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Guy Rump (grumpy4263)


Group Build Arma Hurricane Mk 1 Trop

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1:72 Hurricane Mk I (Arma Hobby 70019)
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (Trop)
ZA Military South African Air Force (1920-now)
3 Sqn. J | 284 (Lt. Robert Kershaw) | Diredawa ET March 1941 | Dark Green, Dark Earth, Sky


6 | 10. June, 19:34
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Andy Ball
hey hey!! you got there!?..hope the well went well?
11. June, 16:49
Andy Ball
apparently there's a bit of tubing that goes down the middle over the little cylinder, I used some 0.6mm solder. Dunno how rivet-inspector you want to be about the build (there's plenty of detail to go on yet)?...., I also attached my u/carriage as some one on You-Tube said adding u/c later was difficult...just got to be cautious about not damaging it.
11. June, 16:59
Guy Rump
Thanks for the tips Andy, I think I'll put the undercarriage on as per the instructions, hopefully I'll manage to not damage it with my ham like fingers :)
11. June, 18:07
Łukasz Gliński
Watching, I was intended to be part of this build too, but having some slight delay ;)
11. June, 20:48
Guy Rump
Welcome Lukasz :)
13. June, 07:00
Andy Ball
I've done a little more on mine. Wary of the PE which holds the gyro under the instrument panel- tricky. Otherwise I hope you're finding yours 'vice-less'?...
13. June, 20:22
Guy Rump
Thanks for the tip Andy, I have done a bit more, have prepared the internal fuselage, the seat etc. Will post some more photos when I have put those bits together. Admit the PE parts are VERY fiddly! :)
14. June, 19:21
Andy Ball
Watch the plastic/PE/decal sandwich on the instrument panel, the sandwich of 5 pieces is incorrect in the instructions- I've just posted my pictures
14. June, 21:31
Following... I'm thinking if get Arma Hobby's kit or keep my airfix kit :D
21. June, 19:38
Łukasz Gliński
Keep'em both? (that's my plan ;) )
21. June, 21:10
Guy Rump
Welcome Cuajete, I'd go for both, I intend building the Airfix one in my stash to make a comparison with. :)
21. June, 21:19
Andy Ball
great progress! - "get ready" for the rest of the cockpit....(just got my 2 halves together yesterday and had a lot of dry-fitting...)
22. June, 10:57
Guy Rump
I have been following your trials with interest @Andy and admit I concur with all that you have stated. I do find the PE parts very fiddly and "bendy". :)
22. June, 15:58
Andy Ball
Managed the mating of the wings and the fuselage...a little clamping-persuasion required. Sadly the lovely, lovely details are all but gone...even if you display with canopy back (which I intend)
23. June, 11:15
Carlos Martin
Following Andy, I am bit behind you. I am working on the interior of my Hurricane but I have noticed that the fit of the two halfs and also the wings is not great.
22. July, 14:59
Andy Ball
great progress've succeeded with the instrument panel....phew!
24. July, 10:52
Guy Rump
Have finally got round to doing a bit more work on the Hurri. The bits and pieces for the cockpit are finally in and after a bit of dry fixing, I am moderately confident that the fuselage and wings will all fit together :)
8. August, 11:04
Andy Ball
Glad you're having more luck than me with the framework in the cockpit : get passed it and the kit's a joy to finish????
8. August, 13:18
Guy Rump
The bit that caused me the angst was ensuring that the groove was big enough for the instrument panel (thanks to yourself and Carlos for suggesting this work around) :)
8. August, 14:09
Andy Ball
Yes it's far too shallow, and you nearly cut through to the outside (unless you pare down the panel itself?)
8. August, 15:26
Carlos Martin
Guy, looking good. I remember all the tinkering to put the two halves together. I had last minute trouble with the bottom part of the cage: I had to reglue it after I glued the two halves, I am hoping it is still where it should when I remove the masking from the canopy.
8. August, 19:57
Guy Rump
Thanks for the encouragement and tips Carlos :)
The body, wings and tail plane are finally together! Fuselage went together well, a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to get the wing part attached. The tail plane went together quite well. :)
9. August, 17:25
Andy Ball
yours seems viceless in construction!
10. August, 16:45
Guy Rump
I don't think it would have gone together as well without the tips from yourself and Carlos! :)
10. August, 18:28
Łukasz Gliński
I have to ask both of the experts here: is my planned Yahu dashboard going to complicate the fuselage assembly or make it easier?
10. August, 20:13
Andy Ball
I can't say Ł: the plastic plate part 1, I think was too wide - or perhaps it was the PE?, whatever I guess I'd check the Yahu profile against the Arma one and then decide?, otherwise it's a gentle routing of the locating groove- nearly all the way through the fuselage wall!
10. August, 20:23
Gareth Windsor
Looking good. Watching with interest as I recently bought Arma's Sea Hurricane.
10. August, 23:21
Guy Rump
Welcome Gareth, pull up a chair, I'll post the latest photos soon. :)
13. August, 13:36
Guy Rump
@ Lukasz, I totally agree with Andy, the routing of the locating groove is laborious and I admit, I was concerned about going all the way through! :)
13. August, 13:38
Łukasz Gliński
Good to know, thanks. I only wait for the heat to go down a bit, so I can climb to my attic workbench. ;)
13. August, 20:04
Guy Rump
Vallejo primer airbrushed on and shading applied with Vallejo Model Air black. :)
14. August, 15:24
Guy Rump
BS Dark Earth Vallejo Model Air applied. :)
15. August, 22:36
Carlos Martin
Nice preshading.
16. August, 08:10
Guy Rump
Thanks Carlos :)
16. August, 10:16
Guy Rump
BS Dark Green Vallejo Model Air applied :)
17. August, 18:05
Carlos Martin
Beautiful. I also used Vallejo Model air, the new RAF ones (71.300+) look great.
17. August, 19:15
Andy Ball
I used them too!, they're great- and have a pleasant aroma....that's why modelling gets addictive!
17. August, 20:14
Łukasz Gliński
Always thought the classic Humbrols have the most addictive smell ;)
18. August, 07:03
Andy Ball
@Łukasz: I've moved on to the 'harder stuff'....
18. August, 07:21
Guy Rump
@ Carlos, I agree with you and @ Andy, I really like the Vallejo Model Air range as well. Don't know about the aroma though.... my sense of smell must be going :(
22. August, 10:05
Guy Rump
Vallejo Model Air Sky Type S applied to underneath fuselage. :)
23. August, 17:04
Andy Ball
Sky. High? Haha!! However looking great!
23. August, 19:15
Guy Rump
Thanks Andy
23. August, 19:18
Guy Rump
I declare this completed. Small amount of weathering. I attempted a similar method to Andy's weathering of the propeller. Hawker Hurricane Mark 1 (Trop) SAAF. Note the roundels are the SAAF pattern with orange in the centre.

This aircraft denotes the one when he won his DSO in 1941.

Lieutenant Robert Harold Carlisle Kershaw DSO, DFC became the first South African pilot to be made a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) in WW2, Lt Bob Kershaw earned the DSO for rescuing his commanding officer Captain Jack Frost after he had been shot down during a raid on the Italian airfield at Diredawa. Bob Kershaw landed his single seater Hawker Hurricane fighter alongside Jack Frost's stricken Hurricane and at great risk to himself, picked up Frost. Space in the Hurricane was tight, so Jack had to discard his parachute and sat on Bob's lap. With Bob working the rudder's foot pedals and Jack using the throttle and control stick, they were able to take off and return to safely to their base at Dogabur.
13. September, 15:11
Carlos Martin
She looks great, congratulations!
13. September, 17:17
Guy Rump
Many thanks Carlos :)
13. September, 17:27
Andy Ball
Guy, that is a terrific build! Glad you got there and have made a great subject of their kit. I love the backstory. You've also been able to use their SAAF colours too, saving yourself the need to tone them down!
13. September, 19:29
Guy Rump
Many thanks Andy :)
14. September, 20:26
Well done, Guy... And good history
16. September, 18:45
Łukasz Gliński
Bit too shiny for my taste, still nice though Can't get back to mine lately... ;)
16. September, 18:52
Guy Rump
Many thanks Cuajete :)
17. September, 18:41
Guy Rump
@Lukasz, yes, the flash on the camera did make the Hurri seem a bit shiny. I'm sure you'll get back to yours and complete it to your usual excellent standard, looking forward to it :)
17. September, 18:45
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks, I sprayed some surfacer on it today, so I can say I'm back on track :)
17. September, 19:44

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