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Horse-drawn vehicle

All you need to know about Horse-drawn vehicle from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Utility
Vehicles - Utility
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Used from:1–Now
Used by:CivilRacingLaw enforcementFire and emergency servicesMilitary
Model:Horse-drawn vehicle

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February 14, 2021

Robert W Martel added a new photoalbum.
7 | 11. May 2020, 04:13
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Robert W Martel
Ok I'll check it out. I think the AL kit may be better than the Model Trailways kit??? that was 1/12. I just got another Lindberg kit w/ no missing parts!!! So as soon as I finish the Fairlane & B-47 I'll get started on it. Cant wait! the B-47 is pretty poor.
I just spent the past week dog sitting @ my daughters house, so I'm falling behind [again!]. lol
9. July 2020, 04:28
Bob Hall
The local close out store has this and the Civil war kit and the giant 29 Ford T Bucket all for 50 bucks apiece.
26. October 2020, 02:30
I built the 1/8 Golden T years ago.
Was a great kit
26. October 2020, 02:59
Robert W Martel
BOB, My brother lives in MI, he bought the same kits at some discount store [Ollie's] for $30 each, BUT the T Bucket chrome tree was not chrome!!! bummer! I also bought 2 of the CW kits, I figured I could make a few $$ but I'll probably be lucky to break even [cost $30 to fly them home] . He sold his [3] on craigslist for $50 ea.
Doing the stage is a big enough project. Besides, the new CW kits are molded in white! Lots of painting!

Yea, I built it too Wilky!!! I was probably 13 at the time. You had to wind the armature!!!!!!
4. November 2020, 02:14
Now that's what I call getting back in the saddle! Only a 3 month delay. Typical for a wagon of this era.. ;)
9. February, 06:26
Robert W Martel
LOL JD !! I just pulled it back out again. I was working on the 63 Riviera, it's mostly done, the body is primed, gonna let it dry for a while.
Now I need to start working on the coach undercarriage. It's going slower than I'd like!, and, I'm gettin older! lol
10. February, 01:53
I know what you mean Robert! that's why I like to add a little appreciation and motivation in my comments. We're not getting any younger, so let's kick the tires and light the fires big Daddy! WOOOOOOOOO!!!
11. February, 07:13
Robert W Martel
Thanks JD.
I need a little extra inspiration now & then. Yea, I'll be 68 in 5 more days!
Yup, Just gotta keep pluggin away at it !!!
14. February, 02:31

September 18, 2020

wilky added a new photoalbum.
31 images
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Project: Stage fright
1:10 The Concord Stage Coach 1848 (Artesania Latina )
5 | 29. June 2020, 01:11
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Oh, it smell like wood glue - your project started :) I will watch for sure!
A friend has this kit in his huge stash and offered it to me after the finished Amati kit. I refused since we have no space for two 1:10 stage coaches.
4. August 2020, 08:39
Yes bughunter, I'm smelling wood glue a lot ATM.
It's bigger than I thought it would be when I bought it, so I can understand that.
If I could afford it I'd buy the Amati one for the luggage and the two Winchester rifles.
Unfortunately this kit doesn't have any luggage.
I actually owned eight Winchester lever action rifles when I had a firearms licence
4. August 2020, 09:22
Hmm, the kit is no more listed on the Amati page. As ar as I remember there was beside the complete kit also the plan set alone and the PE set alone available. I showed the kit content here:
May be you can ask Amati for the PE fret 671 (contain Winchester and luggage parts)? The mini lasered wood sheet for the Winchester was 2544. See link above for pictures of both. The luggage was mainly done form simple MDF parts and wood strips, here the kit is not really needed.
4. August 2020, 09:47
So step 12 was unbelievably difficult.
I tried soaking the plywood first to bend it but that didn't work.
Due to the outside grains running opposite to the way the plywood was to be bent the piece just wouldn't stay bent.
As soon as the clamps were released the bonds of the wood glue would break.
I ended up using Superglue and then Araldite as well to make sure it held.
This took many days.
Then because the plywood bent the wrong way I tried glueing cross bracing to prevent this.
The cross bracing wasn't up to the job so I had to sand the plywood until I could get the desired result.
Thankfully the Walnut veneer has covered the mess and no one but us will ever know just how awful this piece is
18. September 2020, 02:57
Tom ...
Well done! You are right, no one will notice. Really nice job!
18. September 2020, 03:33
Thanks Tom, if I can get it half as good as your boat I'll be happy
18. September 2020, 03:57
Excellent work so far mate. I've been working with wood for about four decades and I bet I'd have struggled with that. Well done for sticking with it.
18. September 2020, 09:14
Thanks, gorby. Step 12 slowed things down dramatically but I'm back on the wagon or should I say coach
18. September 2020, 12:45