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Guy Rump (grumpy4263)

Hurricane Mark 1


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Guy Rump
Completed 7/2/18. The Klear helped to alleviate water marks on the matt paint. Quite happy with the results.
8. February 2018, 18:57
William Rump
The decals appear somewhat better with no bubbles/blisters. Seems a successful test, so what next? Are you going to paint over the model with a varnish or leave the finish sort of semi gloss?
8. February 2018, 21:31
Guy Rump
That will probably be the next step, a matt varnish cover. Does anyone have ant recommendations for a good matt varnish for 1/72 aircraft?
8. February 2018, 21:43
Guy Rump
Mk1a Hawker Hurricane, flown by Pilot Officer Albert Gerald Lew Lewis 85 Sqn RAF, Summer 1940
11. February 2018, 17:28


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