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Guy Rump (grumpy4263)

Avro Lancaster 1/72 Airfix 1980 tool 1992 box


8 | 4. October 2020, 17:35
Guy Rump
Vallejo Model Air Interior Green & Black for inside fuselage. Bomb bay, Vallejo Model Air Black & Silver for structure, BS Dark Green for bombs.
4. October 2020, 17:39
Guy Rump
Fuselage together. I am using the newer Airfix version of the Eduard masks which seem to fit the clear parts ok so far...
11. October 2020, 14:45
Roland Gunslinger
Watching 🙂
Looking good so far 👍
11. October 2020, 14:50
Guy Rump
Very welcome as usual Roland 🙂
11. October 2020, 15:01
Guy Rump
Primer on and shading completed, ready for painting very soon. 🙂
22. November 2020, 15:52
Roland Gunslinger
It's coming along nicely 👍
22. November 2020, 16:22
Guy Rump
Thanks Roland, it's coming along very slowly at the moment...hopefully I will get a move on and make some further progress soon 🙂
23. November 2020, 20:19
Guy Rump
Vallejo BS Dark Green and BS Earth applied to the top of aircraft. 🙂
6. December 2020, 17:42
Guy Rump
Vallejo Black applied to fuselage, wings and tail.
2. January, 13:03
Guy Rump
Undercarriage engine completed. Second one almost done as well. 🙂
10. January, 16:03
Guy Rump
Finally regarded as complete. My first attempt at a 4 engined bomber and my first attempt at rigging (aerial wires).

The aircraft denoted here is from 1943. PH-H (LM321) was the Squadron marking of 12 Sqn RAF. LM321 flew with a number of Squadrons including 460, 550 and 100. It was finally lost on the night of 10/11 June 1944 over Acheres.

Two pilots that flew in PH-H with 12 Squadron were Flight Leader Sqn Ldr FS Knight and Pilot Officer Thomas Forbes.
Thomas Forbes flew PH-H on 22 June 1943 on an operation to Mulheim whilst serving with 12 Sqn C Flight. Plt Offr Forbes was killed in action on an operation to Turin on 12 July 1943.
C Flight leader Sqn Ldr Knight and his crew failed to return from an operation to Cologne on 28 June 1943. Four are buried in Dutch cemeteries and three are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Their average age was 23.
14. February, 11:20
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice result 👍 The camo looks great!
14. February, 12:17
Guy Rump
Many thanks Roland 🙂
14. February, 12:19


1:72 Lancaster B.III (Airfix 08002)1:72 History of RAF 12th Squadron (Xtradecal X72-208)
Avro Lancaster B Mk.III
GB Military Royal Air Force (1918-now)
12 Sqn. LM321, PH-H

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