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M3 Stuart

All you need to know about M3 Stuart from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Tanks
Vehicles - Tanks
Also known as:
Used from:1941–1996
Used by:Military
Model:M3 Stuart

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1:35 M3 Stuart (Tamiya 35360)
U.S. Light Tank
M3 Stuart Late Production
Tamiya 1:35
35360 2018 | New tool
1:35 M3A3 (AFV Club AF35053)
M3A3 Light Tank Stuart (Stuart V)
AFV Club 1:35
AF35053 2003 | New tool


1:72 ANZAC # 2. (Star Decals 72-A1065)
ANZAC # 2.
Star Decals 1:72
72-A1065 Multi-topic (3)
1:25 M3A1 Stuart (WAK - Wrocław WAK 2009/03)
American Light Tank
M3A1 Stuart
WAK - Wrocław 1:25
WAK 2009/03 2009 | New tool
1:35 US 37mm M6 gun barrel (Master GM-35-029)
US 37mm M6 gun barrel (Stuart, Grant/Lee, Locust, M6, Greyhound, Staghound and more)
Master 1:35
GM-35-029 Multi-topic (4)
1:35 M3 Stuart (Model Monkey np-M3 Stuart-1)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
M3 Stuart
Model Monkey 1:35
np-M3 Stuart-1 2021 | New tool
1:35 Stuart Mk.I (Model Monkey np-Stuart I-1)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
Stuart Mk.I
Model Monkey 1:35
np-Stuart I-1 2021 | New tool
1:35 Stuart Mk.V (Model Monkey np-Stuart V-1)
Metal or paintable plastic nameplate for:
Stuart Mk.V
Model Monkey 1:35
np-Stuart V-1 2021 | New tool








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M3 Stuart 1:35
M3 Stuart
Tamiya 1:35

by Sungjun Jang on Panzer Modell

M3 Stuart 1:35
M3 Stuart
Tamiya 1:35

by Pasi Ahopelto on Pienoismallit

Stuart Pak 1:35
Stuart Pak Yugoslawian Army
Multiple 1:35

by Lothar Limprecht on

SO-75 1:35
SO-75 Stuart-Pak
Multiple 1:35

by Veeti Raivio on Pienoismallit

M3 Stuart 1:35
M3 Stuart
Academy 1:35

by Serg106en on

M3 Stuart 1:35
M3 Stuart
Tamiya 1:35

by jaakko Hämäläinen on Pienoismallit

M3 Stuart 1:35
M3 Stuart
Tamiya 1:35

by Heikki R on Pienoismallit


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STUART (Echo Point Books & Media )
STUART A History of the American Light Tank, Volume 1
R.P. Hunnicutt
Brazilian Stuart (Trackpad Publishing )
Brazilian Stuart M3, M3A1, X1, X1A2 and their Derivatives
Hélio Higuchi, Paulo Roberto Bastos jr, Regin...
M3 Stuart (Wydawnictwo Militaria №430)
M3 Stuart Wydawnictwo Militaria Nr. 430
Tank Power Nr. №430
Janusz Ledwoch
Stuart (Echo Point Books & Media )
Stuart A History of the American Light Tank, Vol. 1
R. P. Hunnicutt

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M3 Stuart
M3 Stuart M3A1 Stuart Light Tank, some interior

by Jeffrey E. Groves on Inch High Guy

Images: 10 1942
M3A1 Stuart
M3A1 Stuart Light Tank

by Greg Stuart on Prime Portal

Images: 42

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Lionel Marco Yoyo le Petaf
Martin Spriggs Fourtyman
Philipp Groß philipp_gross
Darryl Dyke Dazzled
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News Feed

Luis Alvarez added a new photoalbum.
12 | 4. May, 23:58
Ben M
Nice looking Stuart. You should rotate the pics to be upright.
5. May, 00:36
Luis Alvarez
Yeap, I was in a hurry yesterday but I'll fix that ASAP.
5. May, 14:22
Ben M
Very nice!
6. May, 00:04
Looks good. I like the details and the metal effect.
6. May, 07:49
Rui S
Nice work 👍
6. May, 23:01
Andrea Morris
Pic #3 is upside down and maybe next time you could put the pictures in build/sequence order. With that out of the way, I tip my hat to you on a great build. I'm very impressed with the weathering. Two questions, did the PE come with the kit if not what is it and where did you get the barrels?
7. May, 10:47
Brian Eberle
Well done! I am working on the same build now. Basepaint applied. Moving on to decals and weathering. I hope to achieve results similar to yours. Very realistic weathering!!
7. May, 11:15
Ralf Topeters added a new photoalbum.
2 | 14. March 2020, 00:01
Łukasz Gliński
Another cool Matchbox dio 👍 Shouldn't the headlights get a bit of silver/chrome?
28. April, 13:16
Raul Ruz added a new photoalbum.
25 images
View album, image #23
Project: M-3 Stuart
1:35 M3A1 Stuart Light Tank (Academy 13269)
7 | 10. April, 00:10
Great Stuart!
10. April, 01:07
Raul Ruz
22. April, 21:14
Luis Alvarez added a new project.
24. March, 00:54
Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
5 | 24. January, 07:43
i am in 🙂
24. January, 22:30
Greg Baker
I can always count on you!
25. January, 03:31
Greg Baker
One thing I'm trying to figure out how to handle is the fact that the Haunted Tanks all fly the Confederate Battle flag (being haunted by a Confederate cavalry general and all). It's certainly a bit controversial at the moment, but I'm likely to add it for 3 main reasons 1) people put nazi symbols on WWII era models all the time, 2) I hate revisionist history, even in comics. Tintin had some issues with racists (Tintin in the Congo), and trying to hide the past dooms us to repeat it... and the distant 3) is that, to me, as a child of the 70s/80s, the Confederate battle flag is more synonymous with the Dukes of Hazard General Lee Dodge Charger than anything else.

I wonder if anyone else has any thoughts?
25. January, 03:51
I actually don't like flags at all.
Being symbols of division but you have to put the flag on because you're making a model and that's what it had.
I love the Dukes of Hazzard.
One of my favourite slot cars is the General Lee and it wouldn't look right without the flag.
Neither would your model.
In Australia the Southern Cross flag has been appropriated by the racists too.
Racists suck, they wreck everything
25. January, 04:09
indeed, they do
25. January, 07:07
Greg Baker
I added the "inspiration" for the Jigsaw tank. It mentions the chassis as being a modified T-34 but not where the turret is supposed to have come from.
28. January, 21:14
Greg Baker added a new photoalbum.
23 | 15. October 2020, 03:37
View full thread (42 Comments)
Greg Baker
Ok... a bit more ghosty now. I decided that the ghost should be a bit more stand alone because there's a pretty good chance I'll also build the Jigsaw Tank and the M4 Sherman versions of the Haunted Tank too. Anyone got a suggestion for a reasonably priced 1/72 Sherman?😉
19. January, 07:32
very ghosty indeed 🙂
19. January, 08:36
Greg Baker
Ok. The more I thought about it... the more I wanted to include the other two Haunted Tanks in this project. After the M3 is destroyed, the team moves on to build a Jigsaw Tank. That one is later destroyed as well and the team takes over an M4 Sherman (much to the chagrin of their ghost-in-residence).

The Jigsaw tank is the bigger challenge. The chassis is from a T-34 (I was going to get a Zvezda, but found a Trumpeter box on the shelf instead) but what really put it over the top was deciding to go with the M24 Pershing turret. I have a turret leftover from my Blue Tintin Moon tank project, and it looks enough like the Jigsaw Tank's that I think I'll be happy with just a bit of modification.

I had thought I'd need the turret from a M42 Walker, but given there's only one (relatively expensive) option, I was hesitant. Once I realized I could dip into the spares box... there was nothing left to hold me back.😉
23. January, 23:04
Tom ...
Well Greg. it's simple... what you start, you got to finish. It's the modelers' code!... i.e., we expect nothing less! 🙂
24. January, 08:56
Greg Baker
Thanks Tom. Well work is under way on the Jigsaw Tank, and I started a new album to go with it. The Haunted Tank (Jigsaw Tank) | Album by strobez (1:72)
24. January, 16:14
Jean-Michel Tilquin added a new project.
1:35 M3 Stuart (Tamiya 35360)
M3 Stuart
US Military US Army (1784-now)
1 Arm. Reg., 1 Arm. Div. 5
1943 World War 2 TN
US Olive Drab
1 | 28. December 2020, 17:19
Robert Hessler added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
10 | 16. December 2020, 22:19
James C
Nice work👍
16. December 2020, 23:14
16. December 2020, 23:33
Crisp looking build!👍
17. December 2020, 09:54
Robert Hessler
muchas gracias!!
17. December 2020, 10:41
David Taylor
Thats a Honey of a Stuart.
17. December 2020, 18:27
17. December 2020, 18:58
Rui S
Woh, I realy like this paintjob and finish 👍 Excelente
26. December 2020, 13:31
Robert Hessler
26. December 2020, 14:47
Njw added a new project.
24. December 2020, 23:41
Eugene PanzerBabay added a new project.
23. December 2020, 07:46