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Sherman 18
Jeffrey Riedesel (Sherman 18)


AEF Designs conversion of Academy M51 in 1/35 scale. I started this with the intent of a "fast shelf model" (which the AEF kit would have been good for) then things started to get out of hand. I really started to have trouble with parts of the upper hull and detailing not sticking to it. (yes I did wash it before starting) When problem with the detailing I just put the kit up for some time. Last week I finally gave up on the AEF upper hull and now replacing it with a Tamiya upper hull from their M4 kit. I will also now be stealing parts from a Academy M10 kit for some better interior detailing.


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Bart Goesaert
nice build so far. Didn't know this version. I do have some AEF-conversions, will hold my breath when I start them...
16. January 2015, 11:44
Jeffrey Riedesel
Thanks Bart. AEF kits wash with 409 or Windex and generally you will not have problems. The kit was given to me by AEF as the upper hull did not fill and was warped. It was going into the trash if I did not take it. (I'm a cheap SOB so I was cool with that) The problem with this hull has to be mold release and that is spotty, with just some locations giving me problems. No "bleeding" issues from the resin. Long ago I about the same issue with a Verlinden Firefly conversion. I kinda enjoy it more doing more work in a weird way I guess.
16. January 2015, 12:13
Jeffrey Riedesel
Made some more progress
2. February 2015, 08:15
Bart Goesaert
nice work...
3. February 2015, 13:24
Jeffrey Riedesel
Thanks Bart
4. February 2015, 05:14


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