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Battleship Scharnhorst-class

All you need to know about Battleship Scharnhorst-class from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Ships - Battleships
Ships - Battleships
Used from:1938-1943
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:3R Various
Model:Battleship Scharnhorst-class

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Dave Flitton
US Dflitton
Mathias Carl
DE Graf Spee
Clifford Keesler
US stormrider509
Fox One
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Stephen Larsen
US Steve Larsen
Ben Dave
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Olexiy Yeremenko Added a new review for:
Previewed on
10. June, 15:40
Olexiy Yeremenko Added a new review for:
Previewed on
10. June, 15:39
Alexandre Reynaldo added a new project.
Albums: 0
In progress
1:570 Gneisenau (Revell/Kiko H-5043)
30. May, 18:01
Toby Xu added a new project.
18. May, 11:35
Selman Yarar added a new project.
6. May, 18:31
Larry E Added a new review for:
Previewed on
14. March, 15:58
Tim Jacobs Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
1. March, 23:38
Tim Jacobs Added a new review for:
Model Warships
Previewed on
Model Warships
4. February, 02:14
Santiago Sagredo
my first model
7. January, 18:59
Kamil Feliks Sztarbala Added a new review for:
Previewed on
10. December 2019, 10:11
Bernd Heller Added a new review for:
Previewed on
9. December 2019, 07:38
HoratioQueeg Added a new review for:
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26. November 2019, 09:04
Victor added a new project.
1:350 Scharnhorst (Dragon 1062)1:350 Scharnhorst (White Ensign Models PE 35130)1:350 Scharnhorst armament with blastbags (Master SM-350-058)1+
19. November 2019, 22:52
Augusto Added a new review for:
IPMS Rio de Janeiro
Previewed on
IPMS Rio de Janeiro
31. October 2019, 03:35
Paul Tosney Added a new review for:
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20. October 2019, 16:56
Paul Tosney Added a new review for:
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Model Builder International
20. October 2019, 16:56
rocjim wants this item
29. September 2019, 12:58
Treehugger I want this item too..
..too bad Dragon kits seem hard to get, and fairly expensive. Ofc, I've noticed that a lot of 1:350 kits of a certain size are expensive. I am no expert, but I generally my impression is that even newer ship kits appear to be underdevoped, or even being too inaccurate, and that makes me think a high price is not worth it.
29. September 2019, 13:00
Lee Fogel Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
hpiguys Workshop
22. January 2019, 14:58
andvkubar added a new project.
14. August 2018, 10:43
OZKAN AYGUN added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 5 images
1:570 Scharnhorst (Revell 05037)
Battleship Scharnhorst-class
3R Military Wehrmacht Kriegsmarine (German Navy 1935-1945)
21. May 2018, 17:34
Larry E Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
1. March 2018, 20:16
Nathaniel Swift added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:700 Scharnhorst (Tamiya WL.B118)1:700 Scharnhorst / Gneisenau (White Ensign Models PE 745)
21. December 2017, 05:14
Amilo added a new project.
1:1200 Battleship Scharnhorst (Revell 05136)
Battleship Scharnhorst-class
3R Military Wehrmacht Kriegsmarine (German Navy 1935-1945)
14. September 2017, 11:27
I believe Dragon has to do some soul searching with regard to making models buildable. I just got their model of the 1/350 German Battleship Scharnhorst, and welcome to PE hell. I mean, 7 parts for one 20 mm gun, unless I didn't count the number right on the plans--which are way too small. And when it comes to the 37mm mounts, they're 14 pieces each! Multiply that by 8. There comes a point wherein our hobby can get "unfun," and this model is fairly close to that category. I like how the main and secondary armament is done, and there are other elements of outstanding quality in terms of surface detail and fit. But this is an over-engineered model by any standard, at least in terms of the time and energy that will be required to build it to any acceptable standard. One thing is for sure, few after-market addendums will be needed. But despite all the PE, no weather deck or upper deck railings, so be prepared to buy these if you want them. To say this kit is a challenge would not be an adequate description. It is something one does for months on end, knowing full well that some bits will forever be mauled or lost. My Revell 1/350 Bizmarck kit is infinitely more enjoyable. I am sure the Dragon model will build into a fine rendition of the Scharnhorst, but I would not buy it again. Hell, I might not live long enough to build it! Perhaps a more buildable version of this ship in a large scale will come along. This is certainly not it! Smarten up, Dragon. Several hundred pieces per model in not necessarily a good thing.
9. September 2017, 01:42
Stephen Larsen added a new project.
10. August 2017, 20:41
Stephen Larsen added a new project.
1:700 Scharnhorst and Gneisenau 10.5 meter and 6 meter Rangefinders (Model Monkey 700-ScharnRgeFnd)1:700 Scharnhorst Turret "Bruno" Barbette with exterior vent trunks (Model Monkey MM700-ScharnBrunBarb)1:700 Deutsche Kriegsmarine SL-8 Domed Rangefinders (Model Monkey MM700-SL8)1+
10. August 2017, 20:40
Martin Oostrom added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:700 Scharnhorst (Tamiya WL.B118)1:700 German 28cm/54,5 (11in) SKC/34 (Master SM-700-024)1:700 German 15cm (5.9in) SK C/28 barrels (Master SM-700-002)2+
3R Military Wehrmacht Kriegsmarine (German Navy 1935-1945)
World War 2 1941
25. July 2017, 13:56
Holger Kranich Definately a project for me!
25. July 2017, 14:20
Martin Oostrom Some idiot, that's me, forgot to buy some brass barrels for the guns. So this one's stuck at the ideas phase for now, until I need more items from Germany.
25. July 2017, 14:34
Holger Kranich Do you buy your stuff in germany?
25. July 2017, 14:39
Martin Oostrom Yes, and the rest of Europe 8)

as there are no modelling shops near where I live, I'm sentenced to online shopping. As I don't like to pay €10 for each ship,emt, I tend to purchase in larger batches. Just today I received 2 Eduard big sin sets, 8 PE frets, 3 ship models (including this one), a couple of cockpits, 4 resin parts and some other stuff.
I DID buy the barrels for the Rodney that also came today, why I forgot those Scharnhorst barrels.....

I used to buy at, but I find their delivery times too unreliable. I did some shopping in England, but they can't send anything that reeks like enamel to the Mainland.

I bought some books at Mig Jimenez' own website, also some paints. The drawback here is that he only sells Ammo stuff and some models.

Last week I bought most of the Eduard stuff that come in today in Poland from Model Make. Because there was an error in their inventory I received a small discount. That's keeping your customers happy . I'll buy there again.

Most of my stuff comes from Der Sockelshop. They seem to have decent prices, but more importantly a large assortment of stuff I want. :)

I usually fire up Excel whenever I feel the need to buy something and list the different shops prices. The one with the most items for the lowest price wins ;)

25. July 2017, 15:21
Holger Kranich You have a PN
26. July 2017, 06:19
Stephen Larsen Added a new review for:
Previewed on
13. July 2017, 18:38
Dutch added a new project.
6. June 2017, 21:30
Stephen Larsen added a new project.
In progress
1:350 Gneisenau Enclosed Admiral's Bridge, 1941 (Model Monkey MM350-GneisBrdg41)1:350 Gneisenau 10.5m and 6m Main Battery Rangefinders (Model Monkey 350-GneisRngFnd)1:350 Gneisenau 38cm (15") Twin-gun Turrets with Barrels (Model Monkey 350-Gneisenau-trrts)8+
28. May 2017, 23:17
Lars Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
KitMaker Network
24. May 2017, 17:06
Mathias Carl Added a new review for:
Previewed on
10. March 2017, 19:12
Mathias Carl added a new article to his personal gallery:
25. February 2017, 20:03
Stephen Larsen Added a new review for:
Previewed on
29. January 2017, 13:57
Nathaniel Swift added a new project.
16. October 2016, 04:33
huenlil Added a new review for:
Previewed on
23. July 2016, 04:11
John Irwing Added a new review for:
Previewed on
11. March 2016, 12:41
Michael Butterfield Added a new review for:
Previewed on channel
Adam Mann
4. February 2016, 22:58
norm21 added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:700 DKM Gneisenau (ArtwoxModel AW20061)
14. September 2015, 14:15
Gerald Willing Added a new review for:
Previewed on
21. August 2015, 07:33
se5 added a new article to his personal gallery:
20. August 2015, 13:54
Mark Partis completed this item
11. August 2015, 13:46
Mary Lawton I would love to get some photo of this completed kit, I'm saving up to get this though the dam 1:200 Nelson from trumpeter is only working out to be 40 dollars more.
14. August 2015, 05:08
Mark Partis Hi Mary. You could use the Photos of mine if you wish to. I would love a 200 Nelson also but have nowhere to display it.
14. August 2015, 11:35
se5 added a new article to his personal gallery:
18. July 2015, 15:17
Jordan added a new project.
1:350 Scharnhorst (Dragon 1040)1:350 Scharnhorst Propellers (G Factor 35012)1:350 DKM Scharnhorst Wood Deck (Nautilus Models 350-540)1+
10. July 2015, 00:05
Kevin Boodts added a new project.
Albums: 0
In progress
1:700 Scharnhorst (Tamiya WL.B118)1:700 WWII German Battlecruiser Gneisenau (FlyHawk Model FH700139)
11. June 2015, 11:36
Holger Kranich
I never saw someone using so much aftermarket for a model, but the result speaks for itself...
3. January 2014, 14:12
Christian Bruer Yep, he used nearly all available sets. He did an impressive job, very very nice rsult!
3. January 2014, 14:40
Holger Kranich I do not think that a lot of aftermarket, automaticly makes a good model... But in this case :) :D
3. January 2014, 14:55
Christian Bruer Agree! First you need the skill to handle the parts and different materials. Second, and most important in ship models in smaller scales, you have to find a balance between useful and unnecessary parts. If not and you overdo it a model looked cramped and unbalanced. For example a handrail with mounting as you can find it on a real ship is in scale 1/700 and even in scale 1/350 overdone. Third, and most fun in modelmaking ? detail it for your own and use only useful parts (in my case, railings, doors, cable reels). Cheers, Christian
3. January 2014, 15:12
Holger Kranich Thats the spirit, Christian!
I absolutely agree!
And in this case, the aftermarket-battle from Claudio is well balanced and its a pleasure to look at it!
3. January 2014, 15:16
Maarten Kruizenga exceptional but again spoiled by the blotting out of the swastikas
3. January 2014, 15:20
Christian Bruer Modellmarine is a German site and here it is not allowed to show a swastika! A good model did not need 100% realism to be a good model and this model isn't spoiled only why it did not show a swastika! My cent on this!
3. January 2014, 15:29
Maarten Kruizenga cannot blot out history however much you try
3. January 2014, 15:31
Christian Bruer I totaly agree Maarten, but this is a law in Germany - fact! Cheers, Christian
3. January 2014, 15:38
Maarten Kruizenga no worries, it's my 'bugbear'
3. January 2014, 15:47
3. January 2014, 15:51
Robert Espenschied added a new photoalbum.
30 images
View album, image #25
Updated: December 6, 2013
21. May 2013, 06:48
Robert Espenschied looks almost like a ship now... :)
23. June 2013, 17:50
Dave Flitton Looking good. Changes the ship from a Heavy Cruiser to a Battle Cruiser.
22. August 2013, 15:00
Robert Espenschied hi Dave,

the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst were actually considered as Battle Cruisers and with my new outfit they would be Battle Ships :)

22. August 2013, 20:47
Dave Flitton The problem with Scharnhorst and Gneisenau was that they had the armament of heavy cruisers on a battle cruiser hull. With your conversion, they would now be proper "battle cruisers" with all the advantages and disadvantages a battle cruiser would have (i.e. HMS Hood)
22. August 2013, 20:53
Robert Espenschied point taken...
I read somewhere that the hull would have to be extended too, to fit the bigger turrets.
Anyway, it's a fun "what-if" build.
22. August 2013, 21:39
Dave Flitton I agree, looks good.
22. August 2013, 21:43
Robert Espenschied a little work on the dio... The crane has been almost finished
6. December 2013, 08:41
Holger Kranich What a cool "What if"! I´m following this for sure!
6. December 2013, 10:24
Holger Kranich As far as i know, it was planned to extend the hull from Gneisenau and Scharnhorst about 14m in length to install the 38cm turrets.
6. December 2013, 10:31
Robert Espenschied very true Holger, but I waived this strechting of the hull since it would be only 0.02cm
6. December 2013, 11:31
Holger Kranich Hätte ich auch nicht gemacht, zuviel Aufwand dafür ;)!
6. December 2013, 12:04
Robert Espenschied added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 30 images
On hold
1:700 Gneisenau (Tamiya WL.B120)1:700 SCHARNHORST/GNEISENAU (Tom's Modelworks 746)1+
18. May 2013, 14:58
Robert Espenschied Why do I call this project "triple what if"? Imagine the following three scenarios...
1st IF - The Gneisenau would have received as planed the main turrets of the Bismarck class was using...
2nd IF - The Gneisenau would have survived the war
3rd IF - The Gneisenau would have been handed over to the USA as reparation

I guess you got the drift
19. May 2013, 00:08
Robert Espenschied getting closer to the end...
11. August 2013, 22:03
Holger Kranich That is a great idea with the "triple wahtif"!
12. August 2013, 06:54
Robert Espenschied the ship is almost finished... Next will be the diorama base.
22. August 2013, 00:42
Holger Kranich Wie das Schiff wohl mit den zusätzlichen Gewicht klar gekommen wäre? Ich hab jetzt nicht die genauen Gewichte der Türme im Kopf aber es müßte einen deutlichen Unterschied geben, denke ich...
22. August 2013, 06:18
Robert Espenschied Hallo Holger,
750t vs 1100t. Ich glaube nicht das die 1000t Mehrgewicht ein Problem bereitet hätten. Aber es hätte natürlich weniger Platz für die Munition gegeben.
22. August 2013, 12:45
Holger Kranich Moin Robert!
Die hatten schon bei den alten Türmen Probleme mit dem Wasser über Lauf am Bug in schwerer See! Deshalb gab es ja auch den neuen Atlantiksteven!
22. August 2013, 23:17
Holger Kranich Aber du hast natürlich recht, für Munition wäre nicht besonders viel Platz geblieben!
22. August 2013, 23:18
Holger Kranich Waren die acht und Zwanziger nicht auch schon in Granate und Kartusche unterteilt? Bei den 15 cm war alles in einem. Davon habe ich hier auf der Insel genug gefunden. Nach 1942 kamen Geschütze von der Mittelartillerie von der Gneisenau hier her.
22. August 2013, 23:21
Markus Added a new review for:
Previewed on
16. June 2013, 14:45
Larry E Added a new review for:
Previewed on
6. May 2013, 17:55
Wonderful! This Scharnhorst is amazing
19. October 2011, 19:09
Aghis Barberopoulos Impressive motion effect, beautiful rigging, very nice painting, it is another classic by Kostas Katseas!!!
19. October 2011, 19:35
Holger Kranich What a beautiful work! Just like a fraction of a second was captured in this model! Wow!
20. October 2011, 17:43
kamal sabokbar very nice
17. July 2012, 20:16
Pedro Almeida Just :-O :-O :-O
17. July 2012, 21:58
Dave Flitton owns this item
29. March 2012, 18:31
Holger Kranich A near project or just a feed of your stash?
29. March 2012, 19:06
Dave Flitton Stash. I have too many ships in front of this one. This has been in my stash for near 15 years
30. March 2012, 13:34
Aghis Barberopoulos owns this item
15. December 2011, 15:57
Aghis Barberopoulos Excellent product! Now I can really start this ship!
15. December 2011, 15:58
15. December 2011, 16:02
Aghis Barberopoulos
Sometimes I just the work of Kostas!!! :)
21. November 2011, 17:04
Holger Kranich I saw this one after looking for his Yamato. Extreeemly well detailed in that scale!
21. November 2011, 17:07
Aghis Barberopoulos Love the sub, and sailors waiting for it... This was an idea I had for a long time...and now he beat me to it !!! Argg...
21. November 2011, 17:13
Dave Flitton Dito...Kostas shows us the potential I believe I will never reach. It's still fun to look at though
21. November 2011, 17:17
Holger Kranich Yes its a bit frustrating but you can do it better and in a bigger scale!
21. November 2011, 17:18
Aghis Barberopoulos Yeah, yeah, positive thinking! At least we can try to beat him, before he does it in 1/350 too :)
21. November 2011, 17:36
Holger Kranich Its worth a try...
The rigging must have been the raw horror... But he did it "Meisterhaft"!
21. November 2011, 17:41
Aghis Barberopoulos Great work indeed! Always inspiring.
21. November 2011, 17:49
Aghis Barberopoulos
Holger, have you completed this model ?
21. September 2011, 19:04
Holger Kranich I made this one, but not from dragon, that was a mistake from me...
22. September 2011, 07:01
Holger Kranich wants this item
15. September 2011, 19:41
View full thread (18 Comments)
Aghis Barberopoulos Mein Gott, Holger, you have such a possession ? Have a look in your mailbox please!
15. September 2011, 20:40
Holger Kranich Wait a minute...
15. September 2011, 20:41
Holger Kranich Yes this is the item, i mean! When you have finished the photos, just send it back to me.
15. September 2011, 20:46
Holger Kranich But it would be very nice to see it with your model!
15. September 2011, 20:46
Holger Kranich Now i´m gonna go to bed, have a nice dream of battleships or 152`s ! kallenichta! :)
15. September 2011, 20:50
Aghis Barberopoulos I would suggest to hold on to it, because the model will take a long time to build! This is very kind of you for one more time! You never told me you know a sailor from the Scharnhorst!!! And you drink coffee with him ! I will have to come over to Wangerooge soon !!! This is too exciting :)
15. September 2011, 20:50
Holger Kranich Wangerooge is just a little part of germany, you will find items or veterans everywhere you go or ask for it! WWII is very present, here, in archaeology-sense!!! But i would be happy to say hello to you, personally! :) You are welcome, any time!
15. September 2011, 20:56
Aghis Barberopoulos Surely I have never met Kriegsmarine sailors anywhere else ! That is reason enough! Or flak gunners!!! :)
15. September 2011, 21:03


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