tied down so it won't move around. Connecting the horses to it will NOT be easy!!
Then I have to paint up the figures, but I can do that on the side. Can't wait till this is finished, been working on this for months & months [between the Lincoln]. I'm thinking it should look pretty nice [fingers crossed] The issue is, is the tong of the coach going to be at the proper angle to connect to the leads on the harness, and then there's also the reins!! Turned out to be a pretty big project, but I think it will be worth the effort [we'll see] !!
18. July, 19:30
wilky added a new photoalbum.
97 images
View album, image #92
Step 39. Construction of the rear luggage tailboard
Project: Stage fright
1:10 The Concord Stage Coach 1848 (Artesania Latina )
8 | 29. June 2020, 01:11
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Thanks, gorby. Step 12 slowed things down dramatically but I'm back on the wagon or should I say coach
18. September 2020, 12:45
Well impressed with your progress so far mate - it looks amazing!
When do you start building the horses? 😉
16. April, 06:20
Thanks gorby, horses would probably be easier than what I'm doing ATM.
I've never worked with brass rod before. Currently trying to flatten 2mm brass rod enough to drill a 2.1mm hole in it.
Apparently brass is work hardened, this would appear to be true because I broke my flat pliers while trying to hammer the brass rod ends flat
16. April, 06:56
If anyone wants to see a more detailed run down of the construction check out my videos on Tinman's scale models YouTube channel
Youtube Video

16. April, 07:59
Well done for sticking with it mate and making such a good job as well. The brass work looks excellent!
9. June, 15:11
Mike van der Haar added a new photoalbum.
5 | 11. October 2020, 14:27
Rui S
Looking good 👍
5. April, 11:22
Different ! I like that.
5. April, 12:11
Mike van der Haar
Thank you for your kind comments
11. April, 15:19