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Hotchkiss H 35/39

All you need to know about Hotchkiss H 35/39 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Vehicles - Tanks
Vehicles - Tanks
Also known as:
Used from:1935–1948
Used by:Military
Model:Hotchkiss H 35/39

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1:35 H39 Hotchkiss (Bronco CB35001)
H39 Hotchkiss Light Tank
Bronco 1:35
CB35001 2006 | New tool










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38(H) AOV 1:35
38(H) AOV
Trumpeter 1:35

by Petr Klusacek on Tank Guys


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Hotchkiss H39
Hotchkiss H39

by Vladimir Yakubov on Silicon Valley Scale Modelers

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Nathan Obady Derm8686

News Feed

Mark K added a new project.
1:35 Hotchkiss H35/39 (Gunze Sangyo M 1)1:35 Photo-Etched Parts for Hotchkiss H38 & H39 (f) (Pit-Road PE3501)1:35 Bulgarian Light Tanks and AFVs (Star Decals 35-C1107)2+
3 | 10. April, 02:40
Tini Hendriks
Just finished my H39. I liked it, but didn't buy seperate tracks (altough I considdered it). So curious how it's going to look. Succes and fun!
22. April, 22:30
Mark K
Thanks! Just waiting to receive the tracks and rollers - apparently now on their way to me.
23. April, 00:13
Alex Sh added a new project.
1 | 23. March, 18:01
Tini Hendriks added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Curious if I can make something with the original vinyl tracks
Project: Hotchkiss H39
1:35 Hotchkiss H-39 (H) (Eduard 35921)1:35 Hotchkiss 39(H) (Trumpeter 00352)
12 | 2. February, 01:24
Tini, photo 10 is showing Somua not Hotchkiss tanks on the Champs Elysées.
I see you are well equipped for the painting operations.
5. February, 20:52
Tini Hendriks
Deleted 👍
5. February, 20:57
Dom S.
Nice work. Do you build the Beutepanzer version?
5. February, 22:10
Tini Hendriks
Yes, it has to be, the kit had the German hatch.
5. February, 22:23
Dom S.
sry right, I see now too. I'm curious ..... Beutepanzer are also a great topic
5. February, 22:27
Tini Hendriks
I knew I had a Waffen-Arsenal somewhere, bought for DM 12,80 hahaha. I found it, but it is only American and Britsh. Oh, yes, great topics.
5. February, 22:57
Dom S.
good old times! But are great booklets from Waffen-Arsenal
6. February, 18:13
Eugene PanzerBabay added a new project.
27. February, 15:25
Dom S. added a new photoalbum.
4 | 4. February, 14:55
Lovely job!
4. February, 15:48
Dom S.
4. February, 18:04
Rui S
Nice interior detailing 👍
5. February, 22:29
Markus S.
I was disappointed with Bronco's Befehlspanzer variant.
Bad fit and poor equipment.
Hopefully you had more fun with your kit.
Anyway, it looks great.
5. February, 23:28
Dom S.
I still have the Befehlspanzer tank kit in the stash.
I'll see how it can be built in the future. As an alternative, there is the Trumpeter kit, which is supposed to be a lot worse.
There were no major problems with this kit.
Thanks Markus!
6. February, 09:41
Dom S. added a new project.
1 | 4. February, 14:55
sparkypeeps added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
My first go at an oxide red interior, which I had to mix the colour for so it might be quite off. Even though this is a ...
2 | 3. February, 01:57
Rui S
Very Nice detail work 👍
4. February, 00:44
sparkypeeps added a new project.
3. February, 01:53
Tini Hendriks added a new project.
22 images
1:35 Hotchkiss H-39 (H) (Eduard 35921)1:35 Hotchkiss 39(H) (Trumpeter 00352)
1 | 2. February, 00:59
John Gibbins added a new photoalbum.
5 images
View album, image #1
31. December 2020, 22:09