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Boeing 767

All you need to know about Boeing 767 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Jets
Aircraft - Jets
Also known as:
Used from:1981–Now
Used by:Civil
Manufacturer:US Boeing

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News Feed

February 25, 2021

Dutch added a new project.
1 | 25. February, 12:57

February 19, 2021

Dutch added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
ACE (Revell) 1:144 767-300 kit purchased can't remember when (20+ years ago), but partially assembled; fuselage glued, w...
3 | 17. February 2019, 23:44
Ray Seppala
Nice start Dutch, will it be another 20 years to finish? :)
22. February 2019, 10:57
Ray, LOL! A definite no! I will try to complete this one fairly quickly. I just added two more photos of the radar dome. The underside has a lip that looks to be "handed," and if I flip it correctly, the one mounting nib with the rib will fit into the hole without the rib., and vice versa. I think that if I cut it out straight down and keep the lip on the underside, that it will maintain the correct thickness to the edge of the dome and maybe just need a little bit if putty in the gaps. What do you think?
22. February 2019, 11:08
Ray, I answered my own question. I trimmed out the radar dome with a new #11 blade, but not as cleanly as I wanted. I soon discovered that I had to sand off the lip if the nibs were to ever find their holes. I used coarse & medium sanding sticks to remove the lip and the dome practically snapped together. I did a little touch-up and placed the mounting base into the bottom before gluing the retaining nut to it form the inside. Everything looks good. I also trimmed another 1/16" or so from the tail and dry fitted the resin tail cone. While the height is now perfect, the width is still too wide. So I really recommend the Zvesda 767-300 kit for use with the CTA conversion. Photos #26-28 uploaded tonight.
23. February 2019, 23:12
Ray, i found my lower forward gear strut loose in the box. Save yourself the postage. I will reinforce with sturdy wire and source wheels from the spares box.
25. February 2019, 03:39
Nathan Dempsey
Nice subject Dutch. I'm following :)
3. February, 00:38
Oh hey, Nathan! Yeah, I finally pulled this one off the shelf of doom.
3. February, 01:16
Ray Seppala
Nice, pulling up a seat and my popcorn! :)
4. February, 10:19
Hello, Brother Ray! I am giving myself a deadline of 22 Feb, 2021. That will make it a 2 year project, instead of a 20 year project! LOL! 8)
4. February, 14:11

February 16, 2021

Dutch added a new project.
1:144 Boeing 767-300 ER (Revell 04216)1:144 Italian Air Force 767 Tanker (Draw Decal 44s-767-28)
Boeing KC-767
IT Military Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force 1946-now)
14-01 / N767TT
2011 - Boeing - Wichita, KS US
16. February, 20:53

December 24, 2020

Jim added a new project.
24. December 2020, 23:38

December 15, 2020

Msudul added a new project.
15. December 2020, 03:05

December 12, 2020

Ernie added a new project.
1:144 Boeing 767-300 (Zvezda 7005)1:144 Boeing E-767 AWACS - Conversion set (CTA Models CTA-017)
12. December 2020, 02:39