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Rockwell International Orbiter

All you need to know about Rockwell International Orbiter from a scale modeler perspective.


Space - Space
Space - Space
Also known as:
Space Shuttle
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US Rockwell
International Orbiter

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News Feed

Scott Hastings added a new photoalbum.
4 | 21. October 2017, 06:04
Alexander Grivonev
Nice Bare Metal work!
22. October 2017, 21:54
Greg Baker
Wow. That's really nice work from both of you! I just got this kit too, but I didn't really imagine it could be turned into something so nice. You, uhh, probably don't want to see what I did to mine though...😉 Flight 714 to Sydney (Carreidas 160) | Project by strobez (1:72)
23. October 2017, 00:22
Scott Hastings
Thanks to all three of you. Alex, the BMF is fair to middling...didn't get the complex curves smooth enough and it would not stick well. Gaston, I love the white 747. I learned a lot of Shuttle history researching this build. Greg, wow I would never have recognized the kit's tail if you didn't point it out....you have blended yours very well. I like the nose-tail plane as well...cool little egg plane!!! Cheers guys
23. October 2017, 01:10
Mike Grant
Looks great Scott, very sharp 👍
23. October 2017, 03:55
Scott Hastings
Thanks Mike. I have been admiring your builds as well...super clean aircraft
23. October 2017, 04:08
27. October 2017, 14:30
Scott Hastings
Thanks Eric, cheers
27. October 2017, 23:47
Well done 👍
7. October, 04:05
Scott Hastings
Cheers guys, thanks
7. October, 05:59
hcsaba68 added a new photoalbum.
5 | 6. January 2018, 17:55
Alec K
Very nice, and welcome to Scalemates 👍
6. January 2018, 20:51
Hi, Thank You ! 🙂
7. January 2018, 07:47
Alec K
👍 🙂
7. January 2018, 13:46
nice 🙂
7. January 2018, 14:14
Thank you 🙂
7. January 2018, 15:18
Nice build 👍
7. October, 04:06
Alice Dryden added a new photoalbum.
6 images
View album, image #5
Shuttle resting on Bond's dossier page from the Moonraker Special annual.
Project: Moonraker
1:200 007 Moonraker Space Shuttle (AMT 1208)
14 | 22. March, 15:21
Looks like a fun build. 🙂 I like the stand too, makes it look like the model is flying upwards.
22. March, 15:31
Alice Dryden
Thanks! It's a really nice kit - the shuttle, boosters and stand all clip together so you can take them apart for cleaning or transport.
23. March, 11:11
Nathan Dempsey
Great build. This kit brings back good memories.
23. March, 13:27
Hm. I know Hasegawa has a 1:200 space shuttle kit, I have it myself. I wonder if these decals can be bought separately, but probably not.
23. March, 14:13
Nice build 👍
23. March, 16:05
Chris T. An added a new photoalbum.
13 | 18. June 2020, 10:33
Alec K
Awesome! I like those montage photos 👍
26. June 2020, 13:08
Lovely grime. 🙂 Is that perhaps pigments?
26. June 2020, 13:48
Chris T. An
Yes, it is a mix of pigments and dry brushing. I know it would have been better to make a real entry into the earth's atmosphere for the grime effects, but I had no booster rockets to get up into space. 😉
27. June 2020, 06:14
27. June 2020, 06:29
Alec K
😄 😄 😄. Yeah, but that would no longer qualify as modeling...
27. June 2020, 14:06
nice paintjob and cool pictures
15. September 2020, 11:24
Very good job! How did you solve the TPM? I'm just starting with this one, and not sure how to approach it. Your looks perfect!
8. June, 08:32
Sehe ich jetzt erst, tolle Arbeit und schöne Bilder 😎
8. June, 08:59
Chris T. An
Thank you all. I made a build review in a German community, there you can find some hints on my method to make the TPM surface:
8. June, 16:54
thanks for the extra info!
8. June, 19:01
Dick added a new photoalbum.
4 | 2. May 2020, 22:24
View full thread (23 Comments)
@Alec: Thanks 🙂 !

@Nathan: Yes that's true.. I've never applied so many decals on 1 model. And to think that I've removed them all again 3 months ago...
I bought better and more realistic decals for the Shuttle. It will look much better after that 🙂
But this project is on hold at the moment, I want to build the Antonov first.
19. June 2020, 21:42
What kit is the 747 from?
19. June 2020, 21:52
It is an old Skyland desktop model. I'm always on the hunt for old damaged Skyland models, because I like to give them an 'overhaul'. Just as my 1:72 Skyland Qantas Boeing 747-100..

I still have 2 747's, 2 DC-10's and 2 A-310's to repair.. But I think I don't have enough time (and space😉😢 for that I think...
19. June 2020, 22:00
amazing project. great to give a second chance (and what a chance!!!) to that 747
19. June 2020, 22:41
@Spanjaard: Thank you 🙂 !
20. June 2020, 23:21
Matt Cottrell added a new article to his personal gallery:
IPMS USA Reviews
1 | 29. August, 04:49
Adam Barber added a new photoalbum.
13 | 3. January, 13:57
Nice, looking 👍
3. February, 04:08
Looks like the kit decals have yellowed quite a bit. Are you going to try using them or replace with newer decals?
7. February, 14:45
Mark D
You can tape the decals behind a window, with some strong sunlight (nowadays in europe not very present...) on it, the decals are getting more white, it really works, I've done it with some old Tamiya Honda RS1000 decals.
7. February, 21:14
Adam Barber
Thanks for the heads up folks.
I wont be using the Revell decals, I'll keep them in the spares box in case I need to bleach them in future.
What I will be using are the Enterprise decals from the Minicraft kit as they are the ones that represent how Enterprise looks now.
9. February, 14:11
Roland Gunslinger
Watching with interest 👍
9. February, 14:12
Adam Barber
Thanks Roland, hope you enjoy!
9. February, 15:12
Christian W
I'm looking forward for the process. I'm curious to see the added parts when it was on display.
17. May, 07:06
looking good. i believe pictures are rotated due to the EXIF information in the pictures. you can anyway rotate the ones that look wrong after you uploaded them (Tim added that feature some time ago)
28. June, 10:56
Christian W
This is smooth!
28. June, 11:11
Adam Barber
Thanks for that!
I've now edited my inverted photos, thanks for the heads up!
28. June, 21:11
Adam Barber
Thanks Argento!
Yours look fantastic!
5. July, 18:37
Michael S. added a new photoalbum.
9 images
View album, image #9
After a very, very long build time, I've started decals! The orbiter has a name, finally.
19 | 24. February, 16:17
Looking good so far. Waiting for the finish...
24. February, 18:49
A very nice looking kit of a real space ship. 👍
24. February, 21:16
interesting 🙂
24. February, 23:18
Nice start 👍
25. February, 15:41
Michael S.
Thank you everyone! Glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one.
3. March, 16:56
3. March, 18:34
Christian W
The tiles looking great!
17. May, 06:57
Peter Wu
Most impressive job!!
16. July, 05:49
Christian W
The latest picture looks awesome! The heat protection looks quite perfect.
16. July, 08:53
Michael S. added a new photoalbum.
10 | 4. December 2018, 01:39
Ben M
very nice rework....
4. December 2018, 01:51
Michael S.
Thank you!
4. December 2018, 02:30
Björn Svedberg
Looking really nice! 👍 Following.
4. December 2018, 07:15
Bart Goesaert
pff, that is for sure a whole lot of work, but it pays off too... nice work...
4. December 2018, 12:17
Michael S.
Thanks! It's more work than I anticipated. But even now I'm going back and re-working pieces that I'm not happy with. The cockpit tiles around the windows are on their second iteration too, having been stripped completely a few days ago.

I'm trying to find a balance between getting it right and having some perspective that this is a scale model with many inaccuracies out of the box, on top of my novice skill level. I hope when paint and decals go down it will put me at ease finally!
4. December 2018, 16:56
Alexander Grivonev
This is some truly fantastic work!
5. December 2018, 06:05
i am certainly in. got one shuttle in my stash too 🙂 (well, mine is 1/144 😛 )
5. December 2018, 09:58
Łukasz Gliński
What a project! These windows are fabulous, pity they're not available in the EU.
14. July, 19:46
Great work 👍
16. July, 05:42
AdmLordDUnivers added a new project.
1:144 Discovery & Booster Rockets (Revell 04736)1:144 Space Shuttle Mobile Launcher Platform (Edu-Craft Diversions 1:144-MLP)1:144 Space Shuttle Era Crawler Transporter (Edu-Craft Diversions 1:144-STS-CT)
21. June, 22:34