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Felixstowe F.2

All you need to know about Felixstowe F.2 from a scale modeler perspective.


Category:Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
Also known as:
Used from:1917–1923
Used by:Military
Model:Felixstowe F.2

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Tom 2-33 Pilot
Joern R. zwilling35

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October 7, 2020

Mike Daniels added a new photoalbum.
17 | 28. April 2020, 10:56
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i really wanted to get one of those WnW kits... but i was hesitant due to the price... now that they are "collector" item, a quick search made really clear that the prices out there have gone through the roof.... and the few with "cheap" prices, are obvious internet scam shops (be careful with those).... c'est la vie.
7. October 2020, 11:25
Mike Daniels
Thanks a lot Gary. A little experience certainly helps with Roden kits. They are a bit different from other makes with a lot of balancing/wiggling required. I think a jig might help, especially on this one with those enormous wings.
7. October 2020, 11:26
Mike Daniels
Didnt know that Spanjaard. But I guess a lot of former Wingnut customers are probably buying them all up. Thats great for Roden as I understand they are now going to start producing more WW1 kits. I got mine on eBay and if anything this is less than i paid for it. Snap one up!
7. October 2020, 11:30
excuse my ignorance, is Roden as good as WnW?
7. October 2020, 11:36
Mike Daniels
I would say yes. But the Roden is 1/72 whereas the Wingnut is 1/32. Hence the rather large difference in price. Wingnut kits are/were just amazing.
7. October 2020, 11:39
Wow, what a stunner! At first I thought it was the WNW kit.
7. October 2020, 13:44
thanks for the info Mike!
7. October 2020, 14:39
and congratulations again for a stunning model. hard to believe it is 1/72!
7. October 2020, 14:39