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Land Rover Series

All you need to know about Land Rover Series from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Cars
Vehicles - Cars
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Used from:1948–Now
Used by:CivilLaw enforcementFire and emergency servicesMilitary
Model:Land Rover Series

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February 23, 2021

Christian W added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #17
Test fitting for the body parts
17 | 28. January, 09:16
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Christian W
So that was my guess ;) Thank you! I'll keep that in mind if I need some details or help.
22. February, 12:48
This is very cool, I grew up riding beat up old Landies on my mates dads farms
22. February, 12:56
Chaz Gordon
As I recall, the external filler cap was unique to the 4 door Safaris, with both the LWB and SWB 2 doors locating the tank under the bench seat. I seem to recall a dual tank option, with a second tank under the left front seat also. I have a feeling the tank switch over required you to stop and lift the drivers seat to turn the valve. The Safari had quite a lot of differences to the LWB, as there was no footwell for the second row on an LWB, being basically a pickup shell.
22. February, 13:21
Lex Jassies
The short base 88" had the external filler cap (about 3") behind the right door. The 110" had the filler cap almost at the end of the right side. This is the case for the series 2 and the series 3. Don't know that about the series 1.
23. February, 08:42
Christian W
Thank you for the information!
Everything makes sense and for a good coincidence, my Land Rover fullfils that. I cut out the footwell because it was the correct measured distance to could have to be removed. Perfect.
The location of the filler cap doesn't let allowed another location for the fuel tank as under the front seats. It wouldn't make sense to build a filler hose from right behind the door through the whole car to the rear.
23. February, 10:17
Chaz Gordon
To keep context, my experience with Series 3s was entirely British Military Issue, and a lot of those were lightweight SWBs
23. February, 13:33
Chaz Gordon
Seems it goes like this if externally mounted:

23. February, 13:37
Christian W
You nailed it.
23. February, 19:58

February 4, 2021

Aaron Liles added a new photoalbum.
4 | 17. March 2014, 21:54
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Matthew A
A real landrover
3. December 2019, 19:21
Dave Flitton
3. December 2019, 19:48
Rene Scheiblich
Holy moly. And in braille to top it off. I'll grab a seat :D
3. December 2019, 19:52
I'm in.
looks good
3. December 2019, 20:09
Jivko Djakov
Cool. Favorite topic. Land rover and tracks.
4. February, 11:52
Aaron Liles
Thank you. Stalled build. Still on the bench. Although just received resin land rover kit from air-graphics... could inspire me to start again
4. February, 17:46
Alex K
Glad to see this one resurfacing - I would very much like to see this project back on track(s)...
4. February, 18:26
4. February, 21:11

January 30, 2021

Russell Teague added a new project.
1:35 S.A.S. Land Rover "Pink Panther" (Tamiya MM176)
30. January, 04:01

January 28, 2021

January 16, 2021

valiente84 added a new photoalbum.
12 | 13. January, 21:29
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Julian Herrero aka Yuri
I'd like to see pictures of the build ... BTW how did you get the door logos ?
14. January, 15:36
Thank you mates!

@Julian Herrero aka Yuri unfortunately I did not take any pics of the build, the logos are from the decals of the kit ;)
14. January, 18:28
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Barcelona Firemen ? That's incredible ... good work anyway ... just hopping the number plate is true .... ;)

15. January, 13:49
i was curious to know if it was....but the closest that i found was this [img1] (number may still be real, but good luck if you want to find it)
15. January, 14:40
As mi father was and my brother is Barcelona firemen, I studied the subject.
Sadly, this kit by italeri, vehicle identification BT-12 (bomba tanque) did not exist. Moreover the department didn't have any Landrover 109 like this one, they instead had Landrover 109 with 5 doors, vehicle identification C-12 (comandament 12) wich was a command vehicle.

Anyway, this was a present for my brother's birthday aniversary and he liked it so much! ;)
15. January, 17:31
nothing like inside info :)
15. January, 19:29
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Ahhhh ,,, that's why .... anyway good work
16. January, 16:12

November 16, 2020

Jonathan Read-Bone added a new project.
1:76 LWB LANDROVER (Soft Top) & Trailer (Airfix A02322)
F.V. 18061 Truck General Service (Rover 11 4x4)
GB Military British Army (1660-now)
23 FJ 85
16. November 2020, 21:33

November 5, 2020

Dave Mylett added a new project.
1 | 5. November 2020, 21:21

October 21, 2020

S. Brinkley added a new project.
21. October 2020, 15:22

September 29, 2020

Alan Crawford added a new project.
1:35 Land Rover 109' LWB (Italeri 6508)1:35 Wheels for Land Rover Series II/III (BSM 352003)1:35 Upgrade set for Land Rover Series III (BSM 352001)1+
29. September 2020, 17:11
Alan Crawford added a new project.
29. September 2020, 17:10