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Egyptian IS-3M of 7th Infantry Div., Six Day War


2 26 June 2017, 05:25
Dan M
Nice comparison shots! The tank looks very clean, but I guess that's normal for a parade.
26 June 2017, 06:59
Bart Goesaert
looks very good... as always, I'd needed to check my references instead of following the instructions blindly... At least I can still add the square and circle at the front, the barrel stripes and the rear fender symbols. Thx for the info...
26 June 2017, 13:10
Thanks guys for the nice feedback.

@Dan M, yes I decided to make the tank clean as it matches the one appeared in parades and also +60 tanks captured by Israel in perfect condition (see the tank on trail, and 3rd tank from the bottom is in Israeli parade after the war).

@Bart Goesaert, yes the tank still needs barrel stripes, number pallet, and one rear fender marking and I will add them later. I found that Star Decals set no.35-946 (Egyptian Tanks in 1950s) is more accurate than kit's original decals, I just couldn't wait for the shipping or the kit will stay on the bench forever : ).
Rear fender circular decal can be taken from this set, there is a perfect match:

@James C, thank you!.
27 June 2017, 01:51
Bart Goesaert
thx for the info...
28 June 2017, 06:55


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