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Jens Andrée
Help a fellow modeller getting back on his feet again - literary! ;)
Will Pattison a.k.a. rubegoldberg needs stem cell treatment in Panama and has created a gofundme page.

I've posted info about it here with link to the campaign.

Let's help him out!
If you can't afford to donate a couple $ then please just share the link so we can make this happen!

Many thanks in advance
01. April at 13:34:28 Share

March 07, 2018

Jens Andrée added a new photoalbum.
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Updated: March 01, 2018
Project: Takom Mk.IV Male in scale 1:35
1:35 Mk.IV (Takom 2076)1:35 Stormtroopers (Meng Model HS-010)
14. October 2017 at 00:49:54 Share
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Jens Andrée That's it - I'm calling it done now, otherwise I'll never be finished...
Done or "done", we shall see but now I move on to the corner of shame and those massive project I've started ;)
Many thanks for all of your kind comments!!!
01. March at 16:29:11
Timothy Heimer That is too cool! Nice work! I got one of those corners too! If I could only stay focused on that instead of doing more! At least the one I'm on now will soon be done.
01. March at 18:29:44
Jens Andrée Cheers Timothy!
I don't think there is a modeller who hasn't got a corner of shame, that's just how it is.
Some kits are abandoned because they are wonky, others because we can't decide how to progress?
I've got a few that simply were super fun to build and I almost finished them in the first sitting and I stopped so I could enjoy them more but then never go around to start them again... Weird, I know!
I've also got two kits in the corner of shame because they are overly complicated and I get frustrated building them because they are very hard to put together and I don't do my best work when I'm frustrated.

But I've said I will finish 50% of my corner of shame before I start my Schwerer Gustav diorama so I better crack on! ;)
02. March at 01:31:11
Michael Kraft Isn't that weird? We are feeling bad for the kits we started and left in a corner (which happened for a reason in most cases). I know that feeling as well. But it's for our entertainment, so those kits should just leave us alone, not bothering us ;)
Some time ago I finished a kit that someone started in 1996, so it's never too late :)
Cheers Jens, go and have fun!
02. March at 09:09:52
Jens Andrée Michael - Your comment really made me think. Why should we feel responsible for abandoned kits? In the end of the day they are, like you said, plastic kits made for us to enjoy - and when we don't enjoy them we are under no obligation nor contract to finish them! Perhaps I should no longer call it the corner of shame and instead call it the corner of blame... ;)
Some kits aren't meant to be finished, or finished another day?! I build because it is fun and it is creative. If a kit hasn't got these values then I often park them somewhere and start something different - but we learn something from every build - even the bad ones!

Thank you Michael! Best comment ever I think! :)
03. March at 12:43:03
Timothy Heimer I agree as well but most of those kits I do really want to finish! I think we get bored or another kit gets us more excited. I'm still trying to figure out how a kit that I wasn't all that excited about compared to the other 4 I was working on got under my skin and to where I'm almost done with it.!? So I think it's just the corner of unfinished kits, no blame or shame, just the lost interest pile. I used to open a kit, finish a kit and go to the next, now this insanity takes over and WTF! LOL
03. March at 14:23:57
Michael Kraft Thanks Jens, but you made me think as well ;) As a result, I grabbed one of the kits from my corner of shame - and soon it will be finished! It's an IBG Einheitsdiesel truck that I've started almost a year ago and that gave me a very hard time. But now I'm ready for it. Maybe I've learned a few things in the 1,5 years since I returned to this hobby after decades of absence :).
Looking forward to your next build!
06. March at 15:10:36
Jens Andrée Nicely done Michael!!! :)
One day one of us might actually work out why these kits end up in the corner of shame, but whenever I take one from there and finish it I feel really good about it and at least two such kits are builds I'm really happy with today?! Perhaps they need to sit and "mature" a bit, like a good cheese? :P

I'm very much like Timothy where I get bored with a kit after a while when the initial excitement has gone down... I just love opening a new kit and getting into it and that's why I often have 4-6 going on at any given point in time, not including corner of shame... But it's just a hobby at the end of the day and whatever makes you happy is what you should do!
At least we're trying to build the kits unlike so many others in this hobby?! Nothing wrong with collecting kits - not at all, but I am a modeller first and that's it I think. Or do I also collect?

I'm going to put up a large whiteboard so I can visually see which kits are on the go. That will hopefully make it easier to organise my builds and perhaps even make me aware of some kits I've forgotten... ;)

Happy modelling!!!
07. March at 02:16:32
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March 01, 2018

Jens Andrée added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:35 | Albums: 1 with 61 images
14. October 2017 at 00:39:24 Share
Jens Andrée Here's my latest "TV-kit" that I've built the last four days. I like to have a kit in front of me whilst watching TV in the evenings and this was a fun little kit! (didn't really watch any TV though... ;) )
Lining up the road wheels without using a single drop of glue was interesting to say the least, but I managed somehow and all roadwheels and tracks are working.
Tomorrow I shall being weathering this tank after this evenings paint and varnish session!
14. October 2017 at 01:10:27
Jens Andrée Added some more photos, including the hairspray chipping that didn't go as planned at all due to hairspray affecting all layers of paint... sigh. Weathering to the rescue I think...? Sometimes modelling is more challenging than expected but lesson learned. Don't trust "any" hairspray without testing it first. I'm buying dedicate chipping fluid next week to be on the safe side! ;)
15. October 2017 at 03:01:59
Jens Andrée Weather Report update in the album!
Recover from disaster is the title but I think I pulled it off...
16. October 2017 at 03:38:41
Jens Andrée Uploaded some pictures of mud/dirt weathering. First time so I wasn't really sure how to go about it but I looked at some reference photos and just started. It's too uniform and dark at the moment so next step is lighter pigments and some splash effects, but after that I'm clueless... That's for tomorrow to figure out ;)
17. October 2017 at 22:27:25
Jens Andrée Finally got the figures I needed for the small vignette I'd planned! It took the poor excuse of a postal service (PostNord) almost three months to deliver them AFTER they'd arrived in the country!?! The only good thing about this abysmal service is that I'm saving money because I've stopped buying kits since you never know if, and when, they arrive?

This is my first ever vignette so you can be sure I made all the errors I could, but I learned loads from it and the next one will hopefully be less "eventful"... ;)

There are still some detailing to be done like correcting the colour of the mud tracks, figure weathering and some "clutter" along the duck boards. I ripped up and redid the duck boards but they still turned out too big. I simply don't have any thinner balsa wood and I'm not going to do it a third time. I'll sort this out on my next vignette/diorama but I feel I have to move on and not get stuck any longer on my first ever attempt.

It's got its fair share of flaws but as a learner piece it served a purpose and in certain angles it almost looks plausible ;)
18. February at 15:36:27
Michael Kraft Well, just looking at the final pictures I can't see any sign of trouble during the weathering. It looks fantastic! And the presentation of the whole thing in that scenery is superb as well! Very, very nice!
18. February at 16:01:24
Jens Andrée Cheers Michael! :)
I made so many errors making this first vignette that I'm surprised I ever got here, but the difference between a beginner and an expert in modelling is the ability to recover from a failure and this I'm slowly getting better at... ;)
I just need to fix the last couple of things and then get on with the next one. I'm thinking perhaps a winter scene? Or an urban scene? So many things to try...

Once again many thanks for you kind words!
18. February at 20:59:24
Jens Andrée That's it - I'm calling it done now, otherwise I'll never be finished...
Done or "done", we shall see but now I move on to the corner of shame and those massive project I've started ;)
Many thanks for all of your kind comments!!!
01. March at 16:28:42
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January 15, 2018

Jens Andrée Added a new review for:
1:35 Panther Ausf. A Late (Meng Model TS-035)
German Medium Tank Sd.Kfz.171
Panther Ausf. A Late
Meng Model 1:35
2017 | New tool
Scale Models and Reviews
Reviewed on
Scale Models and Reviews
14. January at 16:48:37 Share
Jens Andrée 5 out of 5 was my score which I almost never say so it's a really good kit! Sadly not the same can be said about the zimmerit decals, but the tracks and suspension upgrade was really good. Easily the best Panther kit out there right now!
14. January at 21:29:21
Sebastian Meyner HI Jens! Happy belated new year!!! One quick question: What exactly is wrong with the Zimmerit decal? Was thinking about to get the Meng Panther fully "loaded".
Btw: How is your Entwicklungsserie coming along? ;)
15. January at 12:07:32
Jens Andrée Hi Sebastian! Happy new year to you as well!!!
The Meng zimmerit water slide decals are just too thin to look realistic, and this is a shame because it worked so much better than the Tamiya vinyl zimmerit they did for a couple of models. I fully understand that you can't make really thick decals but the pattern isn't deep enough to look plausible.
I saw someone who'd painted their zimmerit with some sort of "pure" acrylics and the pattern almost disappeared... I'm using Tamiya paint and lacquers so I'm not worried here, but realistic it ain't sadly.
My Entwicklungsserie project is coming along nicely but it's a hefty build - and I've gone and added yet another kit to it... Some are part in GB's this year so I couldn't start all the E-100 at the same time for example, but I've got three of them on the desk right now! It'll take until the summer to complete these ones - just the plastic, and then paint, but that should go a bit quicker since they all share common colours.
It was nice to take a break from them though and build something different like this Panther ;)
I'm also going to start my massive Schwerer Gustav diorama at some stage in the spring... I've got a busy year ahead of me for sure :P
15. January at 15:19:02
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December 24, 2017

Jens Andrée added the Eduard Draken (1:48) to his stash.
1:48 Draken (Eduard 1135)
Eduard 1:48
2016 | Changed parts
24. December 2017 at 20:56:16 Share
Jens Andrée Found this under my Christmas tree tonight so thank you old geezer in red :D
Kitted out with extra extra resin parts too so there's no excuse not to make this a cracking build!
The J 35 Draken is my favourite Swedish jet fighter and one with lots of memories after having these flying over me every week growing up so I've got a very specific paint job in mind recreating the ones from the local air force F4, Frösön (Östersund), Sweden. I've got a specific mount and idea for a vignette to pay homage to the mighty J 35 Draken! (which means Dragon)
Merry Christmas to you all!!! :)
24. December 2017 at 21:01:35
Holger Kranich Yeah merry x-mas!
24. December 2017 at 21:27:57
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December 07, 2017

Jens Andrée added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:72 | Albums: 0
22. November 2017 at 03:20:11 Share
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Derek Huggett Jens - Display cabinet? More like a small greenhouse or conservatory! :) I will park my mobile-home/camper van outside if that's okay!
07. December 2017 at 08:45:50
Jens Andrée Hahaha Derek! :D
You are probably correct because the base will almost be the size of a door, and some height is also required...
And of course you can park your camper van here! I could probably do with some help finishing this build ;)
07. December 2017 at 08:50:46
Wim van der Luijt count me in for this huge project too, how big is the gun in 1:72?
07. December 2017 at 11:32:05
Sebastian Meyner Big plans for a big gun! Looking forward to see it come together!

The display cabinet "German Style" but not IKEA?! Sorry Jens but these days IKEA could pass as "German Style" me I'm German and we love IKEA :)

07. December 2017 at 11:40:23
Udo Browarczik Curiosity might kill the cat, but count me in.... Good luck!
07. December 2017 at 12:41:45
Jens Andrée I haven't built and measured the gun yet but the model is ~120 cm long so the gun should be almost 1 meter long!

I've got a surprise in store for the cabinet, hence the "German style" and not IKEA ;)

The plan is to build the type of diorama you see on a picture and think "I wish I had one of them" but secretly knowing it would be too big and possibly a bit silly, and that's why I'm doing it!
We're not getting any younger, not me anyway, so I'm going full bonkers and will have a lot of fun getting there! :D

Cheers for all of your kind and supportive comments!
07. December 2017 at 17:33:48
Sebastian Meyner Lots of luck for this monster. See you in about a year! ;)

Speaking of put the other one (Entwicklungsserie...) on hold? Don't tell me I have to struggle alone on that on!
07. December 2017 at 18:02:03
Jens Andrée Sebastian, No, the Entwicklungsfahrzeug Sammlung is in full swing but I tend to have more than one build going on at the same time ;)
A few of the tanks in the Entwicklungsfahrzeug Sammlung are going to be built as group builds next year so I can't start them yet, but I've made good progress so far but just doing similar tanks, one after the other, gets boring - as will the Schwerer Gustavs 400 wheels or so to make, so that's why I'm starting this project at the same time!
I'm retired after an accident so modelling is pretty much all I do nowadays and that's why I can churn out so many models. At least I found one benefit of breaking my spine and pelvic bone!
I need to get better taking photos but the new modelling area is going to have better lights so taking photos should be much easier!
07. December 2017 at 19:13:09
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November 27, 2017

Jens Andrée
Finally got my hands on this today, with all the trimmings! ;)
For my third and final GB for 2018.
1:35 Panther Ausf. A Late (Meng Model TS-035)
German Medium Tank Sd.Kfz.171
Panther Ausf. A Late
Meng Model 1:35
2017 | New tool
27. November 2017 at 18:20:58 Share

November 19, 2017

Jens Andrée added a new project.
Status: Work in progress | Scale: 1:35 | Albums: 0
04. November 2017 at 11:50:33 Share
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Sebastian Meyner N-I-C-E !!!
15. November 2017 at 16:09:43
Wim van der Luijt well politically incorrect dad....count me in!
15. November 2017 at 16:09:44
Jens Andrée Ingo F - I omitted that Jagdpanzer E-100 on purpose because I think it's... well... ugly?!
But it's a god base for a custom/bash build for sure. I might add it OOB when I decide to add the E-50 & E-75 Flakpanzer? This is probably going to turn into the never ending project :P
15. November 2017 at 18:42:26
Jens Andrée Sebastian and Wim van der Luijt - cheers! :D
15. November 2017 at 18:43:07
Blaubar Great project, these E series prototypes at all so awesome. Enjoy the project! :)
19. November 2017 at 11:39:27
Jens Andrée Thank you Blaubar! Some say the E-series were inferior and that's why they never happened. My view is that the German war machine was too strained in 1944 and simply didn't dare changing direction with regards to their armour. Both the French and the Russian took a lot of design elements from the E-series when they begun building their post-WWII tanks and that's something! ;)

I have begun taking some pictures so I will soon add some to the album, but I'm mostly still in planning stage and don't want to start any major tasks before Christmas because this "little" project will take many hours to complete, and I will work on it full time until it's complete!

A friend with a laser cutter will help me to cut the details for the scenery so I can make a base and a backdrop in shape of the exterior of a "factory" as some sort of diorama to showcase the lineup... Lots of work - but all fun so I'm really enjoying this project for sure and it's a homage to the skilled German engineers who designed and built all the tanks they did!
19. November 2017 at 14:19:40
Timothy Heimer I always said....think BIG and you my friend are!
19. November 2017 at 14:43:56
Jens Andrée Hahaha! :D
Cheers Timothy and yes, you are so correct!!! The bigger the better!
I'm also building the HobbyBoss 1/72 Dora in spring so I'm not deviating from thinking BIG! ;)
19. November 2017 at 15:35:52
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November 16, 2017

Jens Andrée added the Hobby Boss 80cm K(E) Railway Gun "Dora" (1:72) to his stash.
1:72 80cm K(E) Railway Gun "Dora" (Hobby Boss 82911)
80cm K(E) Railway Gun "Dora"
Hobby Boss 1:72
2010 | New tool
16. November 2017 at 09:35:59 Share
Jens Andrée Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to me, from me! :D
16. November 2017 at 09:36:28
Greg Baker And it's just your size too!
16. November 2017 at 09:40:18
Jens Andrée The more bonkers the better - and this must be the most überbonkers there is!!!
I can admit that I've been looking at the 1/35 scale version but apart from being rather expensive - it takes up a lot of space so it had to be the 1/72 scale instead - which is still a huge build!
16. November 2017 at 09:51:41
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November 14, 2017

Jens Andrée
If someone's got an Amusing Hobby #35B001 E-5 tank to sell I'd be a happy man! I can't find it anywhere on eBay, only in bundles, but I've got all of those models already. Many thanks in advance!!!
12. November 2017 at 04:26:16 Share
Jens Andrée Bought another E-100 35A015 to get the E-5 35B001 so I'm now sorted!
14. November 2017 at 20:01:34
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November 08, 2017

Jens Andrée Added a new review for:
1:35 Entwicklungsfahrzeug E-25 (Trumpeter 00383)
Entwicklungsfahrzeug E-25 Development Vehicle E-25
Trumpeter 1:35
2007 | New tool
Scale Models and Reviews
Reviewed on
Scale Models and Reviews
08. November 2017 at 22:11:06 Share

October 26, 2017

Jens Andrée Added a new review for:
1:35 Jagdpanther II (Amusing Hobby 35A011)
German Tank Destroyer
Jagdpanther II
Amusing Hobby 1:35
2016 | New tool
Scale Models and Reviews
Reviewed on
Scale Models and Reviews
26. October 2017 at 10:51:08 Share

October 21, 2017

Jens Andrée Added a new review for:
1:35 Mk.IV (Takom 2076)
WWI Heavy Battle Tank
Mk.IV Male/Female 2 In 1
Takom 1:35
2016 | Changed parts
Scale Models and Reviews
Reviewed on
Scale Models and Reviews
21. October 2017 at 01:31:57 Share


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