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A12 Matilda II

All you need to know about A12 Matilda II from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Tanks
Vehicles - Tanks
Also known as:
Used from:1939–1945
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:GB Vulcan Foundry and others
Model:A12 Matilda II

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Matilda II
Matilda II

by Vladimir Yakubov on Silicon Valley Scale Modelers

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News Feed

Alexander N added a new photoalbum.
59 images
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15 | 6. February, 14:05
View full thread (18 Comments)
Ben M
The problems I have are when the cat visits my workbench when I am not around. The rear view mirror keeps getting broken off and the radio antenna gets bent
7. March, 19:52
Alexander N
Sad to hear, but I think that cats love panzers too🙂 Anyway, I think this parts are easy to repair or scratch build
7. March, 22:18
Michael Osadciw
Nice; I've got that one on the list of my North Africa dioramas. Looking good.
14. May, 14:32
Alexander N
Thank you, Michael Osadciw🙂
14. May, 15:29
Rui S
Very nice work, looking great 👍
22. May, 21:45
gorbygould added a new photoalbum.
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It looks like my decision to go grubby on the weathering has paid off as the first mission seems to be on black lava at ...
25 | 12. September 2020, 16:41
View full thread (17 Comments)
Hi Joshua, I always use Tamiya acrylic and I think the paints I used for the Caunter scheme are XF-14, XF-22 and XF-57 - not exact, but close enough for me. There is a link to the build report in the main description if you are interested.
20. November 2020, 14:45
Tamiya decals have the reputation of being a bit on the thick side, and the ones in this kit are very thick. Having said that, I'm useless with decals. Other people don't seem to have had a problem.
20. November 2020, 15:55
I just sprayed on the red/white rectangles rather than use those decals.
20. November 2020, 16:42
Very well done!👍
21. November 2020, 10:05
Thanks very much Neuling! 🙂
21. November 2020, 11:54
John Brophy added a new photoalbum.
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Base coat with recommended Tamiya mix of XF59 Desert Yellow: XF62 Olive Drab 1:2. Tools and track with XF84 Dark Iron.
13 | 25. February, 17:32
Rui S
Very good Paint job and result 👍 Dio coming?
7. May, 19:30
John Brophy
Thanks. It's only my third model, so I've still got a lot to learn. It might be a while before I move onto trying a diorama.
9. May, 18:47
DJ Fajardo
Third model?! The chipped white wash & mud looks great 👍
10. May, 18:12
John Brophy
Cheers. It helps that here's so much guidance on various YouTube channels and all the various products available. Just trying to use a new technique/product on each model.
10. May, 19:34
RILEV added a new project.
10. May, 02:45
John Hughes added a new project.
1 | 20. October 2019, 18:54
John Hughes
Yes, I intend to used the correct colours for the Caunter scheme.
23. April, 20:00
Ben M added a new photoalbum.
32 | 19. January, 05:23
View full thread (17 Comments)
Great image. I see no camouflage pattern on this Matilda. Am I right ?
21. March, 13:26
Ben M
Hi Olivier, yes, in that photo the Matilda has no camo pattern. In the photos in this album there are some Matildas with the pattern. I think it depends on the year. I am using modeller's license here a bit, I will likely paint the Vickers Medium to be bronze green overall, but it just seems boring if both tanks are just green. Also I think the external fuel tank I added to the Matilda was not much used in the UK for training tanks, at least I haven't come across any pictures of it, outside of Tamiya's instructions. The unit the Matilda was from was for night training, and also used M3 CDLs so that would be another fun possibility for a diorama.
21. March, 14:06
Resicast do make a CDL turret for Matilda or for Grant/Lee.
21. March, 14:42
Good work! I like your dirt. 👍
29. March, 08:06
Tini Hendriks
Nice mud work! I also like the color scheme👍🏼
17. April, 08:56
Brian Hunt added a new photoalbum.
10 | 9. April, 17:50
Very good work: tank and figures! 👍
10. April, 09:53
Rui S
I agree, very nice Matilda 👍
10. April, 14:09
Brian Hunt
Thanks, appreciated!
10. April, 16:36
James C
Nicely done 👍
10. April, 18:20
Tony G added a new photoalbum.
12 | 4. April, 13:59
Ben M
watching -- I just finished this kit myself, really enjoyed how well engineered it was. What livery will you be painting it in?
4. April, 15:42
Tony G
Its really well engineered! Im loving building this. Will be painting it in the livery shown on the front of the box. Using XF-59, XF-23 and for the green I've chosen a lighter one XF-67. Gotta start masking it up now, which will be interesting!!
4. April, 18:08
Nice result !
9. April, 16:18
Brian Hunt added a new project.
1:35 Matilda Mk.III/IV (Tamiya 35300)
Matilda Mk.III/IV
GB Military British Army (1660-now)
42 Royal Tank Reg., 1 Army Tank Brig. T6968 Phantom
1941 - North Africa
Portland Stone 64, Silver grey 28, Slate grey 34
5. April, 21:35
Blake Greenfield added a new photoalbum.
11 images
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10 | 4. April, 01:59