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Luka Novak (aktarian)

Afrika Korps officer

My first 1/16 figure so I decided for something simple. No camouflage pattern and simple and standard colours. For me the biggest difference from 1/35 scale is that much more detail is visible but OTOH small things are bigger and so easier to paint.

I tried using airbrush to paint jacket and trousers but after several attempts failed to find proper shade so I used brush. I don’t think lines are much visible…… Opted for darker shade of khaki rather than brighter yellowy. Practically entire painting process was trial and error. I had painting guides for 1/35 scale but they are not directly applicable to this scale, so most parts have at least two different layers of paint.

Kit doesn’t have the best of fits and required quite some putty to fill in gaps. Also when it comes to various parts that go between other parts, such as left ammo pouch that goes under that arm the fit is not good. End result is not what it could be…..

But overall I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.


11. October 2020, 08:10

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