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Kevin Thiele (kevthiele)

Australian Cruiser Tank MkIV (AC4) 17 Pounder
Prototype made and tested extensively (30+ ton)

In progress
Started on September 10, 2021

Using the lower hull and tracks from the Tamiya US M3 Lee Medium tank, suspension will be modified for correct spacing of bogies. Upper hull and turret will be scratchbuilt from styrene and putty. Barrel will be a metal 17pdr in 1/35 with correct muzzle brake.

Development of the Sentinel began in 1941 when Australia was fighting the Germans in North Africa with Allied forces, and US and England had no tanks to spare. 63 x Mk I tanks were produced, and developed into the Mk IV by 1943 with much heavier armament (76mm main gun) and 30+ mph speed. Program ceased in 1943 when US and British tanks became readily available and we would confine our fighting to the Japanese only, who had much less powerful tanks than Germany.

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6 | 10. September, 00:06
Adrian Forest
Very interested in this!
10. September, 11:42
Kevin Thiele
The turret will be the most difficult because of all the compound curves. I was planning to do it in layers of styrene, add putty to smooth then hollow it out with a dremel. Also looking at Patton style tanks for a similar turret and then copying it with a resin mould. Interesting project!
15. September, 06:35
Adrian Forest
For compound curves, you might find it useful to look at some of the techniques used by gunpla scratch-builders, i.e. making profiles from styrene to define shapes, then putty to fill gaps
15. September, 11:53
Kevin Thiele
Thanks for that, I dont even know what gunpla is, but there's Google.
16. September, 00:18
A.J. Madison
I've done construction with all well known techniques, and a couple that aren't known. Depends upon your confidence level and how much you want to be faithful to the plans. A lamination can hit the profile perfectly, but applying the putty (2 part epoxy?) and sanding it smooth is very labour intensive. Building a rough profile with frames (like a balsa wood model) and filling that with epoxy also works, but has the same labour intensive problem of sanding it smooth. From then picture I'm looking at, I would build a profile with frames, but *skin* the the profile with 15 thou sheet, because what I see is a frustum (truncated cone) for the upper, a step, and an upside down frustum for the lower, which could be a lamination. Wish I had converted this photo album to scale mates, but it's here for the time being, hope it gives you ideas on how to scratch out your turret:

16. September, 06:38
Adrian Forest
AJ, this is amazing work! Sort of the next step of the kind of thing I was thinking of.
16. September, 08:53
Kevin Thiele
Thanks AJ, that was exactly the information I needed. I can now move ahead confidently. Making the turret in 3 sections with the bottom virtually a mirror of the top, and using ribbing with a 0.15in sheet skin seems the way forward. I have crude plans and photos but they will be adequate. I will use some of the M3 Lee kit parts (it was the original inspiration for the tank, although heavily modified) in the detail. The War Thunder image (main photo) seems very close to actual photos and I can get any angle I need from the game.
16. September, 22:46

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