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Knight Rider

All you need to know about Knight Rider from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Science Fiction - Other
Science Fiction - Other
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Used from:No range
Used by:Civil
Model:Knight Rider

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Jeremy Wiltcher SHADOFLASH
Aris aka Amen prototype-23
Sebastian Lange CyberCommander

News Feed

November 3, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new photoalbum.
44 images
View album, image #28
Larsen scanner pic2
11 | 9. October 2020, 06:18
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$45 is not a bad price for the scarcity of this scanner, but $14 shipping is double what it will actually cost to mail it and the final price will probably be higher than the starting price. I've already got 5 red scanners, 1 orange scanner and 1 yellow scanner, so I won't be bidding. A while back you were asking about acquiring one of these Aoshima scanners so I posted the link.
26. October 2020, 14:29
Tim Heimer
For what it's worth, Other than the size of the Evil mad Scientist kit it works just as good, and a lot cheaper.
26. October 2020, 14:40
thanks Starbase101, I really appreciate that you passed the information. but the price is too high, unfortunatelly. i wonder why Aoshima does not produce those anymore, specially since they keep salling Knight Rider kits.
26. October 2020, 15:28
Tim Heimer
How high did it go?
26. October 2020, 22:23
Still has 6 days remaining, and I'm not yet able to predict the future....
26. October 2020, 22:32
27. October 2020, 03:46
In case you might be curious, it closed with only one bid at the opening price.
3. November 2020, 02:33
Tim Heimer
Well thank you for the update! I was curious how far it would go.
3. November 2020, 04:50

September 25, 2020

d hadley added a new photoalbum.
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21. June 2018, 21:15

September 24, 2020

d hadley added a new photoalbum.
12 images
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21. June 2018, 21:26
Christian W
This isn't a General truck, is it? Your kit looks like a Peterbilt. They never used a Peterbilt for the series. It was a 1980 and later a 1984 General. With and without a sleeper.
20. September 2020, 20:06
d hadley
You're right. It is a peterbilt. I know it's not what they used in the show, but it's what I have, so that's what I'm using. Thanks for the comment!
21. September 2020, 02:05
Christian W
Your welcome. Will you build the interior in the trailer?
21. September 2020, 09:03
d hadley
Yes. it will be all lit up with blinking L.E.D.s too.
21. September 2020, 22:14
Are you going to make it bigger on the inside, just like on the show? :)
21. September 2020, 22:26
Christian W
I'm watching :)
24. September 2020, 07:10

September 17, 2020

d hadley added a new photoalbum.
15. June 2018, 20:11
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Good work so far
16. June 2018, 16:32
d hadley
16. June 2018, 16:43

September 13, 2020

Tim Heimer added a new project.
1:24 Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (Aoshima 041277)1:24 Michael K. Rider (Scale Production TMF24017)
2 | 13. September 2020, 03:33