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Battleship King George V-class

All you need to know about Battleship King George V-class from a scale modeler perspective.


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Ships - Battleships
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GB Vickers-Armstrongs|Cammell Laird|John Brown|Swan Hunter + 1
Battleship King George V-class

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1:350 Prince of Wales (Tamiya 78011)
British Battleship
Prince of Wales
Tamiya 1:350
78011 (11) 1986 | Changed parts
1:350 King George V (Tamiya 7310)
British Battleship
King George V
Tamiya 1:350
7310 (10) 1985 | New tool
1:700 King George V (Tamiya 77525)
British Battleship
King George V Water Line Series
Tamiya 1:700
77525 (125) 2006 | Changed ???


1:700 Battle Of Malaya Set (Tamiya 25422)
Battle Of Malaya Set Tamiya kits 31615, 31617, 31909, 31910, + G4M1/G4M2
Tamiya 1:700
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News Feed

Peter Machin added a new photoalbum.
30 images
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For my first time building a ship model, I am using the Tamiya 1:350 HMS Prince of Wales to represent HMS King George V ...
1:350 Prince of Wales (Tamiya 78011)1:350 Royal Navy Gangway Set (MK1 Design MS-35031)1:350 Royal Navy Davit Set (MK1 Design MS-35030)22+
19 |
Martin von Schreckenstein
great progress so far. watcing
27. May, 07:04
Mark Broughton
Peter really like this, one of the things I always struggle with is gluing tiny etch parts and getting it to look tidy. Photo 3 is incredible.
27. May, 08:51
In photo 15, are those two potato lockers? 🙂
27. May, 14:18
Sweet scratch building of the open hangar! 🙂
27. May, 14:20
Peter Machin
Thanks for the feedback. I also struggle with gluing tiny parts Mark, it feels like each one required at least three attempts ?. Treehugger, if you are talking about the things on the right hand side of photo 15, these are flag lockers for signalling flags.
29. May, 22:35
Yes I struggle with these small parts as well and I try and steer clear of CA wherever possible as there are alternatives
2. July, 18:35
David Taylor
good progress.
2. July, 21:27
Ah, I was thinking of the "boxes" seen in photo 5.
2. July, 22:12
David Taylor
Amazing progress.
5. December, 15:58
Simon Nagorsnik
So fabulous detail work- impressive!
you need steady hands and patience
5. December, 16:22
Rui Da Silva
I'm watching this build with great interest, as I am hoping to make the jump from aircraft to ships in the near future. It wont be anything as ambitious as this but this build is giving me a lot of ideas. The level of detail and ingenuity with the scratch building is impressive.👍
5. December, 16:31
Chris Vandegrift added a new photoalbum.
5 |
Chris Vandegrift
She'll be rolling to starboard with all the guns trained on incoming aircraft. Bow driving into the waves.
27. October, 01:44
Dominik Weitzer
always interesting for me to see water can be made. model on!
3. December, 06:10
Paul Gallagher added a new project.
Barry Assheton-Smith added a new photoalbum.
2 |
So for the lit port holes, do you have to melt the tip of the fiber optic strand, or can you just glue it in place with cyanoacrylate?
27. October, 10:43
Barry Assheton-Smith
No don't melt them. I drilled a hole just big enough for the fibre optic strand to go through making sure I left a small length sticking out, I then applied a small amount of CA Glue to the fibre optic strand on the inside of the model. Careful not to add too much as it can melt through the fibre optic (happened to me a couple of time). Once the model is painted and varnished I used a scalpel to cut the extra length from each of the fibre optic strands.
28. October, 08:11
OttovonLindberg added a new project.
Chris Vandegrift added a new project.
21 images
In progress
1:350 Prince of Wales (Tamiya 78011)
J P added a new project.
1:350 King George V (1940), Dido, Vanguard Classes (RB Model 350L05)1:350 King George V (Tamiya 78010)
Barry Assheton-Smith added a new project.
Alessandro B added a new photoalbum.
14 |
Impressive work! 👍
15. September, 08:44
Alessandro B
Thanks 😊
15. September, 21:50
Thank you for sharing
24. September, 10:08
Rui S
Well done, you should be proud indeed 👍
26. September, 11:29
Alessandro B
Thanks a lot Richmond and Rui 😊
26. September, 19:33
Andrew Gledhill added a new photoalbum.
8 |
Nice work on this important historical subject.
17. July, 14:12
Andrew Gledhill
Thanks John G
17. July, 14:15
Rui S
Nice clean build 👍
25. July, 14:39
Andrew Gledhill
Thanks Rui S
26. July, 08:08