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Aérospatiale AS.350 Écureuil

All you need to know about Aérospatiale AS.350 Écureuil from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Helicopters
Aircraft - Helicopters
Also known as:
Used from:1974–Now
Used by:CivilLaw enforcementFire and emergency servicesMilitary
Manufacturer:FR Aérospatiale
Model:AS.350 Écureuil

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Florian H.
DE hubifreak
Henrik Stæhr
DK Henrik.Staehr
Mario P.
AT OscarEcho
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Kon_Bar added a new project.
2 | 3. September, 20:11
Good subject :)
4. September, 07:36
But the model... :D
4. September, 10:56
Łukasz Gliński
The one and only... :D
4. September, 11:06
Alfredo Jurado added a new project.
2. August, 01:54
Alfredo Jurado added a new project.
1:72 AS 350 Ecureuil (French Gendarmerie) (MACH 2 GP.059)1:72 AS350 Ecureuil (Ralf Models RM 023)
Eurocopter AS350 B3 Ecureuil
EC Military Aviación del Ejército Ecuatoriano (Ecuadorian Army Aviation 1978-now)
E-324 | Guayaquil 2018
13. July, 07:21
Scale1972 Added a new review for:
7. June, 11:46
Bernt added a new project.
8. December 2019, 16:26
Peter Crimmin Added a new review for:
4. May 2019, 01:27
Eugen P. Added a new review for:
In-box review
8. April 2019, 19:41
Laurent "HELLER-forever" Added a new review for:
Heller ForEver
Heller ForEver
4. April 2019, 13:25
Roland Added a new review for:
Heller ForEver
Heller ForEver
26. March 2019, 19:41
Gertjan Zwart
Would be nice if the landing gear got an update!
18. March 2019, 23:07
David Taylor
Built mine as Squirrel HT1
25. January 2019, 19:59
Rob added a new project.
1:48 Ecureuil "Bombardier d´eau" (Heller 80485)
23. October 2018, 05:14
Ernesto Viadas added a new article to his personal gallery:
Scale Rotors
25. August 2018, 21:55
Eugen P. Added a new review for:
In-box review
25. July 2018, 08:40
Laurent "HELLER-forever" Added a new review for:
Heller ForEver
Heller ForEver
18. June 2018, 18:13
Cuajete Added a new review for:
27. April 2018, 17:59
Roland added a new project.
1:48 Ecureuil "Bombardier d´eau" (Heller 80485)
30. December 2017, 22:21
Sehr interessant!
30. December 2017, 22:37
Adam Gudynowski
30. December 2017, 22:40
Brggre005 Added a new review for:
This review was removed
17. November 2017, 04:00
Roger Trewenack added a new project.
1:48 Eurocopter AS 350B3 "Everest" (Heller 80488)1:48 Eurocopter AS 350B3 - AAAC/RAAF Decals "Squirrel" (Hawkeye Models AA-05)
16. November 2017, 01:20
Sheldon Rampersad added a new project.
Albums: 0
1:48 Ecureuil "Bombardier d´eau" (Heller 80485)
20. October 2017, 01:24
Nils Steyaert added a new project.
1:48 Ecureuil "Bombardier d´eau" (Heller 80485)
17. November 2016, 11:16
Marc A.
I'm in...
17. November 2016, 13:55
Gertjan Zwart
Nice project, Nils! I will follow this one closely: I have a pile of Ecureuils/ A- Stars that I would love to build into twin stars. Too bad there is no aftermarket option for this.
28. March 2017, 21:53
Roland added a new project.
1:48 AS 350 Ecureuil (Renaissance RF48060)
7. January 2017, 17:08
Jose Motta added a new photoalbum.
22. December 2015, 16:11
Robertas Vasiliauskas owns this item
6. July 2015, 11:42
Felix Troschier
Robertas, What do you think about dimensions/shape/proportions?
8. July 2015, 11:10
Glenn .
Felix, It's O.K. but just! the Clear parts are rough (Hey Mach 2 Guys can you please POLISH YOUR DIE/MOULD better before shooting plastic through them!) the rotor head is basic. The Landing skids look a bit too thick. Overall it's Mach 2's usual standard. I wish Italeri or Revell would do one. Everything Mach 2 do looks like rough resin and needs cleaning up and clear parts need polishing or replacing. But it does look like a Squirrel. Having said that they do do some interesting subjects that other companies have overlooked! :)
8. July 2015, 11:34
Robertas Vasiliauskas
Yes, Glenn is right.. Very small chance what Pavla, or other maker, make new vacu clear part.
8. July 2015, 12:00
Glenn .
Robertas, I brought the Aussie Navy one. I hope i can make a decent model out of it. I also have a couple of resin ones but i see problems with those too! :( Good Luck with yours!
8. July 2015, 12:41
Robertas Vasiliauskas
All three models, inside have same details and extra big water tank (for next AS.350 Bombardeur kit ?). Also I have Miku kits, this problematic too.
8. July 2015, 12:51
Felix Troschier
thx for your comments. The first sprue shots I saw at Jadar Hobby reminded me somehow of the messed up dimensions and shape of ther Ecureuil-like caricature done once by Miku...
8. July 2015, 17:02
Glenn .
Felix, I'd say the profile of the Mach 2 kit looks a little better, But it will be a lot of work to make it look really good. I'm thinking i might use parts of the Miku kit and combine the best of both kits but, it's a long way down my bucket list.
Robertas is right if Pavla could make vac form windscreens that would help fix it a lot!
9. July 2015, 00:30
Robertas Vasiliauskas
Boys, I have AS.350/355 drawings for Aviation News 03/1991 (Warpaint). I can send scan.
9. July 2015, 01:13
Glenn .
Thanks Robertas, I'm pretty sure i have them too, In my large pile of aircraft mags stashed away. I never throw away any aircraft mags i buy. But i think this kit will sit on the pile for a very long time... Maybe someone else will do a better one one day???
9. July 2015, 03:56
Rúben Doi Added a new review for:
This review was removed
30. December 2014, 15:45
Jose Motta added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 8 images
On hold
1:48 Ecureuil "Bombardier d´eau" (Heller 80485)
30. December 2014, 02:28
Mab Aviation
Nice information.
25. October 2012, 11:09
Steve Wilson
Put that away before Tim see's it...Lol :)
25. October 2012, 11:12
Mab Aviation
Why is it not allowed here?
25. October 2012, 11:13
all fine! no worries
25. October 2012, 11:13
Steve Wilson
Yes! Its just he loves Helicopters...
25. October 2012, 11:14
25. October 2012, 11:14
Dirk Heyer
Pretty chopper model!
The decals are included or self printed?
23. May 2014, 08:59
Still one of my favorites in the gallery
13. May 2014, 07:37
Marc A.
Yes!!, it's very realistic job, in civil aviation I didn't saw something similar. Very accurate work!
14. May 2014, 03:31
Dirk Heyer
Yep, the paint sheme is very atractive.
Some close up pictures would be great.
From distance it looks good so far!
14. May 2014, 06:08
Marc A.
interesting job!, very it
20. January 2014, 05:23
Marc A.
Just perfect!!!, very clean job respecting all lines and details. Congrats!!!
20. January 2014, 05:22
Pablo Angel Herrera added a new article to his personal gallery:
10. January 2014, 20:27
Mario P. added a new project.
In progress
1:48 Ecureuil "Bombardier d´eau" (Heller 80485)
3. November 2013, 06:12
how did you get those decals where can you get custom decals?
6. May 2013, 21:09
Felix Troschier
Have a look here :

Rather a functional toy than a model. Defenitely not related to Heller
6. March 2013, 18:34
Gertjan Zwart
As stated on the IPMS- review, the kit is based on the earlier Ecureuil versions of Heller. Careful study of the sprues reveal some surprises though, the main one being the fact that Heller actually changed the fuselage halves. They added an extra dorsal part to the tail bumper but also changed the surface structure on the engine compartment. The horizontal protrusions that were there on the earlier versions are gone and the overall shape of the engine compartment above the exhaust is changed too. Extra parts on the sprue are the long extra steps for on the landing gear. Heller instructs the modeller to glue these to the gear that's supplied in the box but that is wrong: the real life- landing gear with the extra step is substantially higher than the gear that's in the kit. The gear in the kit though is similar to the (probably due to weight considerations very basic) landing gear on the record breaking Ecureuil, so no worries there.
Other extras are parts that make up a 350B3- type exhaust.
The basic rotor head, the basic interior and the wrong instrument console have stayed and imho that's a missed chance for Heller.
21. January 2013, 19:18
Gertjan Zwart
Update: just discovered that the still current Heller Bombardier d'eau- AS350 now also has the updated fuselage halves.
25. January 2013, 10:21
Gertjan Zwart
Ecureuil? 1:72? Heller? Never heard of this one! Could this be a typo?
29. December 2012, 22:35
Andrew Perren added a new article to his personal gallery:
28. July 2011, 03:50


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