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Kawanishi H8K

All you need to know about Kawanishi H8K from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:Emily
Used from:1942–1945
Used by:Military
Manufacturer:JP Kawanishi

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Rick Corts Rick97

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January 6, 2021

Daniel Klink added a new photoalbum.
25 | 13. March 2018, 20:52
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Thank you, Daniel... I supposed that fueltruck is from Hasegawa .
How did you modified the Pick up? Praga RV is from First to Fight?
Sorry for the off-topic.
30. December 2020, 18:54
Daniel Klink
Hi Mate, simply used the Hasegawa starter Truck and left the whole tubes and pipes aside.
And i aded some wooden look with a scratching tool.
BTW. A question to all who already did this hangar
How is the best way to paint the inside..?
1. January, 15:55
Łukasz Gliński
Well, I painted the inside elements in different shades before gluing them together. In terms of paint, it was some car paint rattle can from a nearby Castorama or Leroy shop :)
1. January, 16:00
Erik De Smet
I painted also the structural parts also with white primer from a rattle can, it needs more than one coat as the carton sucks . The base I airbrushed with different shades of light grey and some smears of dark grey and a fine black marker for the joints.
1. January, 16:23
Daniel Klink
Thank you sirs for your advices and hints
Car Paint? is it not too aggressive?. Ok priming is without alternative with this material and i guess one have to be careful with the thinning. It should not get to thin and wet.
Found some material in my stash of an older architecturial project.
Maybe it is useful to fill the emptiness in the Hangar a bit

1. January, 17:21
Łukasz Gliński
I recall spraying it in couple of thin, almost transparent layers, so the paper hasn't sucked so much of it. Definitely a quick-dry paint was helpful here.
1. January, 19:30
Erik De Smet
You could use that material to simulate some side columns inside the hangar, see my album Melsbroek pictures 13 and 17.
1. January, 19:30
Daniel Klink
Hi Erik and Lukasz thanks for your hints.
I will use them as columns inside yes
6. January, 22:41