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Aston Martin DB5

All you need to know about Aston Martin DB5 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Cars
Vehicles - Cars
Also known as:
Used from:1963–1965
Used by:Civil
Manufacturer:GB Aston Martin

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1:8 DB5 007 (Eaglemoss 2043-0361)
James Bond's
DB5 007 Build The 007 Goldfinger Aston Martin
Eaglemoss 1:8
2011 | New tool


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P J added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:24 Aston-Martin DB-5 (Airfix by Craft Master 007-200)1:24 '64 1/2 Mustang Convertible (Monogram 85-4019)
20. August 2014, 21:58
Choppa Nutta
Dr No says YES !! :D
20. August 2014, 22:04
22. August 2014, 08:35
Choppa Nutta
doo da doo...... da da doo da doo

I like Bond gadgets, this being my favorite :)

22. August 2014, 15:27
That goes with the Toyota 2000GT from "You Only Live Twice". That'll be another project!
29. August 2014, 13:39
Choppa Nutta
What about that scene where the Chinook lifts the baddies car and drops it in to the water, that would make a great diorama :)
29. August 2014, 14:11
Hmmm.... No 1:24 Chinooks, biggest is 1:35 Trumpeter. A case of 'small Chinook or faraway Chinook'. I'll stick with Little Nellie. :)
29. August 2014, 16:30
Choppa Nutta
here's an option for you just in case you fancy the 1:35 chinook :)
I know it is 1:32 but it would still look the part diorama wise,
Anyhow, fair enough, Little Nellie is very cool though :D

Aston Martin DB5 (Airfix 02406, 1:32)

1:32 Aston Martin DB5 (Airfix 02406)
29. August 2014, 17:01
I've got some of those 1:32 DB5s in the Stash - eBay job lot... you know the temptation...
29. August 2014, 19:16
Choppa Nutta
only too bloody well !!
I just can't resist !!
How many 1:32nd scale DB5's have you got PJ ?
you know what my next is going to be don't you :D
29. August 2014, 22:05
I've got 4, in bags, no boxes.
There was another job lot of the same on eBay recently - did you snap them up? :)
1. September 2014, 09:29
Choppa Nutta
no, I missed that one :)
1. September 2014, 09:58
John Brueton
I have already done this a few years ago.
29. April, 09:09
Stephen West added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 43 images
1:32 Aston Martin DB5 (Airfix A50089A)
17. March, 09:38
M Ferguson added a new project.
In progress
1:32 Aston Martin DB5 (Airfix 02406)1:32 Aston Martin DB5 (Airfix M10C)No Contacta Professional Poly Cement (Revell 39604)
21. October 2019, 14:07
Ooh a red stripe kit!
Gonna build it?
21. October 2019, 14:16
M Ferguson
That's the intent yes. Presently going to use her as a [good] example, of how to fix the 1990's release, which has proven a challenge.
21. October 2019, 14:21
Larry E Added a new review for:
This review was removed
21. March 2018, 15:37
Michael Stonehouse Added a new review for:
1. July 2017, 02:37
Steve Bogov owns this item
11. February 2017, 20:46
Steve Bogov
I cant believe Airfix would treat their customers like this, you would think that they would have a bit of respect. They haven't changed the tooling since 1966, and it shows! Huge seems over the wheel arches , bent and twisted mouldings, lack of detail in the panels. The best bit about this was the two paint brushes that come as part of this set. Maybe I am a bit spoilt by the standard of modern kits, including the new stuff by Airfix, but I think its a bit cynical of Airfix to charge modern prices for ancient pressings. This should be priced at £2.50 tops, that would help get kids into the Hobby, rather than £10 or more that I have seen it at.
11. February 2017, 21:00
Henning Toldbod Added a new review for:
Airfix Tribute Forum
Airfix Tribute Forum
5. February 2017, 15:21
Guy Golsteyn added a new project.
View Project
1:24 Aston Martin DB5 (Doyusha 07-1-2800)1:24 Borrani wire wheel & tire set (Fujimi 11018)
23. June 2016, 08:12
Andy Van Coppenolle added a new project.
1:24 Aston Martin DB5 (Doyusha 07-1-2800)
30. April 2015, 17:46
Choppa Nutta owns this item
17. September 2014, 18:58
Choppa Nutta
ooooooo 7!! :D
17. September 2014, 18:59
Martin Jakobsen
Have you opened it yet?
17. September 2014, 20:34
Choppa Nutta
yes and the clear bit is all scratched and the main body shell is all squashed to one side :(
17. September 2014, 21:05
John Coverley
You mean it could very easily look like James Bond has just run it into a wall!
18. September 2014, 01:55
18. September 2014, 02:28
Martin Jakobsen
Lucky you. You must have got an older molding, mine looks like a hammer hit the thing. Loooooooooots of flash, doesn't fit and I must admit I am seriously considering giving up on the bloody thing. So far I have spent about 12h on the body and chassi,and thats just the clean up :-o now the fit..................
18. September 2014, 04:10
Choppa Nutta
well good old Airfix have come through again, replacement body and windows arrived today :)
not the best kit in the world but with a little effort it could be ok :)
4. October 2014, 21:24


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