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Sakura Wars - Spiricle Striker Mugen (Azami Mochizuki)

Imperial Combat Revue, Flower Division
Spiricle Striger Mugen (Azami Mochizuki's machine)
Taisho 29 (1940)
Tokyo, Japan

My first HG Kit from Bandai.
It was a lot of fun to build this mecha from the new Sakura Wars game.

I really like their design.
They are rather small , something around 3 to 4 meters tall, which makes it easier to fight in the streets of 1940 Tokyo to fend of demons and demonic steam powered robots.

Made some mistakes along the way, which I hopefully avoid with the next kits as I am gonna build the ones from the other characters as well.

I got confused with the shoulder joints and mixed them up. There is a bigger one that goes into the body and a smaller one for the shoulder armor.
By mixing them up I widened the poly caps in the shoulder too much. As a result they didn't fit correctly and the shoulder armor will fall off without some masking putty I wrapped around the shoulder joint.

Tried some mixing of colors and first time figure painting with a brush.
Poor Azami, luckily she can be hidden inside the cockpit. Next time I'll try airbrushing the pilot figure.

The color mixing was okay but I wasn't able to get the same mix again, while repainting some parts of the body and the shield.

And I ripped the red decal on the head, the two little red stars during the photo op.
I will have to paint those on later...

Need to plan the next builds better to get better results.


3 | 8. February, 13:20


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