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All you need to know about Post-apocalyptic from a scale modeler perspective.


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JD Mithran’dir
Mike Szwarc Panzon
Alex Linnyk skad12

News Feed

October 11, 2020

Ralf Topeters added a new photoalbum.
4 | 1. August 2020, 18:13
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Ralf Topeters
Soory for not posting for several days but I've been very busy not only with the dio. But I did not forget to take some pics from time to time. Slowly, but it seems to shake tape arrrhh..... take shape.
31. August 2020, 18:44
I like the graffiti, nice touch!
31. August 2020, 22:25
Ralf Topeters
Finally my first bigger diorama. For a first I am absolutely happy with it. I know it is far from perfection but it was a really hard boot camp and I am confident in getting the next ones better. Practice practice practice. "You won't know if you don't go"! The scenery shows just about the tenth of a second before everyone recognizes the first shot was made and hell breaks loose. The scouts in the back are only a blink of an eye away from getting startled by the first shot they just heared. There was only some roughing up as you see with the guy in the middle on the ground before shooting got started.
11. September 2020, 11:50
Excellent job Ralf! What a terrifying and frightening scene, gives me goosebumps! And the corroded frame really gives it a feeling of horror! Looks like the opening scene of a zombie apocalypse movie! "Let's get the hell out of here!"
11. September 2020, 20:10
Roland Gunslinger
Wow, excellent Great Job!
11. September 2020, 20:38
Original job. Well done. Congrats!
12. September 2020, 17:29
Ralf Topeters
Thanks a lot for the compliments. It was a nice ppiece of training and now I am ready to try some more new techniques. THX a lot!!
12. September 2020, 19:13
Ben M
This is just awesome and very creative. Well done!
12. September 2020, 19:14

September 12, 2020

Kace Wong added a new photoalbum.
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Project: *MASK*
1:35 Stalker (Evolution Miniatures EM-35150)1:35 Stalker (Evolution Miniatures EM-35151)1:35 God! I hope I'm alive next second (YUFAN Model BEE-05)5+
6. August 2020, 14:34

September 5, 2020

Mike Szwarc added a new project.
1:25 1940 Willys Coupe/Pickup (AMT 818)1:25 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup (AMT/ERTL 6053)No Odds & Ends Over 1/2" (1.27cm) (Evergreen Scale Models 9002)
1 | 23. August 2020, 16:38
Just thought I'd bump this one to the front. Stupendous! This is the first time I've seen pics of your build process, which is amazing unto itself. Completely off the wall!
5. September 2020, 04:58
Mike Szwarc
Thanks, JD. I rarely think to take WIP photos, but I did on this build, and I took some of the completed plow & harpoon vehicle before I painted it.
5. September 2020, 11:35
Nigel Chapman
I second JD's comments - the build pictures give a great insight not only to your build process but the creativeness Involved.
5. September 2020, 12:51
Mike Szwarc
I just started building again (Sky Mark buoy) after completely re-doing my work room (rebuilt my work tables and my spray booth, rearranged the room layout, reorganized storage, and added display space for finished models), so I'll see if I can get into the habit of taking build pics as I go. :)
5. September 2020, 13:33
That sounds great Mike! You have amazing talent, and I for one am very excited and inspired to watch you work! You could easily charge admission for this information!
5. September 2020, 20:15

September 3, 2020

Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
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MPC's Rat Trap Vega is a simple kit (no chrome or clear parts) that made for an easy conversion to the buzzard. I didn't...
16 | 24. July 2020, 13:09
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Mike Szwarc
Thanks for the compliment :) I know I have a tendency, and I imagine other modelers do as well, to be more impressed with the work of others than with my own. I think it stems from knowing what went into my work, where the mistakes are, or the failures to meet my own expectations in the finished model. When looking at someone else's work, I know only the result I am seeing, not what the builder sees.
2. September 2020, 22:57
Jeff Flint
You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome. You'll be McFeasting in Valhalla with the heroes of all time.
2. September 2020, 23:04
Mike Szwarc
"By my deeds I honor him. V8!"
2. September 2020, 23:42
I live, I die, I LIVE AGAIN!
3. September 2020, 00:25
Jeff Flint
If you can't stand up, you can't do war!
3. September 2020, 02:30
Nathan Dempsey
I feel like you have carried me through the gates of Valhalla. Great idea & build.
3. September 2020, 04:04
Hedgehog on wheels!
3. September 2020, 06:49
Nigel Chapman
Nice job, very effective. Reminds me of the VW from the 1974 Australian movie The cars that ate Paris
3. September 2020, 18:24

August 23, 2020

Mike Szwarc added a new project.
1:25 Double Dirt Bike Motorcycle & Accessories (AMT PP014)
2 | 23. August 2020, 16:14

August 4, 2020

Kace Wong added a new project.
13 images
In progress
1:35 Stalker (Evolution Miniatures EM-35150)1:35 Stalker (Evolution Miniatures EM-35151)1:35 God! I hope I'm alive next second (YUFAN Model BEE-05)5+
4. August 2020, 07:06