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Kawanishi H6K

All you need to know about Kawanishi H6K from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:Navy Type 97 Large Flying Boat
Used from:1938–1945
Used by:CivilMilitary
Manufacturer:JP Kawanishi

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Edgars Bizūns
LV micromodeller


Love H6K's - there's just something about their graceful lines I like.
7. May, 04:18
Steve H. Added a new review for:
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CPR Classic Plastic Review
15. October 2019, 12:11
Lukas . Added a new review for:
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27. March 2019, 01:45
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1/72 Aircraft News
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1/72 Aircraft News
1. May 2016, 20:31
Gustavo Antonelli added a new photoalbum.
10 images
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Project: H6K NKK
1:144 Kawanishi Type 97 (Trumpeter 01322)
1. May 2015, 19:44
Thomas Bischoff
looks great! The natural metal finish is very unusual to me for a Japanese plane but it is very attractive.
Did you just build two of them?
1. May 2015, 20:35
Mike Grant
I like these, but especially the silver one
1. May 2015, 21:20
Gustavo Antonelli
Hi Thomas, Mike, thank you for watching. Here is a very interesting article about this bird:arawasi-wildeagles.blogspot.../01/kawanishi-h6k-mavis.html . This one is a civilian Mavis operated by Dai Nippon Koku K.K. (NKK). The other one, in its military camo was built some years ago. There are some subtle differences between the models, mostly regarding the windows.
The kit was in fact the militar version, but it was easy to make the windows, fillling the holes with white glue. It should have a different propeller hub, but I left those that came with the kit. I made a stupid accident, dropping a bottle of liquid poly cement on the working area, that almost ruined the cockpit transparency :(.
1. May 2015, 23:02
Gustavo Antonelli added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 10 images
1:144 Kawanishi Type 97 (Trumpeter 01322)
30. April 2015, 02:58
Gustavo Antonelli Added a new review for:
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12. April 2015, 22:34
Gustavo Antonelli Added a new review for:
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12. April 2015, 22:29
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11. November 2014, 17:31
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5. April 2014, 15:00
Kelly Wellington added a new photoalbum.
21. April 2013, 00:17
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Kelly Wellington
Assembly complete. Ready for decals.

Here's a question....I have painted all the parts which call for a color other than the base color of the plastic, which, as it turns out, is the 'right' color green for the Imperial Japanese aircraft livery. At least it matches, to a tee, the IJN green from Model Masters, the line of enamels I use. So, I've covered sanding spots and other oafish gluing mistakes with the green paint on green plastic. I see no need to paint it, but I will be ruining the 'gloss' of the plastic by applying, first, a coat of Future, and then, a coat, or more, of Dullcote. I'm presuming that a coat of IJN green over the base plastic green is not necessary and the Dullcote will do the job on the Futurized unpainted plastic...'zat right?
27. May 2013, 21:51
Dave Flitton
Well done!!
27. May 2013, 23:57
Kelly Wellington
Seabreeze aging is what is needed. Time to move to the beach.
30. May 2013, 04:18
Roy McKenzie
looking good Kelly.
30. May 2013, 12:34
Kelly Wellington
ARRRRRGH! Fragile decals. I got three of the four hinomaru on before the topside port one buckled and fractured in the process of sliding it off the sheet. The smaller side hinomaru, and the tail numbers, were all dead losses and I didn't even attempt. As it is, I've the one with fragments missing. Eight total decals and I managed three. Crud.
1. June 2013, 01:25
Roy McKenzie
That bites. So what's your plan?
1. June 2013, 02:34
Kelly Wellington
Look at aftermarket offerings and let it rest for the time being. If need be, I can paint touch up on the battered but already applied hinomaru, but at this point, I'm not Futuring over what is on. If I can get replacements, I assume I can strip what I have on (maybe just the two on the tops, as the underwing hinomaru went on just fine) and start over with the decals.
1. June 2013, 04:04
Kelly Wellington
All part of the learning curve for this novice. I'd heard about 'fragile decals' but never before had I had the problem of the decal breaking up in the process of application. And, with a Hasegawa kit....old, warrant you, but still....
1. June 2013, 04:51
Kelly Wellington added a new project.
Albums: 1 with 17 images
On hold
1:72 Kawanishi H6K5 Type 97 Flying Boat Model 23 'Yokohama Naval Flying Group' (Hasegawa 00880)
21. April 2013, 00:10
Ratatosk Added a new review for:
Swannys Models Forum
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Swannys Models Forum
2. April 2013, 22:50
Ratatosk Added a new review for:
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2. April 2013, 22:18
Dave Creel owns this item
29. September 2012, 12:25
Burkhard D
Hi Dave,
When adding kits to the database, mind to fill all fields, like product type - "Full Kit" - and explore a bit whether the topic - airplane model, in this case "Kawanishi H6K" - may already exist. Just punch in "H6K" into the topic field and wait for the auto-complete function to pick a match from the database. :)
29. September 2012, 12:40
Dave Creel
Yes, I am beginning to get the hang of it ... I reckon.
29. September 2012, 12:53
Burkhard D
Like everything, it takes some time. I am still struggling at times, I just have the advantage that whatever mess I create, I can clean it up myself thanks to some admin rights. :)
29. September 2012, 13:22
Dave Creel owns this item
28. September 2012, 19:18
Frank Krause
:) Seems, it works...
28. September 2012, 19:19


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