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Tommy Killander (tkillander)

Strv 103C MBT "Stridsvagn S"

Trumpeter 1/35 with aftermarket and scratchbuilt parts


2. September 2015, 07:36
Bart Goesaert
Shovels are nicely weathered, maybe some more mud at the bottom of the side-armour, but a very nice one...
2. September 2015, 08:49
Urban Gardini
WOW! This has to be the best Strv 103C that I've seen built! Excellent work mate!
2. September 2015, 21:02
Tommy Killander
Thanks 🙂
If I make a dio for it I will probably add more mud and dirt pigments to blend it in with the base.
2. September 2015, 21:22
Colin Phillips
Wow, great job, think i'll quietly toss mine out lol
3. September 2015, 00:16
Ulf Petersen
Outstanding job, Tommy!👍
The Stridsvagn is still one of the most fascinating military vehicles to me! Though my own scope is primarily on WWII stuff. It's a pity that it is not in service any more. One Stridsvagn is exhibited in the tank museum in Munster, D. I am often there and never miss to spend some time with it. 😉
3. September 2015, 05:34
Gerald Willing
Nice work Tommy Killander 👍
3. September 2015, 09:39


1:35 Strv.103 S-Tank (Eduard 35538)1:35 Strv 103C MBT (Trumpeter 00310)1:35 105mm Bofors L/62 (RB Model 35B94)3+

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