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Aliens (Movie)

All you need to know about Aliens (Movie) from a scale modeler perspective.


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Science Fiction - Other
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Used from:1979–Now
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News Feed

February 15, 2021

RaynaButler added a new photoalbum.
View album, image #1
Project: USS Sulaco
1:2400 U.S.S. Sulaco (Halcyon HAL12)
8 | 18. March 2019, 13:48
Nicely done! Adding detailing with bits of styrene is a nice little trick. :)
18. March 2019, 13:49
Btw, photo 8 isn't showing.
18. March 2019, 13:50
Maicon Werplotz
Uoul, that went very well!
18. March 2019, 14:34
Nathan Dempsey
Nicely done. All the extra work really paid off.
18. March 2019, 14:54
i did nto see this one before, amazing.
12. October 2020, 14:22
Nice build
12. October 2020, 16:21
Dash Rendar
Absolutely beautiful! Great job.
15. February, 16:00

January 5, 2021

Alberto Bianchi added a new photoalbum.
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Project: Drop-Ship
1:72 Drop-Ship (Halcyon HAL02)
6 | 16. January 2020, 11:08
I'm in 8)
5. January, 16:29
Alberto Bianchi
it's hard, but one day I'll be able to finish it :)
5. January, 16:41
Good luck, I'm sure to know what you mean ;)
5. January, 16:44
Alberto Bianchi

Thanks... But it must be said that many details are pure fantasy, or based on the shapes of the existing pieces in the kit.
5. January, 16:45
So what? 8) rules
5. January, 16:47
Roman Modelar
Nice details, they will improve the look of the ship
5. January, 18:59
This looks interesting.
5. January, 19:11
Nathan Dempsey
Nice build. All that added detail looks great!
5. January, 19:16
Alberto Bianchi
Thank you all. :) I have to engrave a few more panels in the lower part of the hull, the kit has no paneling in the lower part ... I hope it will be good. Bye!
5. January, 20:37
Woah! You have my attention now! Great subject
5. January, 22:03

October 29, 2020

Steve Bolton Just a note about the book since no description options exist. This book is a large format hardcover book which presents blueprints for ships, vehicles and some buildings from all the current Alien movies franchise (not Vs Predators). All the major items from the films are represented. The blueprints have been painstakingly drawn using the movies, set photos, film designer references etc to try to present the most accurate possible blueprints for the most anal rivet counters out there. For fans of the films this is an amazing work but for modelers its essential. The blueprints are drawn on a grid background with all round views in orthogonal projection meaning you can measure directly from the pages if you are scratch building or modding. RRP: US $44.95; CAN $59.99; UK £29.99.
29. October 2020, 05:46
Whiskey Actual
Very awesome. I'm a huge fan of the original films and the universe (except AvP lol).
29. October 2020, 06:25

October 12, 2020

RaynaButler added a new photoalbum.
73 images
View album, image #73
Project: USS Sulaco
1:2400 U.S.S. Sulaco (Halcyon HAL12)
4 | 10. March 2019, 10:48
Richard K
Greeblies galore, I like it!
10. March 2019, 11:01
Stephan H.
Awesome work. Those extra details are 100% worth it.
12. March 2019, 12:31
Jozef Goos
very nice
12. March 2019, 13:51
Hans Off
That's a kit I have always wanted to do.
12. March 2019, 17:11
Michel Wingard
Oh must try one, yours is awesome!
18. March 2019, 00:18
Ricardo Reis
Awesome!!! :)
18. March 2019, 07:33
Jozef Goos
good job wel done
18. March 2019, 13:55
I think I would be tempted to spray on a super light layer of gold (but not too much). If only to sort of do what they did with some of the interior in the movie Alien. They re-used a corridor, and they sprayed on a cold color to tint the surfaces, to make it look more exotic. I would fill the airbrush cup with thinner, and add a single drop of gold metal color to make the layer of paint super thin.
18. March 2019, 14:56
Alec K
Super build
18. March 2019, 19:13
Great build 8)
15. September 2019, 17:07
amazing job
12. October 2020, 14:23