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William O. (Leo2man)

Miniart 1/35 Dingo Mk.Ib


8. March 2020, 22:24
William O.
Multi-part hull is built up. 4 very small pieces, very fiddly to put glue up (especially for my fat fingers😉 ). But the fit is excellent, no work needed to get them dry fitted perfectly 🙂. Now on to drivers compartment...
8. March 2020, 22:37
William O.
Slowly chipping away at the drivers compartment. It's really difficult working with tiny parts, with fat fingers😉. Just over 6 hours in and counting, lot's of fun, just takes a lot of time gluing parts without busting em'. First pe I've ever worked with, not perfect alignment, but still very happy with it 🙂. Other then that, slow and steady wins the race!
13. March 2020, 01:30
William O.
Chipping away, lots of fun! Slowly making progress, starting to look like something 😄. Took a little under 2 hours to assemble drives seat/glue on fuel tank/little bits. Sadly one teeny tiny part went and took a vacation when being clipped from the sprue 🙁. Oh well, it's basically a piece of sprue (have tons of that stuff😉 ). Well, other then that, back to the bench. 🙂
15. March 2020, 19:33
I am impressed. Would you recommend the kit ?
15. March 2020, 21:42
William O.
Thank you Mr. Olivier! That really perks me pot 😄. Yes, highly recommend! Fits are excellent, albeit finicky at times. But the detail and molding quality is excellent. If you take your time, and are patient, it will build into a stunner, albeit a rather small stunner😉.
MiniArt really hit a home run on this one, kudos to them 👍. The instructions are great, large/clear drawings, and assembly broken down into sub-groups, really helps construction. Only issues I can find so far, is a little flash here and there. But no problem cleaning up, the plastic is super easy to work with, not too soft, not too brittle, happy medium 🙂. So far I haven't seen any mold lines, so that's very nice. The one big issue I have with it, is that many of the pe are so small, that there's no possible way to use them. Like pe bolt heads, for the for the pe shifting lever. That brings up the thought, how much detail is too much detail?... They should've just molded the detail right on the pieces (just like bracket right across from it). Well, I guess it's nice to have the option of adding it, but for what you will see on the finished model, totally not needed. Other then ams on steroids 😄, it's a wonderful kit. I'm super happy that I picked it. Glad your following along for the ride 🙂.
16. March 2020, 22:59
I have their AEC MkIII armoured car. Far down in the queue. But as we are now "confined" I shall probably tackle it sooner than expected.
16. March 2020, 23:48
William O.
That sounds great, I would love to see you build that one 😄. So far making progress on dingo, divers compartment is almost finished. 2 more pieces on this one, then back to add pe to the one wall halves (which I've been dreading since I first started working on it). Slow and steady, we'll get there! 🙂. I did lose one of the pedals to tweezer "over-exertion". Managed to make due with a piece of sprue, shaped to semi-resemble the real one. I think i'll work all said and done, just a bummer that it happened. Again i'll say, many of the detail parts are bloody small, almost to small to work with. Oh well, live and learn 🙂.
18. March 2020, 20:14


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