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Battleship King George V-class

All you need to know about Battleship King George V-class from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Ships - Battleships
Ships - Battleships
Also known as:
Used from:1940–1951
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:GB Various
Model:Battleship King George V-class

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1:350 Prince of Wales (Tamiya 78011)
British Battleship
Prince of Wales
Tamiya 1:350
78011 (11) 1986 | Changed parts
1:350 King George V (Tamiya 7310)
British Battleship
King George V
Tamiya 1:350
7310 (10) 1985 | New tool
1:700 King George V (Tamiya 77525)
British Battleship
King George V Water Line Series
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77525 (125) 2006 | Changed ???


1:350 HMS Howe Funnels (Model Monkey 350-Howe funnels 194)
HMS Howe Funnels 1945 British Pacific Fleet
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1:600 HMS Howe (Model Monkey np-Howe-7)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
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Nigel Bunn Bunny
Wai Leung Yip Hi Hans
Mary Lawton Built By Mary
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News Feed

Ian Robinson added a new project.
24. June, 20:23
Ian Robinson added a new project.
In progress
1:600 HMS King George V (Airfix A06205)1:600 HMS King George V Wooden Deck for Airfix kit #A06205 (ArtwoxModel AW50027)1:600 Royal Navy 14"/50 cal. Barrels (B&D Barrels BDB60006)2+
HMS King George V (41)
GB Military Royal Navy (1546-now)

May 1941 Hunting on the Bismarck - Atlantic Ocean
Matt Medium grey 27 Matt Sea grey 73 Matt Wine
24. June, 20:23
AdmLordDUnivers added a new project.
1:700 HMS Duke of York 1943 (FlyHawk Model FH1118)1:700 HMS Bluebell (Atlantic Models ATK 70001)1:700 US Destroyer Escort Detail-up set (Tom's Modelworks 713)7+
23. June, 22:50
Thomas Loveridge added a new project.
1:350 Prince of Wales (Tamiya 78011)1:350 HMS Duke of York Funnels, 1945 British Pacific Fleet appearance (Model Monkey 350-DoY Funnels-2)1:350 HACS Mk.V Fire Control Directors (Model Monkey 350-HACS Mk.V)1+
2. June, 21:41
Peter Machin added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
For my first time building a ship model, I am using the Tamiya 1:350 HMS Prince of Wales to represent HMS King George V ...
Project: HMS King George V
1:350 Prince of Wales (Tamiya 78011)1:350 Royal Navy Gangway Set (MK1 Design MS-35031)1:350 Royal Navy Davit Set (MK1 Design MS-35030)22+
9 | 2. May 2020, 20:49
Martin von Schreckenstein
great progress so far. watcing
27. May, 07:04
Mark Broughton
Peter really like this, one of the things I always struggle with is gluing tiny etch parts and getting it to look tidy. Photo 3 is incredible.
27. May, 08:51
In photo 15, are those two potato lockers? 🙂
27. May, 14:18
Sweet scratch building of the open hangar! 🙂
27. May, 14:20
Peter Machin
Thanks for the feedback. I also struggle with gluing tiny parts Mark, it feels like each one required at least three attempts 😩. Treehugger, if you are talking about the things on the right hand side of photo 15, these are flag lockers for signalling flags.
29. May, 22:35
Marcin D added a new project.
1:350 Prince of Wales (Tamiya 78011)1:350 Prince of Wales cranes and railings (Eduard 53089)1:350 King George V, Prince of Wales (Aber 350L48)
HMS Prince of Wales (53)
GB Military Royal Navy (1546-now)
Force Z Pennant 53 (Capt. John Catterall "Jack" Leach)
December 1941 World War 2»Sinking Prince of Wales and Repulse - South China Sea SG (Result: Sunk)
12. April, 10:50
Gianluca Godani added a new project.
1:1200 HMS King George V (Revell 05161)
7. April, 02:35
Chris Vandegrift added a new photoalbum.
56 images
View album, image #46
Project: King George V
1:350 King George V (Tamiya 7310)
11 | 12. October 2020, 23:20
Norbert Steffens
Hi Chris, nice project. Any more informations? It looks like you're building it out of the box?
And you paint with brush?
7. February, 07:50
Chris Vandegrift
Hi Norbert thx! Yep, I'm building out of the box. My focus has been on learning some new techniques and trying them out. Primarily to paint the deck and make it look like wood. I'm using oil paints over a base of deck tan to attempt this part. The camo is all Vallejo paint sprayed with an airbrush. I plan to paint the searchlights and pompoms and the little stuff by brush. Easy to since since I'm using Vallejo Model Color paint.
tried a technique i thought up for the chipping on the hull. i used the lacquer paint for airbrushing. Thinking the very thin nature of it would allow it to be applied in a splotchy pattern. i poured some in a cup then dipped a sponge into it. Dabbed the excess off the sponge and applied it along the hull.
next i moved on to weathering the hull. Standard stuff here. It's alot about technique so i keep trying to get the hang of it. Oil paints used for rust, algae at and above the waterline, and a gray mix to establish the waterline and show some streaking down the hull. The red won't be seen much at all in the ocean scape i have set up, but for the few places it will show i rubbed the gray along the hull to try and fade the paint a bit.
Hope you enjoy the build. Feel free to critique or ask questions anytime.
8. February, 05:08
playtime 222
The deck look great and the bow splash is novel too 😄 (Couple of the pic in the middle are upside down!)
26. February, 15:46
Paul Vander Galien added a new project.
In progress
1:350 King George V (Tamiya 7310)
9. February, 13:49