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Ferrari F1/87 Alboreto


9 6 April, 19:07
Joining this goofball kit pretty much finished. I cannot figure out why Fujimi moulded pieces that should be red, black and pieces that should be black, chrome! Why can't they all do like Hasegawa and mould everything in white? A nice blank canvas on which to work. And their goofball instructions made me feel dyslexic and I wound up putting a pop off valve on that doesn't belong. And i'm still not sure I did the correct rear wing set up.
6 April, 19:13
Kyle DeHart
Well it looks really nice! I built a Protar version of this years ago and that was a nightmare. I'm about to embark on the Fujimi 126ck so I'm a little distressed to hear about the kit instructions. Lol
6 April, 22:22
Having built Fujimis CK, I will advise you to be very careful with the cowling. Mine broke right above the headrest area as it is very thin plastic. I've done 2 of these 87 - 88 kits now and both times missed something so glaringly obvious that I wanted to kick myself. The first one, I overlooked the fact they have you glue an extra piece on for the headrest and thus I had this SEAM that did not belong. On this one, I correct problem A then realize after the fact that the opening of the side pod should A. be red, NOT black ( as the instructions instruct) and B. there is no seam there either! I had to take some white decal sheet, paint it red and apply. Fortunatley, that giant AGIP decal obscures both problems......but I know they're there! 😉
6 April, 23:24
Kyle DeHart
Always our own worst critics aren't we? Still a great looking result! Thank you, as well, for the pointer on the CK
7 April, 00:19
All done. I hate that the needless chrome can be seen on the rear wheel, but for the most part, it came out okay.
9 April, 07:48
Looks very good anyway!
12 April, 08:43


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1:20 Ferrari F1-87/88C (Fujimi 09198)

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