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Christian W (christian-w)

1994 Corvette Convertible C4 - 1 of 24 - wip

"Copper Metallic" (WA136A)

"Ten different exterior colors were available for '94, with only 116 of the 23,000+ Corvettes painted in this color, easily making the rarest color offered. In fact, when producing these cars in the Bowling Green factory, Chevrolet determined it would be especially difficult to match this color consistently on the various body panels. After only three days, the decision was made to pull the plug on this color after only 91 coupes, 24 convertibles, and possibly one ZR1 were built."

So: let's do this. As there are only 24 convertibles out there, I named my album this way.


1 15 September 2021, 04:03
Christian W
Some more information:
The color code for the "Copper Metallic" is WA136A (DuPont: B9421; PPG Code: 4808)
An overlook of the color codes by year for the Corvete C4: corvetteactioncenter../c4_paint_codes.html
Another link selected by C4 1994: paintref.com/cgi-bin..year=1994&con=oy
Googlesearch results: google.com/search?q=..orvette&tbm=isch ; on some pictures you can see how difficult it was to paint. Some front ends have little other color like the rest of the car.

This color looks incredible on the C4.
15 September 2021, 04:06
Christian W
1 of 24 in paint code 66 U Copper Metallic convertibles
1 of 6 produced with 6-speed manual transmission in Copper Metallic
1 of 3 produced with Beige interior in Copper Metallic
17 September 2021, 07:58


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