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De Havilland DH 82 Tiger Moth

All you need to know about De Havilland DH 82 Tiger Moth from a scale modeler perspective.


Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
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GB de Havilland Aircraft Company Limited
De Havilland DH 82 Tiger Moth

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Elias Korompilis added a new photoalbum.
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Erik De Smet
Drill a hole in the fuselage, glue the rigging line in it and work on from there to the Wings.
2. July 2020, 11:20
actually you do not need to make the holes though the wings... drill a hole that does not go through, dab a tiny bit of CA at the end of the thread, and place it in the hole. works specially well if you use flexible rigging, since you can push it wait a few second for glue to cure and let it go.
you can also cut a tiny piece of wire and glue it to the end of the thread with CA, remove any excess (thread adn/of wire). add glue to the wire and stick it in the hole.
2. July 2020, 11:22
very nice model Elias 🙂
2. July 2020, 11:23
Elias Korompilis
Thanks all!
@ Lochsa_River: what Eric De Smet said. drill and glue before assembling the fuselage.
2. July 2020, 18:50
charlie whitten
sad story for me with this one i had finished it but the paint number i got was corect but was a purple so it looked stuped and was glugy so it was patchy i was about to put on the decals and droped it i go another one and finished it but droped 10 minuits after finishing i now have a difrect tiger moth that i am waiting to build after finishing some other models i have
7. December, 23:48
Paul Gallagher added a new photoalbum.
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Stefan Schacht
well done and nice display. I like it 👍
3. April, 16:44
Paul Gallagher
thank you Stefan. a few nail biting moments during final assembly, but now I can breathe easy😉
3. April, 16:49
John Thomas
Very cool
4. April, 13:22
Łukasz Gliński
Very interesting concept and a nice scene 👍
4. April, 13:49
Rui S
Very nice presentation 👍
4. April, 15:21
Paul Gallagher
Thank you for the encouragement John, Lukasz, Rui!
4. April, 16:27
charlie whitten
wow is there a motor in the model
7. December, 23:43
charlie whitten
sorry only saw the finished product and not the build pictures
7. December, 23:43
Sweet! 😄 I am interested in this.
Pity they didn't include R.A.A.F. decals
25. April 2020, 07:34
Andrea Morris
RAAF decals available from Hannants!
30. November, 05:01
Thanks Andrea, I can buy decal sheets here in Australia too.
It's cheaper though when I don't have to buy extra decals. This is already a $50 kit here
30. November, 19:43
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Ian Robinson added a new project.
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