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1:24 Rosie (Neko Galaxy Miniature Rosie)
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Rosie 2021 | New tool
1:24 Soraya (Neko Galaxy Miniature Soraya)
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Soraya 2021 | New tool
No Liz (Yukishiro )
2010 | New tool
1:24 Usagi & Razor (Neko Galaxy Miniature Usagi & Razor)
Usagi & Razor
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Usagi & Razor 2020 | New tool
1:24 Andromeda Fane (Neko Galaxy Miniature Andromeda Fane)
Andromeda Fane
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Andromeda Fane 2020 | New tool
1:24 Takeuchi Marina (Neko Galaxy Miniature Takeuchi Marina)
Takeuchi Marina Includes optional B-TYPE/REX-R02 helmet designed by Machine56
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Takeuchi Marina 2019 | New tool
1:24 Sai Zhang (Neko Galaxy Miniature Sai Zhang)
Sai Zhang
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Sai Zhang 201x | New tool
1:24 Soma Moon Ray (Neko Galaxy Miniature Soma Moon Ray)
Soma Moon Ray
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Soma Moon Ray 201x | New tool
1:24 Nancy (Neko Galaxy Miniature Nancy)
Neko Galaxy Miniature 1:24
Nancy 201x | New tool

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Mike Szwarc Panzon

News Feed

Robert Podkoński added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #11
New: 24. July, 09:20
Slowly taking shape.
9 | 14. July, 08:17
Nathan Dempsey
Nice color on the rims 😁
14. July, 14:07
Dash Rendar
Very cool, looking forward! Bought this kit recently as well!
14. July, 14:42
Robert Podkoński
Thanks for your interest. Indeed, Nathan, there is some word in Polish used to by teenagers to describe such kind of colours... but I won't use it here 😉 I simply could not resist of painting rims this colour, to be sincere 🙂
14. July, 15:07
Bruce Huxtable
No doubt they will inform the remainder of the colour scheme - it is going to stand out from the crowd 👍🙂
14. July, 15:18
Robert Podkoński
That's my goal, Bruce 😄
14. July, 15:43
Looking forward to seeing this build
15. July, 06:32
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, Jonn 🙂 Please, do not expect anything fabulous - I just intend to have some fun with that 😉
15. July, 07:29
Interesing car. 👀
Count me in.
20. July, 21:52
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, WhiteGlint. It's a pure fantasy, so I can paint it and modify as I only wish 😉
21. July, 05:13
Following! Is this a Lamborghini with piercing spikes?
24. July, 19:32
Oh yeah, the unusual subject grabbed my attention. Nice🤙
24. July, 20:20
Robert Podkoński added a new project.
4 | 13. July, 17:28
Nathan Dempsey
Following 👍
13. July, 20:42
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, Nathan 🙂
13. July, 20:47
Maciej Bellos
Following, even though I don't do cars.
13. July, 21:06
13. July, 21:13
Robert Podkoński
Welcome Maciej and Roland. I just sometimes need to take a break from (puttying and sanding) complex curvatures on Amodel kits of the planes 😉
14. July, 05:55
Bruce Huxtable
Variety is the spice of Life 👍
14. July, 06:15
Mike Kryza
I'm in too! 👍
14. July, 06:22
I'm in. 👀
14. July, 06:30
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, Mike. Welcome, Bruce - you are absolutely right! 😉
14. July, 06:31
Robert Podkoński
Welcome, WhiteGlint. I have already started to paint some bits, so soon there should be an album...
14. July, 06:38
Robert Podkoński
As promised - I have created the separate album for this project. Hope you will enjoy...
14. July, 08:22
Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #10
Tug hull with engine and seated pilot. Pilot house not yet constructed.
12 | 17. June, 19:32
Robert Podkoński
Taking a seat in the first row!
17. June, 19:36
Stefan Schacht
nice start, count me in.
17. June, 19:42
I certainly recognize that Podracer engine! Can't wait to see the outcome!
17. June, 19:43
Stephan H.
Popcorn ready. Keep it coming 🙂 I am already sure this will be awesome in the end. good luck!
24. June, 13:24
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for looking, guys! Progress is slow, but steady, and I've already redesigned a few things along the way. The structural building goes quickly, but then progress slows way down as I add details. When I get stuck on Ideas for one component, I move on to another, and eventually a solution presents itself.
24. June, 14:11
24. June, 19:20
I love McQue's art, can't wait to see this
24. June, 19:46
Erik No
I love his work too. Unfortunately, Industria Mechanika has discontinued production. Maybe in the future someone else will produce his grandiose ideas.
25. June, 05:49
Mike Szwarc
Yes, Industria Mechanika is moving to an all digital format, where he (Michael Fichtenmayer) sells 3D printer files of his model designs (there's a pretty decent collection already available, if you have a 3D printer, though nothing based on Ian McQue's artwork). I just visited the site yesterday, and discovered that he is selling surplus PE frets from some of his OOP kits, including the Waldo, Remora, and SkyMark at very reasonable prices. The PE parts can be used for detailing scratch builds.
25. June, 16:35
wow, looks great.
13. July, 16:42
Jorge Justino Fernandes
it's amazing nice project we will follow 🙂
Good continuation Mike 👍
13. July, 18:24
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for looking! Still got quite a bit of work ahead of me, but I am making progress.
14. July, 02:00
Mike Szwarc added a new project.
In progress
1:25 '50 Austin Coupe (Revell 85-7120)1:25 Dodge L700 Tractor & Tanker Trailer (Lindberg HL118)1:35 Deckhands Series 1 (Industria Mechanika IMECH005A)13+
2 | 16. June, 20:53
You start one 😎 project after one, awesome, follow 👍
17. June, 16:18
Bruce Huxtable
Curious... watching 🙂
17. June, 16:40
Robert Podkoński
I am equally curious (taking into account the project's inventory...). Taking a seat!
17. June, 16:55
Mike Szwarc
Thanks for looking, guys. I hope to take some photos soon of the work so far-- this is something of a "design as I build" project using the listed inventory kits for parts, along with styrene and found materials. Torsten, I actually started this project some time ago, and then put it aside (though I continued to collect materials for it). When I started work on the Wasps, I thought I might use one of them in a vignette with this project, so I restarted work, and will be working on these vehicles and the Wasps simultaneously.
17. June, 17:33
Mike Szwarc added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
What's in the box. This resin kit contains parts to build two Wasp anti-gravity vehicles, and also includes two seated, ...
4 | 3. June, 13:27
That's 😎, I'll follow this project
3. June, 14:03
Mike Szwarc added a new project.
In progress
1:35 Wasps (Industria Mechanika IMECH033)
3. June, 13:19