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Nuno Dias (ncdias)

Swiss Messerschmitt Airfix


7. December 2015, 19:49
Thomas Bischoff
count me in - I have the 1:48 Airfix kit.
8. December 2015, 20:09
Nuno Dias
Hi, Thomas. Im finding the kit very simple and well built, the pieces fit almost perfectly. Even better than the Airfix Focke-Wulf I have built before.
The ideal for a guy like me, just starting in this hobby.
9. December 2015, 13:37
Rui Jorge
Count me in!
9. December 2015, 13:59
Thomas Bischoff
turned out nice - what reference did you use - or did you follow the instruction sheet?
28. January 2016, 19:27
Nuno Dias
Thomas, the reference that matches this paint scheme is J-711, I think. But is only my second kit and im more interested in experimenting things than historical precision. The box came with the decals for J-704, so thats what i´ve used.
I´m pleased with the result, considering i´m starting in this hobby and I paint with brushes.
Liked the kit; if the final result wasn´t better, it´s my fault, not Airfix´s 😄
28. January 2016, 19:36
Nuno Dias
Forgot to say that this paint scheme, with J-711, is easy to find in the Internet, just by googling "swiss messerschmitt".
28. January 2016, 19:41
Thomas Bischoff
don't get me wrong - this looks great. I personally like the colourful Swiss Neutrality Scheme.
Your brush painting is very good 👍! From the pictures I gather you also brushpainted the crosses 👍 👍!
If you want a quick improvement to historical accuracy: the Swiss had 1/3rd of the Spinner painted in white.
If you like some background information: J-711 was comissioned on 23.05.1944 and written off on 08.09.1947.
Enjoy your hobby!
28. January 2016, 20:03
matt b
Looks great Nuno, have the same one in my stash
28. January 2016, 20:40
Nuno Dias
Thanks a lot, guys!
Thomas, great info about the spinner and the life of J-711! And indeed I brushpainted the crosses 🙂
29. January 2016, 10:36


1:72 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 (Airfix A02029A)
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6
CH Military Schweizerische Flugwaffe (Swiss Air Force 1936-1945)
Fl.Kp.7 J-704

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