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Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

All you need to know about Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer from a scale modeler perspective.


Aircraft - Propeller
Aircraft - Propeller
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US Consolidated
PB4Y-2 Privateer

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Clifford Keesler stormrider509
Steve Coats Stefanwest
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News Feed

Jan Voorbij added a new photoalbum.
11 | 7. October 2013, 18:18
Dave Flitton
I like the decals!! Where can I geet a copy? Your build looks great!!
7. October 2013, 18:25
Well done 🙂
7. October 2013, 19:47
Albi Hitz
unusual color scheme on an unusual plane ... Nice build ... well done!
7. October 2013, 20:02
Es-haq Khosravi
Well Done!!!
7. October 2013, 20:50
Jan Voorbij
Thank you guys!
27. August, 20:35
Erik Leijdens
Great job Jan
27. August, 23:09
Mark K
Fabulous model!
28. August, 04:32
Robert Podkoński
Fantastic! Congrats!
28. August, 08:40
John Thomas
Nice work
28. August, 18:00
Bill Gilman added a new photoalbum.
66 images
View album, image #66
Finally, the wings are attached. She is starting to look like an aeroplane. LOTS more work to so.
39 | 7. May, 02:25
View full thread (51 Comments)
Daniel Klink
The "Gefreite" is progressing in a very good way wow!!!👍👍
21. August, 19:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
Very interesting and wonderful! I'll be there, please!
21. August, 19:41
Clifford Keesler
Coming along nicely.
21. August, 22:25
Bas Tonn
Following. These planes are huge even in 1/72.
Good luck !!
22. August, 06:51
David Taylor
Looking good.
22. August, 07:20
Adam Barber added a new project.
4. July, 19:29
Marcello Rosa added a new photoalbum.
16 images
View album, image #1
PB4Y-2 Privateer "Redwing" (BuNO 59505), VPB-106, 1945
12 | 26. June, 08:16
Very clean work and beautiful colors! 👍
26. June, 08:30
Wayne Digby
Got 2 of these to do, nice to see it can look so good!
26. June, 09:04
Marcello Rosa
Be prepared for the problem with fitting one of the wings. It seems to be an universal experience that portside goes well, starboard requires a lot of rough handling. This almost derailed my entire project...
26. June, 10:13
Marcello Rosa added a new project.
1:72 PB4Y-2 Privateer / Liberator RY3 (C.Mk.IX) (Matchbox PK-606)
Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VPB-106 59505/X 505
May 1945 - Palawan, Phillipines
H77, H96, H34
2 | 2. April, 10:37
Marcello Rosa
Well today is the official start of this project, following completion of the fantastic, state-of-the art Dragon USS Gearing (https://www.marcellorosa.com/ussgearingdd-710). But, for some reason I can't keep away from these "vintage" kits of under-represented subjects.
I am prepared for another uphill battle. Just hoping it won't be of the same extent as that for my HMS Eagle project (https://www.marcellorosa.com/1-700-hms-eagle-r05)...
4. April, 01:56
Marcello Rosa
PB4Y-2 Privateer completed! For a full report and photos see https://www.marcellorosa.com/1-72-pby4-2-privateer
26. June, 08:12
Bill Gilman added a new project.
In progress
1:72 PB4Y-2 "Privateer" (RY-3/P4Y-2) (Revell 04292)1:72 PB4Y-2 Privateer detail set (Cobra Company 72019)1:72 B-24/PB4Y-2 Wheel Set (True Details 72016)5+
7. May, 02:23