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Luka Novak (aktarian)

Out of the hole


2 25 July 2022, 15:19

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German Panzerjäger leave their bunker to attack enemy tanks

A small project using two figures I had left over from previous build. The kit is one of those dragon kits where the figures look similar but don’t mix that well. So I split them, two that go well together in previous build and these two in this one. Figures are pretty straightforward and what one should expect from 1990s Dragon. Pretty simple composition, nothing too fancy.

Groundwork is pretty simple as well. It was mostly an exercise in new method of making terrain paste myself. With that in mind I think it turned out well enough. Obviously more practise and trial and error approach will be need but for first time I’m quite happy with it.

Overall satisfied with end result.

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1:35 Panzerjägers (Dragon 6058)

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