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All you need to know about Post-apocalyptic from a scale modeler perspective.


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1:24 Sabrina (Master Box MB24073)
Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit No. 1.
Master Box (MB) 1:24
MB24073 2021 | New tool


1:24 Sabrina (Master Box MB24073)
Pоst-apocalyptic series. The Last Bridge. Kit No. 1.
Master Box (MB) 1:24
MB24073 2021 | New tool
1:35 Volkhov (Alternity Miniatures AM38)
Volkhov Stalker Series
Alternity Miniatures 1:35
AM38 20xx | New tool
1:35 Vectar (Alternity Miniatures AM88)
Vectar Stalker Series
Alternity Miniatures 1:35
AM88 20xx | New tool
1:35 Toxicator (Alternity Miniatures AM32)
Toxicator Stalker Series
Alternity Miniatures 1:35
AM32 20xx | New tool
1:35 Subway Stalker (Alternity Miniatures AM76)
Subway Stalker Stalker Series
Alternity Miniatures 1:35
AM76 20xx | New tool
1:35 Sniper Stalker (Alternity Miniatures AM11)
Sniper Stalker Stalker Series
Alternity Miniatures 1:35
AM11 20xx | New tool
1:35 Rafting Stalker (Alternity Miniatures AM75)
Rafting Stalker Stalker Series
Alternity Miniatures 1:35
AM75 20xx | New tool
1:35 Ogukin (Alternity Miniatures AM36)
Ogukin Stalker Series
Alternity Miniatures 1:35
AM36 20xx | New tool








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Doomsday Chariots (AK Interactive )
Doomsday Chariots Modeling Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles
Rubén Gonzáles, Kristof Pulinkx


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Chris Smith zodiac58
JD Mithran’dir
Mike Szwarc Panzon
Alex Linnyk skad12

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Kace Wong added a new photoalbum.
45 images
View album, image #1
The two mines (1) are fixed to the front. They are held onto the SLC by metalbuckles (4). The mines are hung under enemy...
Project: *MASK*
1:35 Stalker (Evolution Miniatures EM-35150)1:35 Stalker (Evolution Miniatures EM-35151)1:35 God! I hope I'm alive next second (YUFAN Model BEE-05)5+
1 | 25. July, 02:46
Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
19 | 23. May, 23:27
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nailed it Mike! 👍
13. July, 16:50
Very cool result!
13. July, 17:07
Nathan Dempsey
Nice finish! Looks like you rule the wastelands.
13. July, 19:10
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for the kind comments, guys!
14. July, 01:58
Well done, nice build and idea 👍
14. July, 04:02
Ahmet Eren İspir added a new photoalbum.
13 images
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Basecoat is mainly done. I have not started skin, face, hair and legs yet
Project: Misaki
1:24 Freshman Lily (NuTs PLANET T75028)
7 | 23. June, 20:04
Ben M
23. June, 22:39
Ben M
I have tried painting a figure dark tone overall, then shooting a mid-tone horizontally, and then an azimuthal tone almost straight down, it came out well. Is that what you plan to do here, or are you using two tones?
24. June, 18:17
Ahmet Eren İspir
Yeah most of the youtube painting channels on youtube suggest the same tri-tone lighting like you described here but since most of her parts will be painted in different colors, I went with two color. And I'm not using translucent enough paints so, the pre-lighting zenithal will disappear, I'm going to take photos of her in highlighted condition and use it as a reference during later stages.
24. June, 19:08
Bruce Huxtable
Watching with interest ?
24. June, 19:16
Count me in.
24. June, 19:17
you've got my attention , wishing I could carry a assault rifle and sword shopping ..without getting in trouble
24. June, 19:26
Ahmet Eren İspir
Thanks for interest gentlemen.

Mona A, I though the same, being able to hang around with a Japanese highschool girl uniform in a post-apocalyptic world with a KSG-12 shotgun and a Katana is pretty cool to be honest 🙂
24. June, 20:01
Nice start 👍
25. June, 02:50
Ben M
I've thought about doing what you are doing here and using the highlighting as a reference for later painting. I might try that with the figure I currently have in progress. Yes, the three tone approach only works well when you're mostly working with one color.
25. June, 11:49
25. June, 19:59
Mike Szwarc added a new project.
3 | 11. June, 14:42
Looking forward what's coming in the next time 🙂
13. June, 07:17
Mike Szwarc
This project is still in the planning stage, but I hope to build a diorama of a couple of wanderers meeting in the arctic wasteland
13. June, 11:59
Bruce Huxtable
Aerosan? Fun build but a tad small for 1:35... Careful if you have figures, perhaps 1:48 might match better?
17. June, 19:46
Mike Szwarc
Bruce, thanks for the tip. The Aerosan does look a little small, and the figures I have are 1:35. I'll just have to see how all the components look together, and possibly bash together a slightly larger Aerosan body if need be.
17. June, 19:57
Bruce Huxtable
I might be wrong, but I think the propeller would drag the vehicle backwards, if the reinforced edges of each blade are the leading edges when it spins. What do you reckon?
17. June, 20:24
Mike Szwarc
Nice catch, Bruce. The propeller mounted as shown on the box art and in the instructions would indeed pull the vehicle backwards. it can be flipped over and mounted so that it will propel the vehicle forward.
17. June, 20:56
Bruce Huxtable
Do you reckon the steering rods should be inverted on one side too, Mike? If the main spindle rotates in the same direction, wouldn't that adjust the skiis to point together or apart, and not actually steer? I have no idea how the steering wheel / mechanism would actually actuate that spindle gizmo..... Just wondering if anyone knows?
17. June, 21:04
Mike Szwarc
No idea how the steering works, but I looked at vintage photos of this particular aerosan, and the steering rod connections to the bell crank on one side are the opposite of the other side.
17. June, 21:45
Bruce Huxtable
Hmm, that what I figured, Mike, after I'd diligently followed the instructions. Ah well, I still enjoyed the challenges of this little kit. My first experience of photo-etched parts... Definitely recommended all the same.
17. June, 22:02
Mike Szwarc added a new project.
1:24 Ford Escort RS1800 Mk.II (Italeri 3650)
1 | 23. May, 22:26
Stefan Schacht added a new photoalbum.
24 | 5. April, 20:29
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Roland Gunslinger
Lovely Dio 👍 Great painting work with these tiny figures!
16. May, 15:20
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Roland for your kind words. Cheers Stefan
16. May, 19:11
Ralf Topeters
Not only that the figures are really well done, the dio has such an outstanding high grade on detail especially for that scale. Looks like a prize winner!!!

👍 👍 👍
17. May, 06:38
excellent result Stefan!
17. May, 12:39
Stefan Schacht
Thanks Ralf and Spanjaard for your very kind comments. Cheers Stefan
17. May, 19:09