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Jakko ‌ (Jakko)

M70A2 Krueger (MBT 70)
What if, 1990s style

What if the MBT 70 had been adopted by the US Army and seen service in the 1991 Gulf War?

An extensive conversion of the Dragon KPz 70 kit to represent a possible American version as it may have appeared following upgrades with a 120 mm gun and advanced armour.

The basic idea is that the MBT 70 would have been adopted as the M70 Krueger, then received upgrades in the form of Chobham armour on the turret (and possibly hull), giving it an angular rather than rounded appearance and side skirts, the M256 120 mm main gun to replace the 152 mm gun-launcher and had the 20 mm anti-aircraft cannon replaced by the 12.7 mm M85 machine gun. Add some smaller improvements, like a wind sensor, M250 smoke grenade launchers and more extensive stowage racks, plus the ability to carry the mine plough that was used with the M1 in the Gulf War.

Project summary

Title:M70A2 Krueger (MBT 70)
What if, 1990s style
Status:On hold
Timeline:Started on June 15, 2019

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11. March 2020, 13:36