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Volkswagen T1 (1950–1967)

All you need to know about Volkswagen T1 (1950–1967) from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Cars
Vehicles - Cars
Also known as:Type 2 (T1)
Used from:1949–2013
Used by:CivilLaw enforcementFire and emergency servicesMilitary
Manufacturer:DE Volkswagen
Model:T1 (1950–1967)

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January 20, 2021

Dominik Weitzer added a new photoalbum.
5 | 17. January, 12:11
Christian W
Is there a diorama to the bus? It's cool. I have on "in progress". Should throw it together this year.
18. January, 06:28
Nice build! But how about the ground clearance ?
18. January, 09:40
Dominik Weitzer
It is mobile. somehow.
Bro, the diorama is "felxibe". most the time this bus sits there around :-D I will take a picture of that.
18. January, 15:43
20. January, 10:12

January 19, 2021

Dominik Weitzer added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
15 | 17. January, 12:18
View full thread (13 Comments)
Dominik Weitzer
:-D Thankes mates - much appreciated! As written in another diorama: some special models have to tell a stors. My upcoming (and last former uploaded built) Chrysler will tell a story too.

Nigel, you can use salt for "rusty" paintjobs. Ofcourse, there are a lot of videos to find. but i will try to explain.
First paint the body in a base rust color. than use different colors like ockre, orange, sand and speckle some spots with a sponge
if it is dry, make the model wet with water
than place salt on the parts you will have rusty spots
let the water dry!
now paint the body with the color you will have
after it is dry, take a brush to remove the salt.

Two problems to keep in mind:
- if the water is not dry enough, the paint (today i use waterbased paints) will get off while you rub the salt away with a brush
- if it is too dry, a lot of salt will blown away while paiting with an airbrush.
the second problem you can minimize, if you use more salt on the spots and "calculate" the amount that will "blow away" during the painting.

since it was my first attempt with this methode, i used acrylic paint out of a rattle can...for the orange. That worked "terrible" - because the acrylic "glued" the salt underneath the layer of pait *lol* . that wasn't planned that way and i had a lot of work to get it clean.
18. January, 15:38
Ben M
Love it - I have a 62 pickup like this in my garage.
18. January, 15:44
Nigel Chapman
Thanks Dominik, I've never heard of using salt before - something to try. My method is to use real rust from degraded steel wool filtered to powder form.
18. January, 16:57
Ben M
Interesting Nigel. I've done salt effect on a sheet of plastic before to try it out. I used table salt, which resulted in some pretty regular patterns. I think I need to break the salt up into more irregular pieces next time. I am building a tank so maybe a nice subject to try it on. I really like the rust on this type 2. I was looking for a picture of my truck before I repainted it, can't easily find one, but it sure looked similar to this one. Great work!
18. January, 17:41
Dominik Weitzer
your welcome Nigel. I only used once real rust also....and spieces (also once on my gone 58 Thunderbird)...always trying new methdes but also come back to methodes i "can". Meanwhile i use cracking fluid and airbrushcolors (see my WIP BMW 507). Modeling for me is continuing lerning process
18. January, 19:21
Nigel Chapman
Me too. Look out for my rusty build coming soon
18. January, 21:47
Dominik Weitzer
Give me a hint when you're starting please ;)
19. January, 07:51
Nigel Chapman
Check out my 1933 Ratillac build or 1978 Toyota Chaser in the projects section
19. January, 08:52

December 8, 2020

Jmasmd added a new project.
1:24 Volkswagen T1 "Samba Bus" (Revell 07399)
1 | 8. December 2020, 06:14

November 25, 2020

MS K added a new photoalbum.
2 | 11. October 2018, 17:39
very nice custom paintjob :) or is it a decal? looking fantastic anyway.
11. October 2018, 21:28
thanks, it is paint brushing... ;)
12. October 2018, 02:01
Michael Hickey
Beautiful, just imagine what VW collectors would pay for this in 1:1, a rare Samba with a custom paint job.
12. October 2018, 02:04
Florent Thouret
amazing paint job !!!!
12. October 2018, 02:28
Martin Oostrom
I thought of pulling this kit from the stash. Now it will stay hidden for a while, so no one will compare my mess with this lovely work
25. November 2020, 19:51
give it a go Martin ;)
25. November 2020, 20:15

November 18, 2020

Robert Pazourek added a new photoalbum.
16. November 2020, 12:18
Martin Oostrom
A T1 is always worth following, especially in this blue
16. November 2020, 18:31
Robert Pazourek
This blue color is a special for Chevrolet Cruze WTCC ;)
18. November 2020, 10:44

October 21, 2020

Tony Moraes added a new photoalbum.
3 | 25. November 2015, 23:58
Great work Tony, love it.
26. November 2015, 04:41
Nuno Dias
Very nice looking model (and car).
26. November 2015, 12:25
26. November 2015, 13:30
26. November 2015, 18:30
Tom Ballhoff
Nice work!
20. October 2020, 05:57
Tom is right.
20. October 2020, 09:31
Bill Newcomer
Way cool!
21. October 2020, 00:55

September 7, 2020

Christopher J added a new project.
1:24 Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van (Hasegawa 52136)1:24 Mindy (Master Box MB24061)
7. September 2020, 22:35
Christopher J added a new project.
1:24 Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van (Hasegawa 52162)1:24 Jogging some miles. Tyra (Master Box MB24050)
7. September 2020, 22:31

September 3, 2020

Thomas Hopfensperger added a new project.
3. September 2020, 09:31