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Patrick Hagelstein (Hagel)

Alternative History Competition


12. January 2019, 19:26
Irving González
Nice scheme
6. February 2019, 07:47
Patrick Hagelstein
:) Thanks! As can be read in the project description this was for a little club competition with the theme question: What if history didn't go the way we know it? My idea was that Napoleon never invaded Russia and Europe would basically still be the French Empire from that time on.
6. February 2019, 15:31
Wim van der Luijt
Tip for alternate history reading: southern victory series by Harry Turtledove. I'm now reading part 10 of an 11 part series.....really very good and slightly disturbing at times
6. February 2019, 19:26
Patrick Hagelstein
This actually a great tip for one of my club members who built a Confederate Gnat. He would love this series. :)
6. February 2019, 19:41


1:72 Leopard 2 (Hasegawa 31134)

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