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PZL W-3 Sokół

All you need to know about PZL W-3 Sokół from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Helicopters
Aircraft - Helicopters
Also known as:
Used from:1978–Now
Used by:CivilLaw enforcementFire and emergency servicesMilitary
Manufacturer:PL PZL-Świdnik
Model:PZL W-3 Sokół

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Florian H. hubifreak
Stano Keveš SK.Albatros

News Feed

March 3, 2021

Aleksander Górka added a new project.
3. March, 14:54

February 12, 2021

Jivko Djakov added a new project.
1:72 PZL W-3T Sokół (Mirage Hobby 725055)
12. February, 12:15

December 14, 2020

Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
27 | 24. October 2020, 21:13
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6. December 2020, 14:43
Wow lovely clean paint job!
6. December 2020, 16:29
Rui S
Very nice model
13. December 2020, 21:16
Ludvík Kružík
Thank you all for the words of appreciation :-D
14. December 2020, 11:31
very nice
14. December 2020, 11:40
Peter Roehrich
What a spectacular build! Thank you for posting.
14. December 2020, 11:50
14. December 2020, 11:55
Ludvík Kružík
Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you like Sokol :-D
14. December 2020, 23:24

October 20, 2020

Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
1 | 20. October 2020, 22:50

October 17, 2020

Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
7 | 8. October 2020, 17:29
Ludvík Kružík
Current photos added to the album Sokol SAR, Czech Air Force - construction
13. October 2020, 19:42
it's very nice. will you do panel line in the white areas ??
13. October 2020, 20:02
Ludvík Kružík
Yes, but only slightly, in the photographs of the actual machine, the dividing lines of the panels are not very visible.
14. October 2020, 08:06
yes u may need a panel scriber tool before doing the panel line
14. October 2020, 20:42
Ludvík Kružík
Can you recommend a line drawing tool? I use heavily diluted oil paints as standard.
15. October 2020, 09:42
i tryied several, the best kind for me: (with other kind of tool i always do a mistake after 5 or 10min and fail a line..)
15. October 2020, 09:52
Jasper Breur
Very nice work! And a subject you don't see often!
15. October 2020, 10:47
Ludvík Kružík
to Jayjay999: Thanks for the tip
to Jasper Breur: Thank you for the compliment
15. October 2020, 12:21
Ludvík Kružík
I added new photos from the construction process of the model to the album "Sokol SAR, Czech Air Force - construction". I tried (so far without gluing) to put both rotors on the fuselage. I glued the door to the fuselage in the open position, added antennas and lights ... and embarked on further production of details ...
17. October 2020, 21:30

October 11, 2020

Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
3 | 8. October 2020, 17:12
Nathan Dempsey
Fantastic work on the interior so far. Can't wait to see more progress as I've been think of ordering this kit.
8. October 2020, 17:25
Ludvík Kružík
I can recommend the kit. It has a few inaccuracies and errors in regulations, but nothing fundamental. After starting the stylish surfaces, the parts fit well. The largest insufficient construction is caused by the medical equipment of the transport cabins. Because I want to have an open door for my model, I had to make the equipment according to the available photos.
11. October 2020, 21:11

October 8, 2020

Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
3 | 8. October 2020, 17:20
Nathan Dempsey
Lovely work.
8. October 2020, 17:28
Florian H.
8. October 2020, 17:55
fantastic work
8. October 2020, 21:01
Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
3 | 8. October 2020, 17:25
Ludvík Kružík added a new photoalbum.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
8. October 2020, 17:00
Ludvík Kružík added a new project.
1:48 W-3A Sokol ANSWER (Eduard FE1061)1:48 W-3A Sokol (Eduard EX679)1:48 PZL W-3A Sokół (Answer Plastic Kits AA48002)
8. October 2020, 10:12