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Soeren . (Floppar)


#37 F-111A Aardvark
Scalemates Varkfest Group build 2019

Project summary

US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
429 TFS, 347 TFW 67-113 | Vietnam War VN August 1973 | FS34102 FS34079 FS30219 FS37038
Status:In progress
Timeline:Started on August 1, 2019

Project inventory

Full kits
1:48 F-111A Aardvark (Hobby Boss 80348)
F-111A Aardvark
Hobby Boss 1:48
2009 | New tool
Detail and Conversion sets
1:48 Mk.84 bombs (Eduard 648212)
Mk.84 bombs
Eduard 1:48
2015 | New tool
1:48 AN/ALQ-87 ECM pod (Eduard 648493)
AN/ALQ-87 ECM pod
Eduard 1:48
1:48 F-111A interior (Eduard FE499)
F-111A interior for Hobby Boss
Eduard 1:48
2010 | New tool
1:48 General Dynamics F-111 Early Seatbelts (Eduard 49498)
General Dynamics F-111 Early Seatbelts
Eduard 1:48
2010 | New tool
1:48 F-111A/B/C/D Wheels Set (Reskit RS48-0069)
F-111A/B/C/D Wheels Set
Reskit 1:48
2018 | New tool
1:48 F-111A exterior (Eduard 48661)
F-111A exterior
Eduard 1:48
2010 | New tool
1:48 F-111A/F USA SEA Scheme (AeroMasks AM48-F11101)
F-111A/F USA SEA Scheme
AeroMasks 1:48
1:48 General Dynamics F-111A - Masking Set (Eduard EX292)
General Dynamics F-111A - Masking Set for Hobby Boss
Eduard 1:48
2010 | New tool

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Show all 21 comments
Soeren . Hey,

So I just want to plan and start my F-111 also soon, but I still have some "problems" to solve...
I want to build a F-111A during the Vietnam War with 4 Mk.84 bombs and an AN/ALQ-87 ECM pod.
Is this a possible loadout for this time?
I only found one photo of the F-111 with four Mk.84 bombs - most of the photos are showing here with Mk.82 (20pcs).

Maybe some of you have more photos of her with Mk.84 bombs?
6. August at 10:53:10
Augie Welcome to varkfest :)
6. August at 11:57:42
Soeren . Thx Roland.
Yeah I knew that, but didnt think about it in that moment :D
So then my idea with four Mk.84 and a ALQ 87 is looking legit.
6. August at 19:40:52
Slavo Hazucha Early version and a formidable set of upgrades Very nice indeed :)
6. August at 19:54:19
Soeren . ;) I hope it will also turn out nice in the end
7. August at 13:54:35
Slavo Hazucha Added to the list of Vark-builders with links on top of my album, its the "lucky 13" in the group!
7. August at 14:13:47
Soeren . Hehe thanks Slavo :)
7. August at 18:36:05
Hans Robben The Combat Lancer F111A's carried two ECM pods: fore and aft. Also they had the M61 installed in the bomb bay (visible as the fairing just in front of the front ECM pod in pic 2). Usual load was 24 CBU's or Mk.82's but look what is visible in pic 3 ;) !
7. August at 18:55:27
Soeren . Yeah I found some photos in my books with four Mk 84's and I will go with that. :)
Which ECM pods where that? One ALQ 87 and the other one?
7. August at 19:10:15
Hans Robben Looks like they are both the same:
7. August at 19:14:15
Soeren . Yeah indeed.
Thanks for the link Hans!

Then I will go with two pods and 4 Mk 84s :)
7. August at 19:15:27
Hans Robben Hardest part will be replicating the gun fairing, not seen it available as aftermarket.
7. August at 19:19:32
Soeren . True, but I guees I will build it OOB - even if its not correct.
Im not so much into scratchbuild etc. :)
7. August at 19:34:37
Hans Robben Just noticed there is a gun fairing included in my Academy F111E kit, I guess it is generic for all Academy kits. Maybe it is in the Hobby Boss F111A kit too, not in my F111D/E kit.
7. August at 19:55:47
Slavo Hazucha I would also be interested to know if HB provided an alternative short wing for the "A" - you can check pic 6 in my Album for silhouette comparison if you want...
7. August at 20:06:26
Soeren . I wouldnt count on it.
HB is making great kits, but also known for a lot of errors and mistakes.

But maybe I'm wrong :)
7. August at 20:14:07
Soeren . The more frustrating part is that HB doesn't even consider the front and back hard points in.the kit....
7. August at 20:21:09
Hans Robben The Academy kits have a representation of them including ECM pods but both pylon and ECM pod are not very accurate.
7. August at 20:32:42
Soeren . Advantages and disadvantages ;)
Where.the pods on pylons or directly on the frame?
7. August at 20:34:29
7. August at 20:35:10
Soeren . Of course they are ....
7. August at 20:43:07


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