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Bruce Huxtable (BruceH)

U-boat Type IX A

Flagman, 1:350.


1 15 January, 18:44
Bruce Huxtable
I think I need to re-visit the heavy-handed rust stains....
15 January, 18:48
Mark Broughton
What are you using for the rust Bruce?
15 January, 18:53
Bruce Huxtable
Hi Mark, it's just an enamel paint. I'll re-visit with some acrylics, and try to add some subtle variations and fading.
15 January, 18:59
Mark Broughton
I would stick with the enamel, just put a few dots of some dark brown enamel at the top of what you have already and the use a clean brush wetted in enamel thinners and draw it down. After that a few tiny dots of a more orange enamel and repeat. It will compliment what you have done nicely.
15 January, 19:06
Bruce Huxtable
Mark, you are a star. Many thanks, I'll give that a go 👍
15 January, 19:53


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